Dance Moms: Kalani and Brynn Are PUSHED to Their LIMITS (Season 7 Flashback) | Lifetime

[music playing] LAURIEANN GIBSON:
Kalani, you’re savage. It’s an apocalyptic city. Everyone is trying to
come for what you have. And you must go
into savage mode. Savage mode is, we will dance
from our gut and go harder. When they sleep, we stay awake. Here we go. And 7 and 8 and 1, 2. [suspenseful music] And 8 and cat. Kalani’s getting a
super athletic solo. And the only way I’m going to
be able to help her and pull her into the next level
of greatness is for her to go into savage mode. And that’s what
this industry is. It can be very negative,
very fierce, very dark. And you have to fight
for your domain. Hah, hah. Da-sig-a, zag-atta-da,
zag-atta-da. Ponche. Hold it. Hah! Yes. KIRA: I think that we’ve all
stated that we love having Laurieann here for
the fact that the kids are not dancing the same way. No robot in there. Kalani’s just not going
out to be a “pretty face.” She has to be a savage. LAURIEANN GIBSON:
That is some work. Lock all that in your brain. My solo is the most
exhausting solo I’ve ever done in my entire life. I feel like I’m
going to pass out. I’ve never done a dance like
this, nothing to this level or this extent, which is good,
considering that we’re going to have to do this
one day if we want to be professional dancers. LAURIEANN GIBSON:
Get some water. Let’s just let that sit on you. OK? Right. Now, Brynn, come on. Let’s start. “The Trip,” jazz– you are
going to unleash the ‘Brynn.’ We want to feel
really, teh, like we’re on a trip, something transient. Right? Psychedelic. [music playing] Shake it off. We’re in the trip. So more bend, both legs,
just a little bit funkier. Snap it. Yes, big girl! Brynn is an incredible
dancer, technically, and we’ve seen this. But we haven’t seen
this personality. We haven’t seen this
performer break through. It’s time for Brynn to bring
that bubbly personality, that confidence, to the foreground. (SINGING) Girl. The choreography
is very different. ASHLEE: It is actually
freaking amazing. No ponche, no front aerial. Like, halle-freaking-lujah. Like, it took way too long. She’s, like, sporty. And she’s not this frail little
princess ballerina that Abby has portrayed her to be. So I think she’s so excited
to break out of that. It’s no secret that
Kalani has been Abby’s favorite from the
minute she laid eyes on her. Kalani isn’t always going to
be the favorite, especially if Abby isn’t around. Just because Kalani was
Abby’s favorite doesn’t mean she’s going to be Laurieann’s. This is Brynn’s chance to
steal some of the spotlight. LAURIEANN GIBSON: I don’t
think that it could have just been any jazz routine that
would have broke her out and aligned her with
what she could do. And there was a
stamina issue there. Right? ASHLEE: She was
tired at the end. LAURIEANN GIBSON: Yeah. So how do you feel Kalani did? You could definitely tell
that by the end of it– LAURIEANN GIBSON:
She was tired– ASHLEE: –she was tired.
stamina is a huge problem, so we’re going to fix it.

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