Dark Souls 3 : Overpowered “Strength” Early (Zweihander)

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  1. "Bizz – when you heard that Kage would not be making it [to Apex], what did you think?"

    "A fraud! A BIG FRAUD!"

  2. Thank you for yet another helpful guide. I'm going on a one-month YouTube purge, so I'll be back to watching in a month.

  3. I hate the fact ds3 doesn't have the design to be able to skip large segments of the game at the start.
    I would always go get the great sycthe, acquire some titanite shards, and large titanite shards, speed run through new londo ruins, farm the dark wraiths, and then rush through game in like 2 hours, killing all the bosses

  4. Good vid, but the music made me want to kill my self. HOLY SHIT WHAT IS THAT FUCKING ANNOYING TUNE. dun da da da da da ding ding ding ding ding da dun da da da daa daa dudun da da da da daaa

  5. Since they rebuffed infusions, a Heavy Flamberge is also surprisingly beefy at low levels now, though it's not quite as OP as the Drakeblood Greatsword was a few weeks back when they accidentally made Raw better than Refined.

  6. Hey bro I really like your videos. Can you make a video for Dark souls 3 noobs for good builds ? I like the pyromancer and I have the onyx blade now with 20/20 faith and int. What should I max now and what for items should I get?

  7. A better early strength weapon is heavy infused millwood battle axe, I get like 375 ar with it alone at 40 strength, and with human pine it is a monster. I roll at level 35 with it

  8. ahhmm, ymfah??? can u response to this?
    im new to d souls universe, iv already beat d souls 1 couple of times and im now heading to d souls 3…. (yeah i skipped 2 😛 )
    i dont think im a good at all about buids and fixing weapons etc, so can u give me some advices before starting my 1rst run? i will do knight, strengh build for 1rst time, so i guess i need to focus on vigor, endurace and strengh or dex?/ right?? 😀

  9. Wrong! Start as Warrior. Get great club have 40 str 27 vig and 20 edu. should be lvl 30 you can also go get quakestone hammer. rekt ppl.

  10. The legend never dies.

  11. funny how you have to one hand the zweihander in order to thrust with it, when in ds2 twohanding enabled a powerful thrust

  12. Instead of exiting the game every time you could just fast travel to the Shrine from the Shrine.
    It’s possible.

  13. After you kill the intro boss, go find the dragon that spits fire on the bridge and kills skeletons. Do that over and over for several hours, collecting enough souls over and over until you are level 99. You are overpowered.

  14. Just create the Frosty Hammer and smash them all. https://youtu.be/NT4DmFx1vfg

    Great Axe (only 22 strength at 2 handed, ultra early on High Wall of Lothric), Exile Greatsword and Greatsword are also early, fun and powerful.

  15. OMG jesus, i just finished upgrading my twinblades! welp, i still have one tittnite slab to use, better make it worth it with the zwaghammer…

  16. Get the Pontiff curved sword early. If you follow the Geirat questline you can get it after the curse rotted greatwood if you send him pillaging before.

  17. Should see me in dark souls 2 two long swords in each hand each plus 5 with fire and lightning aaaaaah those were the good days and for the cherry on top vangarls armour

  18. Only OG’s understand the pure terror of this weapon with chaos infusion
    cough infinite stunlock for any pve cough

  19. ………………………………[

  20. … I love you. I don't know who you are, but I love you.
    Just on principle for that intro.
    I love the horribly slow death by a terribly inefficient weapon

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