Corline Biomedical at Pareto Securities’ Health Care Conference 2019

this is Pavas Mehra we are here today at
Pareto securities’ 10th annual Health Care Conference in Stockholm with me I have
Henry Nittmar CEO of Corline which is a biotech company listed on Stockholm First North could you please tell us a bit about more about the products that
you’re working with of course so Corline is engaged in improving the
outcome of solid organ transplantations and we’re using a proprietary technology
and heparin based technology that has evolved out of our development pipeline So one is the transplant division and the other one is? that’s right yes right so in addition to
that we maintain our capability of providing coding services to the medical
device industry so we have a project in then and five to ten customers that we
are developing this coating technology together with and out of an investor
perspective looking forward are there any specific news flows or triggers that
we should be on the lookout for yes our premier project in kidney
transplantation is in phase one and we are currently recruiting patients for
that for that project and the plan is to report that project end of this year so
that is definitely a trigger and then we have an expansion project within solid
organ transplantation for lung transplantation so preclinical data will
be presented in six months time as well we’re working together with a Canadian
partner there so those are the main topics and maybe in addition to that we
are planning our phase 2 studies studies in in the kidney transplantation area
and the the pre-IND meeting we have requested for Q-four this
the coming six months here it is also very crucial to understand the plan forward
so I think there’s three items to look for That sounds very exciting
and I’m looking forward to following Corline ahead thank you thank you

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