China vs United States (USA) 2016 – Who Would Win – Military Comparison 💣

Unfortunately for the United States, one of
its greatest trading partners also happens to be one of its greatest adversaries. While the US has never officially been at
war with China, it has in fact fought several proxy wars with it, including the Vietnam
War as well as the Korean War. Neither of those two wars worked out too well
for the United States. In this episode of The Infographics Show,
we thought we would take a closer look at who would win if a war broke out between China
and the United States of America. In terms of financial resources, America’s
military puts China’s military to shame. The annual defense budget of China is $147
billion, which is 2.1% of its GDP, while the annual defense budget of the United States
is $664 billion, which is 2.4% of its GDP. In terms of sheer manpower numbers, China
clearly has the advantage. It has a population of 1.4 billion people,
with 2,335,000 active military personnel. The US, on the other hand, has a total population
of 321 million people, with 1.4 million people who are active front-line personnel. Although a land war between China and America
is unlikely, the two countries have almost an equal number of tanks and self-propelled
guns . China has far more towed artillery, but the U.S. has ten times the amount of armored
fighting vehicles. With regard to air power, currently the U.S.
has a larger and more modern Air Force, with a total of 13,444 aircraft to China’s 2,942. Even if China builds 10,000 more planes, as
it has pledged to do, American pilots will still have the upper hand in terms of training
and support, though China has been improving its training programs and is developing new
aircraft, including the J-20 and J-31, which will, in all likelihood, match up quite nicely
with the US’s upcoming F-35 Joint Strike Fighter. Because the seas are the likely theater for
a war between China and America, it is vital that we take a closer look at both country’s
naval power. The United States has a slight edge over China
with 415 total ships compared to China’s 352 total ships. However: The United States boasts 19 aircraft
carriers against a SINGLE aircraft carrier for China. It is highly unlikely that nuclear weapons
would be employed by either of these countries, since the threat of “mutually assured destruction”
is too great. However, nuclear weapons are still important
when measuring up the strength of these war-fighting machines. In terms of nuclear warheads, the U.S. has
an estimated 5,100 warheads on stand-by while China has a mere 260. These numbers are constantly changing due
to an agreement between Russia and the US to reduce nuclear stockpiles. But perhaps a more important factor is delivery
systems. Both countries have intercontinental ballistic
missiles capable of sending nuclear weapons to strike cities across the Pacific, and both
countries have submarine-based missiles, although the U.S.’s are far more advanced. The U.S. is also planning to station a defense
system in South Korea capable of intercepting missiles fired from both North Korea and China. According to the Department of Defense, however,
China is responding by developing new offensive missiles as well as methods to counter ballistic
missile defenses. We must remember that almost every ground
vehicle, aircraft, and naval unit needs fuel to be employed. China consumes 12 million barrels of oil a
day and produces only 4.3 million barrels daily, with a 20 billion barrel oil reserve. The United States currently consumes 19 million
barrels of oil a day, but produces 9 million barrels daily with a 37 billion barrel oil
reserve. One of the most important resource when it
comes to war is allies. Fortunately for the US, it is allied with
a number of China’s neighboring countries, including Japan, Taiwan, and the Philippines. Having close relationships with those countries,
not to mention bases in Japan, gives the U.S. more options and flexibility in the event
of an outbreak of war. The United States boasts treaties that ally
them with over 54 nations, while China has only 5 documented allies. Experience also plays a big factor in the
strength of a military and its commanders. The United States has been actively engaged
in a land war for the last decade, allowing it to try out new systems and tactics, making
it more agile and well-equipped. China, on the other hand, has not been involved
in a war since 1979. As we progress through the digital age, Counter-s
pace and cyber capabilities are becoming a critical part of a nation’s strength. China has 70 military satellites used for
communications, positioning and timing, navigation, and signals intelligence. It has also developed anti satellite capabilities,
such as directed-energy weapons, satellite jammers, and anti satellite missiles. In many respects, China is far more advanced
in these areas, and it is said that China frequently uses cyber espionage to steal military
secrets from the US. This has been a brief look at how the United
States and China match-up against one another. Who do you think would win the war? Let us know in the comments! Also, don’t forget to hit “like” and
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  1. Its not even close,the UK alone would dominate the sea and air,the only thing China has going for it is a huge standing army,I guess we could run out of ammo while destroying they're human shield before invading mainland China

  2. We are the people, the war is in the comments. The world is now a cyber war, imagine all your internet was cut out? How that could change the world if the internet went missing

  3. I'm an Indian and I support China from the bottom of my heart and if needed then I'll support with weapon too, western media is trying to destroy our peace loving history between which makes not a single war happen between us for many many centuries exceptionally by our poor congressman leaders like gandhi we love and admire your success let the dogs barking on street

  4. China win …because usa is no more budget…..saudi arabia is no gas to supply america …china is the best defense and there alied russia ….philippines is not a battle ground

  5. What people don't seem to understand is when Russia or China claim they have anti-ship missiles or anti-air defense systems like the S-300 and it's upgraded version the S-400 and websites all over the internet repeating the Russian propaganda that because this system has missiles that can conduct anti-air up to 380km and radar up to 600km and for this reason this is the best system in the world, that a small country like the Netherlands is several high-tech radar and tracking systems in place that can detect and track both ICBM and planes at up to 2000km away, it is far more advanced than anything Russia has so advanced even the Germans, British, French and Americans buy from NL such systems. the Dutch at any given time can detect, track and trace and plot interception courses with missiles that can intercept 1000+ km.

    Combined with US anti-air missiles and anti-ship missiles modern NATO is integrating such technologies from the US, UK, Netherlands and other countries that can take down 20-30 incoming anti-ship missiles per second, 20-30 incoming ICBM or medium range missiles and all of that over ranges that dwarf anything Russia or China have.

    Many of these systems are already tested by live firing and the Dutch + US navy already conducted many tests including test like: what if Chinese and Russian anti-ship missiles make a hit against an US AEGIS and knock out it's radar/tracking systems?`
    Well, not to worry, a Dutch Frigate even 100km further away can track and track and plot interception courses up to 2000km and using the anti-air anti-missile systems of the US destroyer even if that destroyed is knocked out itself.

    This also works vice-versa.

    They are now implementing these systems through NATO.

    It is true, land based the S-400 is great!

    But with the range and coverage of NATO warships ANY land in Europe is 100% covered by these systems.

    NATO has so many more ships and most of all more modern!

    But NATO doesn't brag about it's capacities and modern systems like Russia and China do. Usually it's the small pathetic dogs barking the loudest and promoting themselves as ultimate fighter dogs. Russia and China pretty much are like a poodle barking very loud while NATO is the Rhodesian Ridgeback. It doesn't bark loud. The poodle can say it'll bite 1000 times and attack and mega strong and very loud. The Rhodesian Ridgeback just continues to be superior without making a lot of noise and if the poodle attacks the Rhodesian just bites of its head.

    Case closed.

  6. Except since this video has been made, the J-20 isn't stealth, at all, and uses a reversed engineered Su-27 engine giving it a big signature on radar.

  7. USA has so many allies who also have large militaries like the U.K., France, Germany, ect. Japan is even starting to build their military with the help of the U.S. Guess China is making them nervous.

  8. forget about the comparison, if both of the country starts the war,and it must to be a nuclear war. The nuclear weapons will strike both of country’s military base and oil preservation in several hours then I guess there will be no more government, just people dying.

  9. 0:42 these numbers are completely wrong. Come on you cant do simple maths? $147 billion is 1% of $13.6 Trillion while $664 billion is 3.2% of 2.05 Trillion

  10. China needs to stop banning YouTube. As Chinese residing overseas, there are so many disgusting curry commenting below. Very annoying. India has youtube but ur comment is still weak af. Waiting for the day comment section being bomb by 🇨🇳

  11. China would win the war without a solider's boot on US soil! China will use 2 economic weapons of mass destruction bring the US to it knees! 1) US owns China over 3 Trillion Dollars in Bond Debt – US Pay Up or watch the collapse of the US Dollar just Zimbabwe Dollar and 2) No Trade or Manufacturing by China and it Southeast Asian buddies – empty warehouses + stores = no business revenue for US Businesses!

  12. this is an issue largely for a person born after 2020 to worry about. china will
    not be able to fight the u.s. till 2050.

  13. You know the Chinese can do the Russians secret technique on winning ww2. Build lots of tanks but for China build them with their cheap Chinese steel

  14. If we did go to war in china. We should have 150 nukes near Yosemite. So if we lost the war. we just blow up the planet and we all could die on this floating rock in the middle of a vacuum. A twist to the Mexican Stand off. lol And China can die slowly from poisonius gases and a 100 year ice age. Isnt ww3 fun !

  15. Shiii Y'all better recognize that Asians don't run their mouths like America does. Simply put *You don't really know what they have*.

  16. Allow me to put this war into reality of a sane more likely way that it will go down but simple enough that you guys should understand🤗

    China and America have gone to war for (insert reason) and have both been showing rapid military growth for that reason and are going to most likely stop the trading between the 2 country’s. After the first battle (if even) NATO will surely be put into action since China is such a tough opponent and most likely in response to nato bric (I’m not sure if I spelt that right) will surely also be put into action and that means Russia now with the 2 largest alliances fighting one another the most likely option it will lead to is nuclear weapons from both side America and Russian (both on different sides) having the most Nukes and likely the most willing there will probably be a large stage of nearly all country’s sending a storm of nukes on each other assuming both sides don’t use common sense that it would lead to the end of humanity and put a hold on nuclear weapons but chances are that won’t be the case and than the world will no longer be inhabitable and we will all die leaving there to be no winner.

    So I’m short the best way to put this for someone who is looking a for a simple and accurate answer…….kaboom

  17. we all know if China goes to war with USA then Russia will gang up with China to invade USA making China victorious with Russia or causing total destruction of world because of nukes

  18. The United states would win, it is a known fact that just our f22 Raptors alone would destroy their entire airforce. After that they would have no air support. So we would strategically bomb all their ground to air defence weapons and then the war is won with alot of bombing runs daily.

  19. 🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳

  20. The reason America hasn't set off their nuclear weapons is that they're scared. America won't press the fire button for the nukes, and neither does China. The Chinese is a powerful enemy.

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