Climb FOREVER & FASTER With This Stamina Glitch in Zelda: Breath of the Wild (Trick!)

Look, we’ve all been there, you’re trying
to climb up some tall mountain but you run out of stamina just before the peak…okay,
maybe well before the peak? Either way, it’s usually a long downward
slide or drop to the bottom. Ouch! All that work…gone. Now you can always try it again, maybe with
a different route–hopefully with places to rest along the way, or perhaps you’ll try
packing some stamina-restoring food or elixirs to use during your climb. Or maybe you’ll just give up entirely–because,
dang, some of these mountains are really freaking tall! No matter what though, the size of your Stamina
gauge is the ultimate arbiter in how long you can climb for–and once that runs out,
you’re done for. But what if I told you there was a way to
easily climb almost any mountain–without ever running out of stamina–no matter how
big or small your stamina meter is? And it doesn’t require any kind of special
food or equipment, besides Link’s 2 hands. That’d be pretty great right? Well, we discovered a method that lets you
do exactly that–and it’s surprisingly simple…and also paradoxical, as it requires letting go
of the wall. Yeah, let me explain. Now normally, if you press “B” to let
go of the wall, Link will immediately begin sliding downhill, just as if he had run out
of stamina. Yeah, why would you ever do that, right?! But that’s exactly where the trick comes
into play, because if you press “B” while continuing to hold up on the left control
stick, Link will immediately start to walk up the mountain instead–and he’ll recover
stamina while doing so! Now the exact time he walks for varies–but
he’ll always recover enough stamina for you to continue your climb once he automatically
latches back onto the wall. And then just repeat the process every time
Link’s stamina starts to run low–this will allow you to climb an entire mountain with
even the default stamina meter that has no upgrades! And even better, since you’re recovering
stamina almost constantly, you can even press “X” to jump up the mountain most of the
way between recharges–making climbing far faster than it ever has been before. Although this is where the Stamina upgrades
so come in useful, since you’ll be able jump more often before letting go for a stamina
refill. Oh, and this even lets you climb mountains
in the rain too! Just tap B before Link slides down–or after
Link himself up for 4 or 5 times or so. So yeah, pretty awesome, right? But do keep in mind we’re talking actual
mountains here, and not sheer cliffs or walls, as there needs to be some kind of slope–even
if it’s a very steep one. We found angles of 70 degrees or less worked
consistently, though you might be able to push it even farther. Also, just to reiterate, make sure you press
B only once each time–so don’t tap it or hold it, otherwise Link will run up the mountain
instead, which will waste your stamina defeating the point of the trick. So there you have it. A super easy way to climb almost any mountain
no matter how much stamina you have. When I discovered this trick last night, I
easily climbed to the peak of Mount Luh-nay-roo on my first try! It really is nuts. Thanks for watching and make sure to subscribe
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  1. Or do that same thing but while pressing down on the D-Pad and mashing B. That way Link Sprints but dosent use any stamina at all. Its how I clear alot of mountains easily. Its basicly the same as this but alot easier. Doubt it works on rainy slopes though

  2. Everyone bitching this a glitch and exploit etc.
    I doubt it even if it was its not a huge fucking deal its not like its ENDLESS you have to keep doing it, its not like 500+ hearts and 99999+ rubees.
    This is probably intended. He's able to do that incase you make a mistake and almost fall to your death you can "Catch Yourself" and be able to relatch on. It also helps when trying to go down quicker. Especially before having the paraglider. If it were such an "exploited bug" (LOL REALLY PEOPLE) beta testers/nintendo would have noticed (and if cared) removed it WAY before release. They left it on purpose and i could probably still do this on mine. (updated cuz have to) But who would want to ? You would think most people would just go around or something. I skyrim style my horse up any insane obstacle and use the trails.

  3. I found a glitch!! If you go to the central square of Hyrule castle and stasis a gaurdian it will fall right into the floor. Check it out

  4. This never works for me. I have tried it many times. I don't know if maybe they patched it or what, but it just doesn't work.

  5. I found this trick on the first mountain I climbed and people are just now finding it?get creative people,plz,before we all lose creaitvness for good…

  6. i figured this out on my own but i had no idea it worked in the rain. neat!

    also climbing mt lanayru isnt exactly a feat since it has constant resting spots.

  7. Everyone worried that Nintendo probably nerfed this right away, well, it still works as of today, May 11. I sorta had to figure out that, like with pumping your brakes in the snow, you kinda have to pump the left stick before you tap the B/X button (depending which button you use to let go…X for me). So I need to do a quick "soft neutral"** on the Left Stick, then press Up again, then press X (or B for you B'ers). If I do it this way, he runs like in the vid and regains stam. If I don't, he falls a short ways first before starting to run, then climb, and doesn't gain any stam. I don't know why.

    **Explainy:: SOFT NEUTRAL
    Normal Neutral is when you don't have your hand on the stick at all and it is at rest in the middle. So, soft neutral to me would be letting go of the stick so that it only hits middle position for a quick moment. So,
    1. don't let go of the stick completely; OR,
    2. don't let go for more than a split second.
    (Not sure which is correct, technically.)

  8. I can't understand how Link can climb flat walls of ice with his bare hands, yet he cannot climb up a mountain covered in a little rain

  9. Didn't they patch this? As I actually thought of this without even knowing was an exploit. Sometimes if you just tap b he will stand there and regenerate stamina. Now he slides so far back and fast he now will not regenerate stamina. Just make meals with extra stamina bars and get more stamina…or use a game trainer and get infinite stamina! for wii u only

  10. I ended up climing up one of the dueling peaks without realizing where I was I hadn't gone up purposely because I thought I didn't have enough stamina

  11. Still have found what i'm looking for………The climbing gear…….i'll find it some day

  12. I figured this out on my own, and used this trick to get into the Akkala Labyrinth without any stamina investment or climbing gear in master mode.

  13. I already independently discovered that trick myself but I didn't know it was a glitch. It doesn't work if the slope is too steep. Also when I'm climbing a slope in the rain that's too steep to do that trick, I jump just before I was about to slide down. Also, when you're climbing a hexagonal column, you lose less stamina per height than you do on a steep cliff.

  14. Hey guys, it's your Hero of Hyrule here. This is a trick I use all the TIME. . . My puns are TEARable. . . I need to stop. People will think I'm HUMERUS. . . I'ma go "climb" some mountains while screaming. Maybe I'll go Super Saiyan. . . Oh wait. . . I'm already blonde.

  15. Hold up on the control stick while spamming B and whistling it allows you to infinite run up mountains (70 degrees or less)

  16. Spider link spider link does whatever a link can shoot some moblins with a bow Spider Link watch out it's spider link!

  17. I discovered this on my own after many, many hours of playing (and climbing), had no idea it was considered a glitch!

  18. There is an even better way just press down on the d pad while pressing up the joystick and spamming b you can sprint without losing stamina

  19. i didnt realize this was some kind of secret, i was doing it the day the game launched and i figured it was just a little physics thingie

  20. So whistle sprint and now wall running. What other advice are there? Can anyone compile videos like these into a playlist?

  21. Okay so do what he says but use the glitch where you can run without having stamina. If you hold the whistle button and up on the analog stick and tap b repeatedly you can do this exactly but you will run while still recovering stamina. I actually discovered this accidentally but it works!

  22. was hoping for something that would let me climb actual cliff sides. found this glitch by accident a long time ago just like i assume many others.

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