Colleges Building Community: Healthy Food Fest 1

We have about 12.5% of our community is food insecure. 18% when you just look at kids. And so we can’t just
do a once-and-done activity or a twice-and-done. We need to look at something that
is a continuum of opportunity. The event that we had in August and the
10,000 meals was a great opportunity to bring the students together and start
the process. As we distributed those meals over the course of that five- or
six- month period, we really had the opportunity to engage with families. And now we come back at the end of the
school year with the Healthy Food Fest and the opportunity to educate them a
little bit more on what’s going to be available over the summer, what are some
of the programming that’s available, and how do we help them make healthier choices.

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