Core Strength Secret (THE HIP HINGE!!)

What’s up, guys? Jeff Cavaliere, ATHLEANX.COM. Today, look who’s with me. Raymond made it
here to the brand new XBOX. And we’re going to show you together why the
Hip Hinge is critically important when you’re trying to maximize the stability and strength
of your core. Yes, this is Washboard Wednesday video, and
we’re not going to talk really about the abs at all. We’re going to talk about the functioning
of the joints below in this case, and also above when it comes to trying to
make sure that we have the optimal performance of the area in question in the middle. So, if we think about a Hip Hinge, why is
a Hip Hinge so important? Because we want to be able to maintain the stability of our
low back without compromising the stability of our low back, ok. Because if we lack mobility through a joint
below, as we might with a Hip Hinge, if you don’t have the mobility there, then we’re
going to start compromising the stability of the low back to do that. That’s when we start to get low back issues
and pain. Same thing could be said for above, and we’ll cover it in a different video, if
you lack the mobility through your thoracic spine to rotate, again, we need to get that mobility somewhere
else, down here in the core. Again, compromising stability for mobility somewhere else, that’s
a problem too. The Hip Hinge, though, comes in so critically
important when it comes to all of our big lifts. If you’re going to do a Bent Row, you need
to be able to have stability and strength through your core to perform that exercise
without injuring our low back. Or, the same thing could be said with a Deadlift.
But far too often, that’s not the case. We see people who lose that stability through
their core. They can’t handle the heavier loads, and it
winds up compromising the safety and health of their low back. The Hip Hinge, you have to look at Raymond
first and see what’s going on. You have a natural curvature of your low back. Most of
us have a natural curvature of our low back. Some of us have flatter backs than others,
but whatever your natural curvature of your low back is, that’s what you’re trying to
maintain throughout all of your other lifts. That’s your main, one and only goal for your
low back. So, for me, I have a similar curve here to Raymond. It’s not excessive. It’s
just basically a lumbar curve that follows this inward pattern. Now, when I bend over to do an exercise, like
a Bent Row, if I’m going to lift here, my whole one and only goal is to maintain the
position here as I lift. If the load starts to get too heavy, and I
start to do that, now I’m in trouble. I’m compromising my lower back at some point. Same thing with the Deadlift. If I can get
in that position and hold it and maintain it, then that’s good. Well, the way we do
this, and I’ll get Raymond here out of the way, is you want to make sure that when you get into
this position that all the movement comes from the hips so that you have the mobility
through the hips to get yourself into this position and still maintain the stability without having
to give it up here through the core and the low back. So, the Hip Hinge needs to take
place all the way, until we can our butt all the way back. There’s no knee movement here. I’m not bending
my knees to get myself back. All I’m doing is moving my hips backwards. Let’s see, pushing from here straight back
and going as far back as I possibly can to then get myself in position to be stable now
to lift, do a Deadlift, whatever else it may be. But, people don’t know how to do this, and
there’s one big complicating factor that comes up that prevents it. It’s hamstring flexibility.
Again, if we look back at Raymond, we see that the hamstrings will attach right
here to the bottom of the pelvis. So, if the pelvis is back, this way, into a Hip Hinge,
we’ve basically lengthened the hamstrings. If I do this, the hamstrings now have to get
longer, ok. Now, the further back I go, the more I’m pulling that hamstring further away
from its insertion so there’s more and more of a pull. At some point, I can’t get my hips back anymore,
so they kind of try to curl under because they want to relieve the tension. So, if you have a difficult time getting into
the Hip Hinge, you might want to first of all, check your own hamstring flexibility. If that’s not a problem for you, you just
don’t know the mechanics of it, all you’ve got to do is this. And I’m not trying to insult
you here, and give you the old DX chop, what I’m trying to do is show you what you
have to do to mirror the move or mimic the move. You push yourself right here. Allow
your hips to go backwards, and you’ll feel the crease. There’s 2 creases that are made right here
at the top of the hip flexor area, ok. When you feel those creases, as soon as you create
them, put your hands right in them. Now, stand upright. Now, push through the
creases as you allow your butt to travel back. You should feel immediately that all the motion’s
happening right here at the pelvis, and the pelvis is traveling backwards. Again,
you might feel a little bit of a stretch in the hamstrings. If that’s the case, you want
to stretch your hamstrings out of this anterior tilt position. So that you can actually have a functional
carry over. We’re right here. I go all the way down as far back as I can, and you’ll
notice that no stability was compromised from the low back. That was maintained from here all the way
back, all the way back, all the way back. I didn’t have to move my back to get myself
back there. That’s the key difference. If I had to go like this and round my back,
give up some stability to allow myself to get back, and now I can get way further back,
and I’m starting to look vulgar here with my boy Ray. Sorry about that, Ray. But we just basically
want to make sure that we’re getting the motion where we want to get it, and that’s through
the hips. Master this. Try this. Stretch those hamstrings
out from the anterior position if you have to, but most of all, practice the Hip Hinge.
Do this a little bit, and you’ll see that you’re able to get your body
in the position you need it to be and then therefore allow your abs to be as strong and
powerful and protective as they possibly can be. Guys, if you found this video helpful, make
sure you leave your comments and thumb’s up below. And head to ATHLEANX.COM if you’re looking
for a training system that puts the science back in strength, that lets Ray do a little bit of the talking
to help us understand why we want to do the things we do in the gym, and not just what
we’re doing, ok? That’s the difference here with ATHLEANX.
I’ll see you guys back here in just a couple days. If you’re happy that Rays’ back, leave
a thumb’s up for him too. I’ll see you guys back here in a couple days.

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  1. Very informative and helpful. At 67 and a Scottish Highland Game athlete This is an area I need to work on. Thank you

  2. Hi Jeff, is it good to train all my upper body parts (biceps,triceps,chest,back) in one gym session than to spread it out to 1-2 parts per session which i think is time consuming.?

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  5. I find myself twisting when I do deadlifts or bent over rows when I'm bending to put down the weight. how do I prevent that?

  6. This explains my back pain when rowing or deadlifting. I used to bend the back instead of hinging the hip. Thanks Jeff!

  7. quetion help for anyone, so i workout 7 days a week got my decline bench to 330, and my reg bench to 280. but im have huge problems losing that fat on the side of my chest right under the armpits. my buld isnt big and husky but athletic, ive gone from 320lbs to 210lbs now just can loose that one spot, so from my side view i look very fit, but from front view the side fat make me look like i got man boobs, any help would be great!

  8. I was watching a few videos about overtraining including yours and one said that it could damage your nervous system with too much repetition and you won't be able to get the most out of yourself is there anyway to increase that?

  9. Hyper extension through my lower thoracic , developed the pelvic tilt. Knee and hip pain were short to follow after sitting at a new job daily

  10. i have more superflexibil hamstrings, my problem in the deadlift is more an overextension of the lumbar spine, how can i get a good setup before i start to deadlift? ripcage down?

  11. that's another reason why i like watching Jeff's videos, so funny, not trying to insult you. first time i see Jeff laugh/smile. hope i don't need to have a skeleton next to me to be happy though.

  12. Once again straight to the weak point in the technique, like a heat seeking physical therapist. I still feel like I have the angel Jeff and the devil Jeff sitting on my shoulders during training, saying, "keep it safe", or "lift heavy". But most of all shitting myself that he'll come round and beat the shit out of me 'cos HE WILL KNOW if I don't give it 100%. Alright 95%

  13. Suggestion: Improve the camera work. Your were trying to show us how to flex the hip how ever the camera angle was terrible for that.

  14. Jeff i have a problem with my core stability. i cant do most of the major lift such as squat , deadlift etc. how shall i get a cure

  15. I have anterior pelvic tilt and I've been trying to deadlift with a "neutral spine" but it seems impossible. I have a pretty excessive arch when squatting or deadlifting. I thought this was problematic but when you hinge it looks similar to my deadlift. Should I continue to try to flatten out my spine when i hinge or just go with the arch?

  16. My name is Raymond. Looks like I am a star. I am a professional personal trainer with superstardom skill. Yield to my glory. Lay prostrate before me and bask in the shadow of my brightness. If you are defiant I will systematically exterminate your entire bloodline. Nuclear Annihilation is a horrible thing, do not tempt my hand.

  17. Geez man…everyone pay attention. I was dying for hip strengthening and of course Jeff covered it like it wasnt already important. You need something then go to Jeff.

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  19. Realize that there r those of us that have so much lack of mobility and weakness, trying to correct, we have less ability to actually rock the hips backward. I have a curve in back but the hams r so tight and psoas and abductors and adductors r so weak I can’t rock

  20. Hey Jeff , really need your help here .

    A lot of people i am training training with got a

    disc prolapse in the past .
    What is a good training for the hips and the back to help fixing and strenghtening this area ?

    Greetings from germany.

  21. Whoever’s watching this video, say this guy has shit-loads of experiences and stuff which are totally respectable, but as a physiotherapist this not what we consider as a hip hinge, we all gotta understand that there’s a big difference performing actual hip hinge rather than arching the lower back .

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  24. I was born with cerebral palsy and my hamstrings are tight as a fish's ass (and that's water sealed) 🤣 and a weak lower back, and have been trying to practice hip hinging lately as a personal trainer at my gym come over and very rudely informed me I'd fuck my back doing stiff legged deadlifts or Romanian deadlifts like that, I was crushed…I'd been doing them for 4 years wrong 🥺 (never once injured myself either) but my disability doesn't help at all. Gonna keep practicing Jeff, love the work and information you provide us with, keep it up 👍🏻💪

  25. I had and major difficulty with the hinge. It was due toweak mediul hip rotators. My problem is a common problem. Too bad he disn't mention it,he left out a major impdiment to the hinge,weak mediul hip rotators

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  27. my god this was an amazing breakdown. i'm always SO confused about how to really get that hinge. i always used my knees. thank you! thank you! thank you!

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