Comedians Open Up About Depression & Anxiety | LAUGHING MATTERS (Documentary Trailer)

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  2. Hey I really like your channel….I had depression and it has given me a mission to not let anyone suffer from it alone… I am going to take up psychology and in these holidays I have opened a YouTube Channel called fight depression…do check it out …. would you like to make a video together

  3. So excited for this. As someone that masks my shit… but at times it makes it impossible to move… I GET IT!!!! I GET IT! Much love for SP and all that are involved!

  4. In the meantime: The Hilarious World of Depression podcast. They interview comedians about depression, and the results are pretty funny, moving and educational.

  5. Shut this down. Comedians are the biggest scumbags on the planet and they are the last people you should listen to about mental health.

  6. I've feeling anxious deepdown because I'm doing a comedy course next month. In the words of Richard Pryor "hope I'm funny".

  7. Depression and anxiety are fucking monsters. Thank the gods this being made. Mental health should be talked about more. Thank you for making this.

  8. 1:18 eh She s a comedian? I thought she was just a vlogger lifestyle wannabe actress I mean never found her as funny as Bill blur . Her videos are just entertaining from the few I saw

  9. 👐🏻 Thank you, for bringing this to the masses! There's real suffering out here. And, still we have little accessible, affordable & well versed mental healthcare!

  10. My biggest takeaway from this trailer is the first thing that popped into my mind when it ended: You are not alone.

  11. Maybe I should stop making self deprecating jokes all the time, that's probably why I'm sad. Cuz people fuckin' agree with you and you can't get any validation.

  12. This topic goes well with a line I heard in Isaiah Rashad’s song: “i mean.” Here’s line and the Genius breakdown below…

    “Dudes who done had the worst time be the funniest”

    Genius Annotation 1 contributor

    Isaiah says that most of the time people that are very funny and approachable are usually the ones that have been trough the most struggle. These people keep their real feelings bottled up most of the time.

  13. Thank god for Youtube and brave people. I can't imagine living during Hitler's time. Absolutely hell on earth.

  14. I had depression and still have anxiety but depression is no joke you feel stuck 🤦🏾‍♀️ and you want help but that’s when the anxiety kicks in I feel like if I speak I’ll be judge

  15. this looks very interesting. while I believe it is important that people (especially people in the media) to discuss mental health, I don't think you should be telling people not to use comedy as an outlet. I'm sorry that It did not work for that gentleman but some people have found that it can be very helpful. That is his story and that is perfectly fine but what I'm saying is if it didn't work for you, that doesn't mean it can't help somebody else. please if you are going to comment back, be civil and respectful.

  16. I'm curious to why the opening by Sarah Silverman was just removed recently. 20 seconds of the trailer just disappeared. It's rather strange.

  17. After seeing this I it's very depressing seeing comedians who are funny it's even more depressing seeing comedians who aren't funny because that just means they suck and they probably are depressed even more so because they know they suck

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