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  1. hi.
    very good n effective moves.
    do you do any other chest workout or these knee down pushups are enough to shape chest?

  2. Thank you, Tim! ☼ Very well-rounded practice. Perfect for just waking up. I enjoyed opening the ribs first thing this morning, and letting a little light into the tight areas! ☼ Namaste.

  3. thank you for a great class. 20 minutes was all i needed especially sine I've gotten very little sleep over the past few days. i feel it working in my mood and attitude. Things that use to bother me or get a rise out of me roll off my back now for the most part. Thank you. Namaste!

  4. I think I repeated day 18 by accident so I had to make day 19 up. Another amazing workout. I just adore you for making these. Thanks a bunch.

  5. Finally back! Had to stop at day 18 cause I was away from home for a few days and the pace I stayed at was so small I couldn't lay myself down on the floor (Paris!!). But I'm back on the track and saved day 18 for after day 19 as I'm doing both videos tonight. Thanks Tim. I'm going back to number 18 now.

  6. Hi Tim, Thanks for the practice. Question: is there any significance to rolling onto you right side when getting up at the end or laying down as well?

  7. Hi Tim. Really loving the challenge however I struggled with the variation of marichyasana and happy baby. I could not get enough 'fold' for getting anywhere near marichyasana and with happy baby the back of my head won't touch the floor – need to support with a block. Any thoughts or tips? Thanks

  8. Before I did this video thought it may not be enough for today. OMG those push ups! And moving from a dog straight to side plank! Well I had to rest in childs pose more than thought I'd need to. This a rigorous video! That's a good thing.

  9. Well rounded and great feeling short class, and I'm really appreciating you taking the time to include savasana (with the breathing technique) at the end.. makes a difference indeed! 🙂

  10. Hi Tim, when you do the bind, do you have a flat back or rounded? Thanks again for spending the morning with me and teaching me so much!

  11. Some of these were harder than others. Some even harder than I would have imagined. But thanks for this one, especially since I do struggle with hips and opening up in some of the poses.

  12. thanks fitted this today perfectly. Will you ever be creating a full 1 hour complete unbroken video after this series?

  13. I love it when you leave the time at the end of the video for corpse pose -thank you. Sometimes I end my practice with an uncomfortable tension in my lower back-as on this occasion. What can I do to relieve this?

  14. This one felt really good this morning! I have always thought I'd never do a bind. I was almost there this morning! WooHoo, I just may be able to get there. Thanks Tim for "sticking" with me every morning. I am very thankful for you and what you give to my day!

  15. Hi Tim. Lovely practice. I'm confused about the bind; not only can I not bend by arm around my leg that way, it seems to me as if one would have to be double-jointed to do so. Am I misinterpreting something? Thanks, and namaste.

  16. This is also really good at the end of my work day and before I go to bed. Sitting at a desk all day does tend to stiffen one up. Thank you.

  17. Thank you so much! this session, actually all of your practices, calm me for the day. I work at a reception in a hotel, I think without those practices I couldn't keep up with all the people and their (most of the time stupid) problems^^.

  18. You should be very blessed! You've been helping me a lot and like me there is other!

    Hug from Brazil!

    Namaste 🙏🏼

  19. Thank you Tim, I have been practicing to your videos already for 3 months. I have a spine scoliosis which manifests in the curve of my spine so that the belly bulges out. Could you maybe suggest any yoga asanas for this type of problem? Thank you.

  20. 41 miles backpacking with 37 pound pack in 4 days! Using the fundamentals you're teaching before and after hikes made the trip and the and the recovery so much more enjoyable.

  21. Did this in the morning and it felt super good! Been doing the 30 day challenge and it's been helping me in so many ways. Sending love from Brazil o/ Thanks, Tim!

  22. fantastic to do after a 10 hour flight. unfortunately a bit slippery doing in a hotel room on a towel

  23. Thank you Tim . I discovered you a month ago and I think you are an amazing teacher . It's a shame I live on the other side of the ocean:))

  24. After a long day of landscaping, this was great! With all the walking and lifting I do at work, my sciatica was killing me, your videos have helped so much! Thank you!

  25. Ok practice. Not what I typically expect from Time (which is a lot more) and the actual practice (outside of shivasina) was 15 minutes – which was less than I was hoping for. Not terrible, just meh. And I typically love Tim.

  26. So grateful for your instruction as I try to expand mindfulness into every moment and every movement, every day

  27. I can feel my flexibility improve! In today's practice as I went to forward fold I touched my knees with my forehead! My knees aren't quite straight yet but my hips are so much more loose than when I started the 30 challenge.

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