Dale Mitchell, MD, Obstetrics and Gynecology

[begin music]>>Dale Mitchell, MD: My name is Dale Mitchell
and I’m a general obstetrician and gynecologist. I’ve been in practice for approximately
thirty years. My office is located in the UTC area, at 9333 Genesee avenue, and I deliver my inpatient care at Scripps Memoria Hospital La Jolla. I became an obstetrician and gynecologist
because I like the diversity of the practice. I like having long term patient care, I like
the aspects of primary care. I did like to do surgery but I also still
really love delivering babies. I like the broad spectrum of things we do
in obstetrics and gynecology. I think high risk obstetrics is probably my
passion still, but I also enjoy minimally invasive surgery. We choose Scripps La Jolla for several reasons
but I think the primary reason would be our nursing care. We have, in my experience the best nursing
team I’ve ever worked with. One that’s very focused on outcome and quality,
also the patient experience, and one that is very collaborative working with physicians. In addition to that I think Scripps as a system
is very proactive when it comes to women’s healthcare. I think this is a system that really values
women’s care and puts it as a primary focus of our organization. I think what I’d like patients to know about
me is that I’m both a husband and a father, so I think that changes the perspective of
a practitioner. I think you want your patients to receive
that same care that your family would receive and I think having that dual role and balance
in my life leads to being a better physician. I think in order to provide great care we
need to develop a mutual trust and respect for one another. I think that’s the key and it takes time
to build that bond, but I think that’s a focus that I have as a physician. I have a passion about leadership for the
organization as well, and hopefully bringing us to improve our quality in the way we deliver care. I’ve been chairman of the department of
obstetrics and gynecology at Scripps Clinic for four years now. I really enjoy that role. My goals are to improve the quality of care
we deliver. I think that being an obstetrician is kind
of a unique role. I think that we feel very fortunate to have
women trust us with their care. And I think that includes the family. As we have relationships with our patients
in obstetrics, it’s really a pleasure to get to know the whole family; the fathers
of the baby, the children, and to take women through multiple pregnancies in the course
of their lifetime. [end music]

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