Chloe Quinn, ARNP – Women’s Health

My name is Chloe Quinn and I’m a nurse
practitioner. I started out as a labor and delivery nurse and I knew that I
loved helping women throughout their delivery but there’s so much more to
women’s healthcare so I went back to school to become a nurse practitioner in
women’s health specifically because I really want to help women throughout
their lifespan. So I tend to specialize in women pretty much of my own age I
feel like I can really connect and understand where they’re coming from, the
decisions that they’re making and what they’re going through right now. So my
favorite area of women’s health is really fertility and pregnancy I think
my patients would say that I’m very sympathetic and empathetic I think that
they would say that they’re very comfortable seeing me because that
really is a huge priority of mine I want them to feel comfortable and like we’re
instant friends. I really like to incorporate the patient in the
decision-making so I want them to be fully educated in exactly what I think
would be the best plan of treatment or the best next step and then I let them
decide what direction they really want to go. I really want to incorporate the
patient to make the decision that’s best for them. So in my spare time I really
love to take advantage of the environment and the outdoors I think the
Pacific Northwest is absolutely gorgeous I love going hiking I like spending time
with my fiance but in addition to that I do also love to blog about pregnancy and
fertility and how to best prepare women for pregnancy and fertility. Working at
Valley is really great because we have a team approached model of care here so
there’s multiple people that you’ll interact with there’s going to be you
nurse practitioners and physicians assistants there’s going to be doctors
there’s going to be medical assistants and nurses and in this way if I have a
question I don’t think a treatment is working for a patient I can always go to
my two physicians that I have here and ask them a question teamwork is really
number one so here we work well as a team and we make the patient the
priority and I love that I love coming from that
place is that the patient comes first.

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