Congresswoman’s Demented Outrage At Equal Healthcare Coverage for Women

wife’s now you know we’re talking about open
enrollment but its its forcing the issue is it not that date if in american does not have
health care coverage they are essentially breaking the law is
that not crack if someone can afford coverage and has
that option and chooses not to buy coverage they will pay a fee on their and I edited a lot so therefore
there Brady relax okay you also brought up the issue when
you were in Kansas arm that you fought against
discriminatory discriminatory issues now I you know as far as the BF on the
essential health benefits correct me if I’m wrong do man not have
to buy maternity coverage policies will cover
maternity coverage for the young and healthy a including honored thirty-year-olds
will have a choice also a catastrophic plan which has no maternity coverage the cut catastrophic but demand are
required to pearl an insurance policy has a series a
benefits whether you use them or not and one other benefits will be and that is
that why the hell read your mental health are racing at high violent forcing them
to buy think that they will never need thank
you ma’am chairman the individual policies cover families men often do need maternity coverage for
their spouses and for their families yes single male age 32 does not need maternity coverage to the
back now to your knowledge I’ll cover had a man ever delivered a baby in a
lady’s time has expired now understand what we’re
talking about the private exchanges or the private insurance we are talking about
15 million Americans across the country when we’re talking
about what percentage if those maybe fifty percent will have their
private insurance cancel because it does not well 50 percent want their private insurance
canceled we don’t know what percentage of those have a cancel because I love the Affordable Care Act the Affordable
Care Act requires certain minimums up coverage in these
plants they need to cover to make the risk pool functional they need to cover think that
each individual won’t have in other words you may not the you know you may not be
likely to have diabetes I but that type of coverage for medicine
and there’s going to be covered now you will never if you’re a main who is single and we’ll never get
married and you know you will never get married and you will never have for children you will never need maternity care but it is one of the
baselines for insurance because it’s the only way to
spread the risk of those people who will need and so forth that 32-year-old man single I men at that age their insurance is likely to go up if you’re under thirty you can get
catastrophic insurance if you’re over thirty you can get
exempted if you have are lost a job a few I hit any other the
a reason for exemption which usually have to do with finances if you are over 30 and you are making over 40 E five thousand dollars the a year you’ll get no subsidies you will probably be paying more for
your health insurance the difference is your health insurance
will be better but nevertheless you will be paying more
for by the time you’re 50 that won’t be the case we’re talking about a very small
percentage of people and in luck there is no doubt going through the private insurance
industry is a Rube Goldberg contraption in some respects and it would be much
simpler to have everybody buy into Medicare but the bottom line is if that
32-year-old who’s got the am only catastrophic
insurance with a cap get hit by a bus gets taken to the hospital has to
declare medical bankruptcy remember 50 percent Ballmer seventy-five percent
of America bankruptcies after people with insurance insurance in
quotes but they hit their lifetime cap or they
hit their yearly cap they go bankrupt they can’t pay their
bill we all pick up to tap that’s just the reality of it but when you compare the amount of
people who will be paying more for their health insurance
which will be a better product verses the number of people who will not
be getting health insurance because I love are republican governors who will not
expand their Medicaid the first figure is dwarfed by the sack door so Renee Ellmers a may have scored some
points that we have lost some liberty in this country because 32-year-old man single man who will always be single will have to
pay more for their health care coverage and not necessarily socialized the risks have them carrying sub-standard health
insurance coverage it’s really sort of meaningless in
disingenuous good

66 Replies to “Congresswoman’s Demented Outrage At Equal Healthcare Coverage for Women”

  1. it's so stupid, do they not know how insurance works?  The company can calculate it will NOT HAVE MATERNITY COSTS AT ALL for half it's customers… that costs nothing… the money is to cover all possible things… not… oh fuck it.  Can we just have two countries?

  2. Wow.  The repulsive anti-social and obtuse thinking of Rethuglicans is demonstrated yet again.  Should I be exempt from paying road and vehicle taxes because there are numerous streets I will never travel down?  Should childless singles and couples be exempt from taxes that go to support public schools?  What if I refuse to use 9-1-1?  Should I then get a tax break?  Too many people are under the delusion that taxes are bad.  Taxes are how we, as a people, pay for the common good.  Yes, it can be abused but it still beats living a solitary life in a cave.

  3. Ellmers: "Listen, there's this one guy, his name is Joe the Plumber, right? He's single and he's never going to go on a date or get laid. Why the fuck should he have to pay for maternity coverage just because he doesn't actually exist? ANSWER THAT, BITCH!"

    Someone slap Ellmers out of her hysterics, please.

  4. what an unmitigated muppet – is being a twit a prerequisite for being appointed to congress.

    Enough of this caveman politics, kick these troglodytes out of office already.

  5. "Pro-life", against maternity care? This all reminds me of the tyranny of government when mandating safety standards in vehicles, foods, drugs and I have to pay for it all! So what if I ever get in an accident or get food poisoning, public safety is nonessential. I hope Ellmers is serious about everyone not having to pay for anything that they don't use and not just using it as a talking point to bash women and healthcare reform. Anarchy, anarchy, anarchy!

  6. She must be from the Phillis Schafley I belong chained in the house either to the stove making food for my man or the bed cranking out babies for christs army while keeping my bitch mouth shut and my mans beer cold school of "thought"

  7. A woman age 32 does not need insurance for prostate surgery either but she gets it. Never in her life will she ever have a prostate. And it covers vasectomies which she will never need. I hate these people who nit pick. Read the policies before you make fools of yourself.

  8. What a horrible bitch. All of a suddenly Republicans are worried about too many laws. Tell them black people will be breaking that law and they will love it.

  9. We all pay for things we might never need: men won't need pap smears, women won't need prostate exams, …. and Republicans won't need those pesky brain scans. C'est la vie!

  10. A single man may not need pregnancy insurance but his sister could.

    Few women need insurance against heavy machinery falling on them.

  11. If women have their issues (maternity leave for example) we, men, shouldn't have to pay for them. Why do men have to pay for women's insurance?

    Giving that men require less insurance (as they live more, work all the time, unless some women who just sit at home doing nothing) it's still a scam for the men.

    The whole idea that women don't have to pay more for a service is retarded. They use this service (medical in our case) more they pay more. Why should men pay for maternity issues? It's downright sexist. Have a sex pay for issues that doesn't concern them at all simply because the other sex has them. This is sexism at it's finest. A non sexist insurance would cover only issues that are likely to affect both sexes (pregnancy is NOT one of them)

    "Durr! Men pay 0$ for tampons and birth control pills so women should pay the same" <- Feminist logic right there.

  12. This reminds me of how  "Joe" the "Plumber" had 250k to buy a business. 

    Except he didn't.  And he wasn't a plumber.  And his name wasn't Joe.

  13. the whole concept of forcing people to buy health insurance is just retarded. Just tax people more and make the whole thing universal and everyone gets healthcare. take insurance companies out of the equation. simple concept.

  14. I'm a single male in my 30's and make more than the level for subsidies. I will gladly pay more for insurance if it means that others will benefit.  Because I know when I'm older or if I need medical help it will be there for me.  If you're greedy at heart this will probably be a problem for you.  
    That woman is so simple to even say the things she did.  Her level of understanding is negative.  Only problem is whomever voted for her may be in worse shape.

  15. This congresswoman is complaining about men having to subsidize women's reproductive health, but apparently didn't share the same complaints about the same men subsidizing her lobotomy.

  16. Pro's , con's and all bullshit aside, I don't like being told that I have to participate in a market when the biggest change is simply making the insurance company's the middle man and our greedy government taking a slice of the pie for…….?

  17. when you are a psycho and hell bent on sabotage God himself could write a plan and NOTHING would change as far as the right nut job attack. Yes Dems are flawed, no GOP are not sane

  18. Conservatives ONLY hate government when it directly does not benefit them. That is when they cry socialism. Pathetic and obvious selfishness. As an Australian, I assure you that it is going to be alright AND you all need to chill the fuck out, 40 years on here and we STILL haven't been overtaken by the reds lol. Bunch of idiots lol.

  19. Most places that offer insurance at work currently offer maternity care as one of its benefits.  If you are a single male without children employed by this company, then you are (and have been) subsidizing this benefit.  I don't understand what the controversy is.

  20. I'm sorry, but what the hell… As a woman, I know I will NEVER have prostate cancer or any problems that require having a Y chromosome. Should I demand that they make a specific plan that would ensure that not a cent of the money I specifically pay will go to cover someone's prostate cancer? Should we splinter it some more? I do not smoke, nor does it hold any appeal to me, so chances are that I will never smoke a single cigarette. Should I demand that any and all sicknesses that are caused or heavily influenced by smoking be removed from my plan? "Why should I pay for your choices" goes more than one way.

  21. What an idiot… The reason you want single men to pay for Maternity coverage in their plan is to REDUCE the cost for women across the board. it actually makes premiums go down not up.

  22. Jesus himself can come down, show himself, and give the US a perfect insurance system that he wrote himself and republicans would block it.  Republicans are anti-human.

  23. there's the airtight non-logic: all single people will always remain single. Instead of understanding the realities of insurance coverage, she plays partisan public games

  24. having standard mass produced parts makes things cheaper.  If you had to cobble together hand made plans,  that would be a lot more work and would cause premiums to rise.  

    A Neo-Con who wants to watch only the Blaze and Fox News, and doesn't want to pay his cable company for PBS NBC ABC CNN or the BBC along with any other host of news channels.  If the cable company didn't bundle channels the extra cost of not standardizing plans would make everyone's cable bill go up.  

    Also 30 year old single men, have sex, and sometimes things happen when you have sex

  25. I'm a big fan of my country's healthcare, the NHS.
    It's not perfect, it's been poorly managed for decades, but it is the best option for universal healthcare.
    This literally balances out the costs of insuring the nation between all citizens.

    That said, I hate when "progressives" in the USA keep labelling people as misogynists for pointing out the inherent unfairness of insurance.
    It has to be that way, for all the reasons pointed out by Sam, but I hate when commentators want to feed men shit and call it chocolate.
    Women get more spent on their health, we can deal with it, but don't pretend it's sexist to notice 😛

    I think my least favourite thing was some right wing buffoon being attacked for saying women go to the doctors more; a demonstrable bloody fact.
    He may have expounded upon it with sexism, but it really does lower my respect for people when they cant even grant the truths of their opponents.

  26. everyone should be forced to have health insurance for this simple fact, if you do not have health insurance and cant pay your medical bills you shouldnt be allowed to use the health care system. but of course that would be unethical, hospitals cant just turn away patients in need. hospitals are obligated to help, no matter if they are compensated for their efforts. 

  27. I'm sick of moronic republicans.  They're fucking idiots!  The only thing they seem to carry pompoms for or pass legislation for is to guarantee that the rich will keep all their money and will collect what few pennies the poor and middle class have left. Makes sense since most Republican politicians are rich.  They're there for themselves and their own interests.  

  28. All the current health care system is doing is allowing time for the health insurance companies to get out of the business. In 5 years we all will be on Medicare ran by the states.

  29. What about the states that force you to buy auto insurance? Some even tow away your car if you insurance lapses.Military officers are forced to buy their own uniforms.

  30. No BACHELOR taxes !!!!!!
    If 80% of sec 8 and 99% of wic cases are female
    Why do I a male 30 no children have to foot the bill for things
    I do not qualify for ?????
    I voted democratic all of my life and for Obama hope and change.
    And out of the mouth of a FEMALE REPUBLICAN stands up for
    Basic equity under the law for MEN?!!!!!!!!!!! WTF?

  31. But men require by far the most hospital care for recreational accidents – motorbiking, shooting, skateboarding etc, not to mention drunken misadventures… The health system patently isnt constructed for an individual, its there for our society, and society takes all sorts.

  32. To all American women: Canada is far… far from perfect but even our conservative dudes get the idea of I pay a little for your issues and you pay a little for mine. Last time I checked no woman is getting prostate cancer! Yet these lovely American ladies are still willing to carry it on their insurance policies! Come on up to Canada, our cabinet (same as your congress) is 50% female. My Premier (Governor) is a progressive women (she’s actually the second we’ve had in the last three) and my Mayor is a Muslim dude who marches in the annual gay pride parade! If that doesn’t do for you I have two words: … Justin… Trudeau!

  33. I would be more invested in this argument if I was not charged more for my car insurance for being a man. May not be as important as health care but in this day it's almost impossible not to own a car.

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