Dark Souls Quick Reference – Toxin Stamina Regen

Dark Souls Quick Reference.
Helpful tips and tricks in bite-sized pieces. While Toxin alone is quite threatening, it
has another potent effect. Players suffering from toxin have decreased
stamina regeneration. This effect can make encounters much easier
as affected enemies are less able to guard, dodge, and attack.
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9 Replies to “Dark Souls Quick Reference – Toxin Stamina Regen”

  1. Does poison also effect stamina regen or only toxic, and if so do they stack?
    Definitely one of the little known but lethal tricks in dark souls, great tip.

  2. Nice video dude! I just wanted to let you know that you said that the effect makes encounters easier instead of harder.

  3. Different sources of toxic (and poison) make you suffer different amounts of health degen. I wonder if the stamina effect varies as well.

  4. Something I noticed with the large sludge creatures in New Londo is that when they hit you with the sludge from their mouths, your Estus gives you less health. Might be useful for invasions in that area.

  5. Oh wow talk about rich with content that's downright clever. Thanks for the clarification, the smaller visual differences in regen seem lost on those of us without capture software.

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