CordyMax CS4-Stamina and Vitality

CordyMax now what I love about
this product is I don’t know one person that wouldn’t actually want the benefits
of it . What this product is for is promoting natural vitality and stamina
and reducing fatigue. So it’s designed primarily for people with busy
hectic lifestyles, athletes or elderly and those just simply wanting increased
vitality without the use of stimulants. So what’s unique about this product in
particular is it’s a proprietary standardized extract of
cordyceps sinensis mushroom. So it’s from a mushroom and this mushroom has a
really rich 2,000 year history. Which is pretty darn interesting. For generations
cordyceps has been considered the premier ingredient in the chinese
culture for restoring energy, promoting longevity and improving quality of life. Now what’s particularly interesting about this mushroom is that it’s
extremely rare. It grows primarily on the Tibetan
Plateau at altitudes above 14,000 feet and takes about five to seven years to
complete its life cycle and produce the natural product that you can use as a
supplement. Now due to its scarcity and of course the high price historically it
was reserved only for the Emperor’s Palace . It was so rare that it was worth
more than four times its weight in silver. So you can see how valued it was
as well as how rare it was. Now for two thousand years as a result cordyceps was
virtually unknown in the Western world Now in our time cordyceps became popular
when record-breaking performances by Chinese Olympic athletes. They attributed
their their outstanding performances to the use of cordyceps. And so that’s how
we in the Western world that supplement actually hit our radar
and we started learning more about it. Now so fast forward to our day over 15
years of extensive scientific research resulted in NuSkins CordyMax CS4 strain of mushroom. This exclusive formula is recognized in China as the fermented
cordyceps mushroom product offering the same exact health benefits most
comparable to the rare and protected wild mushroom that I just talked about
that’s found in the Tibetan high plateau. Now in fact the cordyceps cs4 is so
valued that in its so there’s so much research behind it that it’s been placed
under intellectual property protection and boasts the only strain recognized by
the Chinese government. So given all of this information you can kind of see how
we’re so excited about the product and it’s so unique and effective and has
such a rich cultural lore behind it. That of course substantiates the NuSkin integrity the NuSkin science and are really access to fantastic materials. Now what makes this product so unique is the proprietary cultivation and
extraction processes that we have access to and the material itself has the
highest concentration of active constituents available. And what’s unique
about this product is it’s clinically proven. We’ve got the science behind it
actually, actually able to prove that it does what we say it will
do. Now who who should use the product?CordyMax is for people with busy hectic lifestyles or athletes and quite simply anyone who
wants to feel feel better have more energy and they want to get that energy
and vitality without the use artificials or even natural stimulants
for that matter. Now like I just said Cordymax is stimulant free because the
energetic effects that you get from this product are due to mechanisms other than
true stimulation of the central nervous system. So for instance true stimulation
of the central nervous system you would get from things like caffeine
or ephedrine. What’s unique about cordyceps it actually increases your
energy level by a positive effects on oxygen metabolism unlike true stimulants
like ginseng as well they most likely exert their effects by adrenal
metabolism. So that’s just a really quick way to explain a really fascinating
product that just about everybody I know would be happy to use or happy to get
the benefits from. Now there are a few cautions; it’s not for children
and if you’re pregnant or lactating lactating or taking prescription
medication just make sure you consult a physician prior to using

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