Hello guys, welcome to your favorite channel professional noobs, so in this video we are going to talk about the use of stamina As you must have watched, lot of events come and you need to buy lot of stamina, as a non spender you need to buy stamina even in non spending day this also create losses for you of gold, so how will you save them. First of all let’s know where we need stamina as you have seen, monster killing in mysterious sea also needs stamina, even dragon trail also needs daily, for killing monster,rallying beasts So from where will you get stamina , if you buy stamina in common days you will need to use lot of gold and also there is limitations in a day, total you can buy 20 packets daily, in between inescapable event also come, in which you need to buy stamina, so that you can get good rank. In this too someone tell that there is no good rewards, so cok will not give you 1200hr research speedup and even 50 civilization relics, and also 90% max March boost 2 piece. And you know cok will never give you this free What you need to do is make strategy and buy stamina, how to buy every month gold consumption event come twice, you need to buy daily stamina of 5000 cost in gold consumption days, and also you can’t buy more than that, it goes max for 6-7 days so you can use 30000 gold for it and if you want to use more then open till 80000 gold chest, I do this same thing every week. As you can see this I have 133 packets of stamina right know, let’s see where it is helpful you kill dragon daily, and also you can see you need to collect it’s ruins after it became dead Your stamina recovery speedup also that much that you can collect 600 stamina in 4 hrs, so buy like this. When you open these chest you get Alchemy blueprint which has good use in making buffs in Alchemy workshop. So for all these things you needs stamina but most of guys don’t have that much stamina. And also you are getting free blue life set, and try to gamble it and make it gold, and if you live in 3 days shield always reset your lord and put it in support and also equip your lord rebirth set, so importance of stamina is too much and also if we talk much you get lot of benefits, now monster events in kvk going on, lot of guys have no stamina , so they buy, better buy before, so guys thanks for watching this video. share this video to everyone so that everyone can know the use of stamina, and this type of video will be provided more, so don’t forget to subscribe and press bell icon. So thanks guys.

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