Consistency: Strengths Based Leadership – Gallup Theme Thursday Shorts Season 3

Consistency by itself but first just define it and then I’ll talk to us a little bit about what is that extension of consistency specific to those who lead other people. By itself at its core consistency is about balance and and I was it i think i just started a yoga practice something I committed to doing three weeks of yoga and this morning as I was falling over I really started to understand what the benefit of balance is it’s about being aware of where your center is so that you can then be aware of how that extends and I think I mean that literally when I’m talking about yoga but I think figuratively that helps us truly understand consistency it is an awareness of balance and awareness of rules and awareness of equality that then allows you to repeat what works to perhaps exude what works and to expect and adherence to those rules because that is how we get more work done and if you read along in that that companion guide that we’ve given you you have a long definition of consistency and the first sentences balance is important to you you’re aware of the need to treat people the same no matter what their station in life very often people with high consistency talk about the importance of people adhering to the same rules the importance of people being treated with equality because that’s how we all feel valued that’s how we all experience fairness and justice and when we talk about it like that it almost sounds like it’s a relationship building seems and I think there is some certainly and some people aspect to consistency but the heart of it lies in executing which is why we’re talking about it right now as part of our strength space leadership series we’re deep into the heart of the executing domain so as an executing seem I found a great quote this morning from Christine Caine and it said consistent action produces consistent results I think about the safety the predictability the genius in that quote because it really brings me back to really be at the heart of consistency as its defined as a theme it’s about those talents that pay attention to what works and then repeat what works in a way that we can rely on and it’s very low its 30 something for me and I that in many cases some theme in v4 for people with consistency so that’s what it is as a theme then i also like to think about how does consistency show up when you are a leader season three if you’re just joining us were following this idea of strength based leadership if you want to make this a book series and read along with us pick up the book pick up strength space leadership this is really where we talk about not just the theme and what it does for you as an individual but if you’re in this place of leadership which is more difficult today than I think it’s ever been perhaps leading other people might be one of the biggest challenges that you can take on on this planet how did your consistency show up what is that extension of it at the leader of people versus just as an individual contributor and when I think about consistency in leadership the first thought I had was the game operation so if you’ve ever played operation you know that your board game is of this outline of a person and get you your job is to take these pretend medical tools and remove pieces of this person and if you get too close to the sides it buzzes this awful buzz and I think you know it sounds terrifying it can sound like it’s just a rule enforcer but then I bring myself back to the beauty and the joy of playing a game with people you love and I’ve never had a bad time playing the game operation i think it creates unity it creates excitement it creates laughter and it would not be that same way wouldn’t have that same kind of results if you didn’t have the buzzer and in many cases the role of somebody as a leader who leaves of consistency is to be that buzzer maybe it’s less of an ugly sound and more of a gentle nudge that keeps us all aware of what are those what’s the social contract we have here and how do we all stay alert to and aware of the rules that we agree to so that we can honor each individual within our group there is a selflessness to consistency that I think and exudes compassion it is about serving the needs of the group over the needs of the individual and a commitment to that kind of long-term efficiency of how can we stay true to what we’ve agreed to so that everybody can can be at their best and so I i also think about laying a foundation and there’s there’s a in my neighborhood there have been a lot of construction going on and my son and I like to take our stroller around and watch the big machinery as they’re constructing these houses and I look at the careful precision with which they lay literally lay the foundation of and if you’re very precise about what that foundation of a new home is then you can bring in drywall and you can eventually bring in decorators and you can bring in a family to truly individualize and make it their own but i’m careful attention to making sure that the foundation is laid in an obvious clean way that is proven to work i think that’s really what we have that allows us to go forward and be creative and be passionate I think about a leader with consistency is being a representative and not just of the minority or the majority but a representative of all people and that could also be a representative of all ideas are of all tasks to think about creating a fair advantage by helping your team understand what their priorities are a leader with consistency doesn’t get rattled by those shiny priorities because they’ve got that equality view of what’s the most important and in that way I think leading with consistency can be a real strategic gift it’s that ability to weigh your options and look for balance and I think about the word compliance and the word accountability i led a team session yesterday and I was actually on the phone it was interesting to do that in the distance capacity was on the phone with a manager and three of his direct reports and I asked them you know they were brand new team i asked to describe their team right now and then eventually asked him again to describe how they want their team to feel in the future and right now they talked about trust they talked about it feels like a family we’re all doing our own thing together and we’re giving each other you know plenty of space to do what we do best but the resounding desire that they had for how they wanted their team to feel the future was greater accountability they were asking each other and is giving each other permission to say hold me accountable and I trust you right now but I want to trust you on that on that deeper level where you will help me follow through on what I’ve committed to you will help me do what is right you’ll help me comply to what we said we will do and I think that that is a great example of what consistency can benefit a team its that voice of justice but also the voice of opportunity when there’s rules or procedures to be set we also talked about the needs of followers which comes from some pretty revolutionary research that eventually became the strength space leadership book by Tom Rath and very conscious at the revolutionary mostly because most of our gallup polls are more closed-ended they are strongly agree to strongly disagree or multiple choice or a rate your agreement with sort of question a lot of the research that went into string space leadership we were asking followers to describe important leaders in their life and we did it opened it we said you know what kind of words would you use to describe an important leader or a leader who had a good effect on your life and through that open-ended questions we came up with four words that all of these responses sort of fell into or filtered toward and we call these the needs of followers and they are trust stability compassion and hope so i’d like to just take a moment and talk about what does consistency look like if you’re a leader who’s meeting to create these things for your followers so a leader with consistency might build trust by simply adhering to the same rules that she sets for her team so thinking about consistency as being that balance a leader with consistency sees herself on the same level and therefore subject to the same rules the same compliance i think when we do that and we realize that we’re doing it except that it’s the acceptance of the principle of having rules and it also sets that tone for peaceable accountability a leader with consistency provides stability or can provide stability by really talking about not only the expectations but the norms with which we want to meet those expectations so we know that great managers for example set clear expectations and then let people get there on their own I think managers of consistency probably have a little bit more of an awareness of the behaviors are the ways that were treating people in order to get to our expectations an example of that might be we need to set our sales target let’s say we need to increase our sales by 3% this quarter and i expect us to do that in a way that Ed that admirers everybody on our team or I expect us to do that in a way that exudes these certain values that were looking toward so as you’re setting expectations if your leader with consistency these vocal and communicate the kind of behavior that you expect for the kind of norms I think that helps you communicate the value of consistent work it’s not a it’s not the most common theme in our database i think it’s somewhere in the twenties in terms of how often it shows up in people’s top five so when you’re working on a team when you’re thinking about even working with your peers it can be really valuable just to take a second and remind people of what we get when we are consistent the two more needs of followers I’d like to go through and then we’ll bring in Emily and and hear what this sounds like in a real person and the third need of followers is compassion and i think that in times of chaos people search for comfort and consistency can be that comfort so if you’re willing you know put yourself out there into chaos because people are going to come to you looking for the kind of safety that you create because of your consistent approach to things commend others who share the values of consistency the way that you talk about expectations and the way that you recognize expectations that have been met will help people understand what you’re looking for and what you value so feel free to recognize out loud those people who have found the kind of values that you expect and finally hope one of my favorite four-letter words here if you’ve got consistency and you’re a leader who wants to create hope trust your gut and other people are coming to you because you might in many cases be the champion of the underdog because you’re looking for a place where we’re all playing on the same level what consistency once is not a favoritism for where you come from the work you do or the way you play the game it wants to say that you know everybody’s got that fair advantage which can also make you the champion of the underdog idea or for the underdog process and I think trust your ability to to level the playing field in that way and it will certainly create quite a bit of hope

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