CZECHIA vs SLOVAKIA – Czech Strength Wars #7

Puni and Honza Krasinský… The first Czechoslovakian war. I can´t wait… Today we have a brutal war between Czechs and
Slovaks. With a brutal disciplines, brutal weights,
brutal reps The first of its kind… I´m Norbert Majoroš, 30 from Slovakia
and I´m a powerlifter. I am Juro Grigel, 24 years old I´m from Slovakia and I am a bodybuilder. When I´ve seen the call I decided
to accept it. So I asked Norbert to join me ´cause
he is the best in deadlifts. So the best will challenge the best. Puni is a record holder and I wanted to challenge
the best. Thats why I´m here… I am Puni man, 26 and I am a strongman.
And I think you all know me… I´m Honza Krasinský, physique competitor,
25 years old. And you will know me… Here we made a call for a Strength wars and
guys from Slovakia accepted. So it will be an interesting battle… The first
Czechoslovakian battle. I can´t wait. And ´cause we are an fair guys we will pay their
travel expenses because they came to lose. The first is deadlift. 250×15 reps. I think I will do fine even we have slight
different conditions… So I´m quite curious. But I will definitely
try to finish it as fast as possible. The next will be bench press – 160kgx15 reps. I will smash it and then we will continue… After all that we will have a brand new
discipline… Sand bag carry – 80kgs for 15m. It is not that heavy so I think it won´t be
a problem. The last one is trap bar carry – 240kgs for 30m.
We own it… Today we have Puni with Honza Krasinský
together. Guys challenged each other in the first deadlift madness. But here we have Juro too.
He is a pressing beast so he will challenge Honza. Like Puni will challenge Noro in deadlifts. So it will be a brutal war with a great
strongman finisher. So let´s see… I don´t want to wait any longer…
Let´s bring it. The first Czechoslovakian battle. The great event. But we came to prove we can do it. And we are ready. Honza..I will teach you how to bench press
today… Guys..I hope you are prepared. But we don´t care… is not a training today…
Here doesn´t matter what you lift in your training. Welcome to the first international wars.
Today with Czechs against Slovaks. Here is Noro and Juro. And here we have Puni and Honza. Ok, so guys… I think that you didn´t come such a long way
to lose this… Right? Man…have you finished your lollipops? How about you Puni? Ready? Gentlemen are ready.. How about you guys? Do you
want to see it? Let´s bring it… 5…4…3…2…1…GO! 15. Noro is done! 2 disciplines are done… Keep your advantage! Puni come on! Never surrender… Come on! Guys are getting closer… You will make it to the finish line… Here we have the winners! Epic! Unbelievable… Great job guys! Congrats! Here we have the winners. But there it seems
like Honza wants to finish his session. Here the medals. Who first guys? Great performance. Noro, great deadlifts… And let´s support my friend here… Lift it! Honza is done… Let´s finish it. So what to say…? I´m almost afraid of saying
anything… If there is somebody, who will dare… We will be glad to have you here… Slovaks showed us that they are beasts. It was such a brutal battle… Czech guys were fucked today… So Czechs…Come on! Bring them
the payback! Ok, so sign up! We want to see them cry. BYE! You´ve seen it yourselves. Pure hell… With such a content, quality, sportsmen… Who else makes such a great show? It was brutal! I don´t know what more to say.
Congrats to the guys… It was brutal but we made it. We came, we won. 15x160kgs…

19 Replies to “CZECHIA vs SLOVAKIA – Czech Strength Wars #7”

  1. Super boj ale mela by se sjednotit technika protoze u sk to sumo a ten hrudnik na banchprasu zjednoduseni

  2. silne reci a skoncili na plnej čiare, ziadna pokora. slovaci parada, hneď bolo jasne kto ma ma vrch

  3. Som Slovak a som rad ze chalani vyhrali ale myslim ze Krasinsky neni namysleny blb ako tu pišu proste im tie discipiny nesadli neboli pripraveny vsetci štyria su borci kazdy z nich je iny a toto zapasovalo bezkonkurencne chalanom zo slovenska všetkym štyrom prajem dalsie dobre vykony a chvalim super napad natocit taketo video

  4. Jak tam nasázel 250 na MT bez pauzy 15x!!!!??? Je tohle vůbec možný? Je to vůbec člověk? To by nedal snad ani Tkadlčík. Tyvole to musí mít maximálku tak 380 ne??

  5. Klobúk dole pred každým z tej štvorice, 250 kg to by veľa z nás ani len omylom neodlepila od zeme nie to ešte 15X…… Ale tiež sa krásne potvrdilo nevrav hop kým neprekročíš…… Suverejne sa vysmievali a odišli s dlhým nosom… Ale tak nabudúce… A to som veril v Honzovu králiči krev ale asi ostanem pri slovenských haluškách tie nemajú taký marketing no výsledky hovoria samé za seba 😂🤣

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