Comprehensive care for equine athletes

One of the things I love about working
here in this area at the Equine Medical Center in particular is that we have the
opportunity to treat horses that are well of companions all the way through
the high-level event horses, in addition to race horses of all types. We have
specialists in internal medicine, surgery, sports medicine this enables us to take
a comprehensive approach, so we get an accurate diagnosis. I do a lot of
orthopaedic work here as the predominantly lame horses or horses with
performance combining both MRI and CT gives us a lot
of information about both the soft tissues as well as the bone. So, we have
advanced and comprehensive imaging techniques to figure out what might be
causing a lameness or on soundness, but we also have advanced techniques in
surgery and in regenerative medicine to treat those injuries once we identify
them. We are treating every aspect of the horse from the horses emotional status
behavioral status and then certainly the actual injury or disease process. We have
the expertise of the farriers here who offer corrective shoeing and advanced
techniques to assist in supporting horses to heal from soft tissue injuries
inside the foot. We’ve been able to work as a team to cover both the diagnostic
treatment and then the corrective shoeing needed to keep horses sound.
Today’s horse owner appreciates the fact that not everybody is looking at things
from just a traditional approach cuz of that is a relationship between the
person and the owner in treating that particular injury or disease is also
better. It’s not just about the equipment it’s also about the faculty that we have
to support a terminating what’s wrong with a horse.
We all work together and find the solution for the horse of the client. I
think there’s nothing more rewarding to see a patient leave the hospital, the
client be happy with the outcome and then to get that follow-up the horses,
doing its job and doing its job to the best of its ability

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