10 Replies to “Clinton bashes Bush for “women’s health” c…”

  1. Jeb Bush is right, even though I'm not a supporter of the Bush family.
    If anything I believe women health funding should be cut! When was the last time you had seen a funding for men (in particular prostate cancer)? Never. It's always been about "women this, women that".

    Women are not the backbone/economic support of any country. It is men that make the most sacrifices and die for it while women reap the free benefits of our efforts. Time to stop thinking about our dicks or being chivalrous and do what's right. That means allocating resources to the worthy and capable gender;- men.

  2. As long as the U S doesn't get stuck with another Bush the last two left the middle class in a recession at least we were bombing after a Clinton

  3. after so many youppies ruling this nation in last decades is time to let milennials and the catwoman Hitlery rule all this..Robin and Batman are in Gotham's Got Talent

  4. Say you don't need no Bush or Clinton and I'll be satisfied
    Tell me that you want the kind of man that money just can't buy
    I don't care too much for money, money can't buy me Trump

     Can't buy me Trump, everybody tells me so
     Can't buy me Trump, 2016 GO!

  5. Hilary Clinton is well known feminist who has absolutely no interest in equality. She supports women being allowed to hit men without any consequences for the woman  Clinton doesn't have a clear idea about how to get the American economy back on track. She want to raise wages but she has a history of working for Walmart. She constantly tries to manipulate and lie to the public. I recommend to people research this incompetent bitch.

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