Construction Update | Strength and Conditioning Addition

The Richard and Helen Post Center was first built in 1999 and when that was first built the Endicott population was really I think around 1,100 students so the building of this facility really at that time we thought was going to satisfy everything that we were going to develop and grow into whether it be athletics from the School of Sport Science and Fitness Studies division to intramurals and recreation we really thought that was going to satisfy it but since then, the growth of the College has been unbelievable. We even had to go back in 2010 to add on to the existing weight room. We added an additional 2,500 square feet for all of our students as well as our student-athletes to maximize that use but then continued on as our population has grown we felt the need really to expand this facility as well giving us much more office space for, again, the School of Sport Science and Fitness Studies as well as our coaches. Meeting space, office space, and then a really with the addition of these windows on this side here, next to our competition gymnasium. Modernizing our gymnasium. Connecting this space to that space and we really feel like it is going to enhance the entire student-athlete experience as well as the student experience We’ve added this addition is more than 5,000 square feet and what we are going to see on this floor is a connection to our competition gymnasium, there will be a counter that spans the entire length of this wall These windows will be a great opportunity for students to work, to view the activity going on in the gymnasium This is entire lounge area here with different furniture, maybe tables for students to meet or coaches to meet faculty to meet with students as well as six really great offices. Really good-sized offices and at the far end, is a meeting room, again, with the growth of our institution and population, being able to meet with students and faculty with students is a desparate need for us, so this is just another addition to the facility. That will overlook the ocean. So, we really anticipate this being utilized a lot by our students. So the College has really identified a great need a number of years ago that our student-athletes require strength and conditioning to continue to achieve success in the athletic department. So this new facility is going to house our four strength and conditioning coaches that work wtih all of our student-athletes so we have the ability to work with student-athletes that are in-season and off-season We are able to partner with the School of Sport Science and Fitness Studies and have them observe as well as be able to do some internship hours here in this facility. So on our left right here behind you, we will have our two pneumatic kaiser machines. They allow for full range of motion of both upper and lower extremity exercises as well as some speed and agility work. Down this wall here, we will have four of our full-sized Olympic weightlifting racks with inlaid rubber, compsite flooring and platform and fully-branded in the Endicott logos. Down this wall here, we will have six more full-sized Olympic racks to complete our 10. Down in the corner as the student-athletes will be walking in we will have our free weight section with all of our branded dumbells. In terms of the level of equipment and the status of the equipment we will have, again, it is going to be all branded equipment for Endicott. It’s going to be very specific with the highest quality and that’s what we really expect of our student-athletes as well that they are going to be trained and developing on the highest quality to meet that level of success. So I think about how many programs have a turfed space indoors and that is really going to be special for our student-athletes. The auxiliary space upstairs is going to be utilized as an agility, as a plyometric space where individuals are going to be throwing medicine balls, using the turf to pull and push sleds on that area indoors. It’s also going to be used as an appropriate warmup space for our student-athletes so we’ll actually be able to train and work with student-athletes upstairs while student-athletes are also down here working out so it really more than doubles the space that we have right now to work with our student-athletes in strength and conditioning. It opens up a different avenue to what types of training we actually can do whereas down here it will be a lot more strength training and weightlifting Upstairs a lot more agility and just making sure we are looking at all the needs of our student-athletes and meeting those needs.

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