Coutinho: “The Future (of Women’s Heart Health) Is Now”

There was a White Paper published in one
of cardiovascular’s premier journals: Circulation. This white paper
highlighted the historical perspectives regarding cardiovascular disease
awareness among women, and among providers as well as the historical perspectives of
cardiovascular research in women: where we were then and where we are today. In this context, the author’s delineated some future goals for programs that take
care of women. They call them Heart Centres for Women. These goals
centred upon four pillars: clinical care, research, education and health literacy,
and community partnerships. When we saw this paper published we were very happy
to see it. Not only because it will help set new standards to improve the
cardiovascular care that is provided to women, but also as we read the paper and
reflected upon it, we realized that our program here at the University of Ottawa
Heart Institute’s Canadian Women’s Heart Health Centre is already approaching all
of those pillars that were felt to be important for the future. So for us here
the Canadian Women’s Heart Health Centre the future is now!

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