Cliovana Treatments – Deborah Wilson MD and Associates Gynecology

(upbeat music) – Hello, my name is Dr. Deborah Wilson. I’m a gynecologist in Scottsdale, Arizona and I’m very excited to
talk to you about Cliovana. Cliovana is a treatment
that increases arousal and increases sensitivity
in the vaginal area. What we’ve done here is use sound waves to increase the vascularity and innovation of the vulvar area. This is four treatments over two weeks and will definitely
increase the vascularity and innovation to that entire area. The treatment is actually
three different steps. The first step is Cupping. And Cupping kind of pulls
on the tissue very gently, very mildly but brings the blood vessels and brings the vascularity to the surface of the whole clitoral area. The second step is the actual sound wave and this is the sound wave applicator and administers the sound wave. Now it looks like maybe
it would be painful, but it’s really not painful at all. It’s very comfortable. It feels like maybe little tingles, maybe little pinpricks,
that sort of thing. And that goes on for
about three minutes or so. This administers the sound waves and brings in vascularity and innovation, and all that good stuff
to the clitoral area. The third step kind of calms things down. We’re still using a little
bit of sound wave therapy, but this is calmer, it’s gentler, so it kind of calms things down. And this goes on again
for two or three minutes. So it’s a three-step process. The whole thing takes about 10 minutes. The initial effect will take
place almost immediately. So, if you are a woman who
is in say your 50s, 60s, 70s, and you’re finding that you’re
just not as easily aroused. Orgasms are hard to achieve. If you’re experiencing
any of these difficulties, Cliovana is a good treatment for you.

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