Dauntless Tips, Tricks and New Player Advice

What’s Good, It’s Fevir. As expected there are a ton of new players
running around in Dauntless and as someone who has clocked in an amount of hours in the
game -that I don’t even want to know.. I figured I’d rustle up some tips for people
maybe trying to get their bearings, struggling.. or just like learning stuff. These tips won’t make you an expert out the
gate – as these types of games really require you learn the encounters and let muscle memory
take over.. but I do hope you get something here and am going to try my best to avoid
the non-tips of like.. you kill a behemoth by reducing it’s health to zero.. stuff. We’ll start with quite possibly the most basic
tip. Roll into attacks to more easily avoid them. In Dauntless your roll or dash is loaded up
with an iframe or invulnerability frame.. where when you time it correctly, you’ll avoid
the damage of an attack. The thing is though that our normal reaction
is to try to dodge away. This can still work.. however you can use
the movement of the attack or behemoth to give you a more forgiving timing. As if you and whatever attack are moving against
each other.. you’ll create much more space before the iframe ends than rolling away and
make the timing much, more forgiving. Aside from the obvious learning curve stuff..
where those deaths are out of your control anyways.. the downsides to dying is a few
second channel from a teammate and a slight increase to your danger meter BUT.. the upside
is a morbid type of heal. Look at the Danger Meter as another resource
to be utilized and if you only have 5% health left.. it’s not worth using 3 potions to get
back in fighting shape.. I’m not saying to die on purpose – and if
your group is already struggling and the Danger Meter is going to pose a problem.. well then
don’t strain that resource.. but aside from some slight embarrassment you can really get
a lot of healing out it.. especially if someone gears into medic. Whether this is bug or feature .. is anyones
guess but it goes with our last tip. You only NEED one person to channel a revive
on a teammate.. but if two people do it and channel it to completion – both revives will
reduce the Danger Meter.. 3 people.. reduce it even further. This also works for Aether Vents.. on that
last pull of sweet, sweet healing.. the whole party could channel and get a boost of healing. This is just an item but it’s also probably
the best tip in this video. This item is bananas. The next 3 hits you take deal 45% reduced
damage.. with no duration.. you can carry 3. So up to 9 hits in a fight will deal about
half damage. Now when you’re a seasoned player you probably
don’t even get hit 9 times in a fight and when you’re a new player.. you really need
to stretch your life bar out and this mitigation is very welcome. Because of this you want to keep an eye out
for Ironthistle – these white flowers are generally found in snow environments and are
worth their weight in… notes? Notes.. is the low key currency used in Dauntless. I feel as if it’s going to have a bigger role
in the future – but currently is used for extracting cells from gear and a bit of crafting. I’ve never run into a problem with them but
this may be good to know for the future that through the inventory window – you can select
particular items.. basically any item.. and salvage it for notes. All those old, extra, Shrike Parts you got
while going for a beak.. easy money. So you’re fighting a behemoth .. and each
time you attack – numbers of different color fly up. For our purposes- we care only about the yellow
number now. This is slashing.. or part damage. What it tells you is your are dealing damage
to a PART on a behemoth that can be broken.. say a leg. If you deal enough yellow damage to it.. it
breaks – it also gets some graphical indicators that it’s been roughed up, you get a chance
at some loot.. and continued PART damage to that leg will no
longer be yellow. This guides the savy slayer.. as a behemoth
can be killed before each part is broke.. so you want to try to only attack sections
of the behemoth that will result in PART damage, and therefore more loot. Quick addition to playing around parts.. now
in the early sections of the game.. there really isn’t a worry about what parts or if
the parts will break.. but later on – making sure you cut the tail.. making sure you get
the beak.. trying to only kill them during an aether rage.. can be important.. and all
it takes usually to get everyone on the same page as you.. especially if they haven’t clicked in to playing
around optimizing part breaks is a .. hey guys, let’s focus the tail first, in chat. But what about this blue number I’m seeing
– the light blue number is stagger.. or blunt damage.. and is just as important. As continued dealing of this type of damage
to a behemoths head – will knock them out for a few seconds.. sending them to a staggered
state on the ground where your team can descend on them un-interrupted. You’ll know you’re almost about to stagger
a behemoth by a visual queue above their head. More iconic to Dauntless however is the infamous
– boop the snoot gameplay .. or rather interrupting a behemoth during a moment that it is unstable. This can be when a Shrike swoops in at you..
it can be when a Skarn stands up on it’s hind legs.. or an Embermane Charges. Now.. while I’m lumping this in with blue
damage.. this isn’t an exact science. Very often – the slower, heavier weapons and
attacks that deal stagger damage are also the ones that if timed well can interrupt
a behemoth.. but it’s not always the case.. a lot of it comes down to trial and error..
and timing. Most behemoths can be booped at some point
and also require you putting yourself in harms way to attempt it.. it’s a fun risk vs reward
minigame.. like a version of playing chicken. Well then what about my red damage.. red damage
is piercing.. or wound damage. This is a type of damage that after enough
of it is dealt to a specific part.. applies a wound debuff.. that part will start oozing
Aether to show it’s been applied.. and anyone who attacks that part will deal bonus damage. So these three types of damage.. Part, Stagger and Wound Damage.. are important
to recognize. Now a lot of times they are tied to a weapon..
a War Pike dealsmainly piercing wound damage.. and a hammer mainly deals stagger blunt damage..
but you’ll see, especially with skills and cells, that you’ll be able to deal damage
types outside of weapon types. The important thing I feel.. is to just..
play to your damage type. If you’re dealing wound damage.. your job
I guess, is to debuff as many parts as possible.. that haven’t been broken. So hella focus on a part until it’s debuffed..
then move to the next.. if you deal stagger damage.. you should be on that head.. knock
them out as much as possible.. if you are dealing straight part damage.. cut off those
parts.. cut off that tail as that dude ying the hammer cannot cut it off. Explaining this
in great detail could be it’s own video – but a behemoth, technically, as a health bar that’s
hidden. You’ll notice this green, turqoise damage
number pop up. This is your raw or normal damage.. so when
you swing with a hammer you see the blue stagger damage AND the turqoise damage. Only the normal damage is applied to the behemoths
health. Stagger.. and wound.. are in effect, status
ailments. They always come WITH normal damage. This is important to know because there are
so many ways to increase damage types.. and yes, the number gets higher.. but you’re not
dealing any additional damage directly.. obviously.. debuffing faster or causing more knock outs
is going to help in the long run… Part damage.. yellow damage.. is slightly
different.. but the same. When you deal this damage you will not see
the turqoise number – it’s still there.. but because it would usually be the exact same
number.. it’s hidden. However.. same rule applies.. if you equipped
a bunch of things that increases part damage.. you’re going to see a higher damage number..
then what you’re actually doing to the behemoth. Certain abilities or moves are tied to parts
on a behemoth.. the most apparent way to see the changes.. are the tail however others
exist. Because in most cases.. if you cut the tail
off.. some of the tail focused abilities stop showing
up. Panger stops flicking ice projectiles.. Gnasher stops his tail smash.. however – this
usualyl comes with them now using new abilities. The Drask without his tail has this leap attack..
the Quillshot gets a hind kick. Sometimes breaking a specific part can make
the fight easier.. or harder depending on the attack and your comfort level with it..
so especially in solo hunts.. you can prioritize or ignore parts to make things easier for
you. Interacting with behemoths is always fun..
but so is watching people get wrecked. So I’m going to leave you with a partial tip
here.. there are quite a few projectiles that exists that can be hit back towards the behemoth
that through them for some unknown amount of damage. Consider this some sort of parity with faster
weapons.. it’s much easier or possible to interrupt behemoths with slow weapons.. but
much, much easier and safer to send a projectile back with a fast weapon. When your weapon is sheathed.. you don’t spend
stamina to run. There are certain times in fights where you
know you’re going to need to dodge.. or run away.. and you cannot realistically attack. So sheath up. Make it easier for yourself.. save some stamina. This one is pretty straight forward – but
is a change from last few testing phases. All the gatherables on the islands or parts
you break off and loot.. only are committed to your inventory on a successful hunt. So no more joining a hunt, gathering and then
leaving. Scattered around all the islands.. you’ll
see these floating.. whitish.. blueish.. wisps. These are Aether Wisps and can provide a boost
of energy. The final tip.. really.. is you can disregard
90% of this stuff. These types of games.. they can be fun to
optimize they can be fun to play well.. but it’s not needed. As long as the behemoth goes down.. as long
as you had fun.. you’re golden and you can make most thing works. You don’t need to spend time getting the timings
right to interrupt every behemoth with everyone weapon.. you don’t need to force your friends
for the perfect group make-up and shot call parts to attack. You could.. some do. You don’t need to and will have just as rich
an experience. That’s going to do it for me though.. until
next time, this is Fevir, peace.

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