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  1. @ 5:44 I get better results when i don't rest my upper body weight on my fingers but just let my fingertips hover a millimeter above the ground. is that how you're supposed to do it?

  2. This is a fabulous series. I've been practicing right along on this wonderful self discovery and personal growth journey. Looking forward to continued life long vigor. Thank you Thank you

  3. Wonderful practice.I have been practicing with you all this month, and I feel changes in my body, much more flexible. Thank you

  4. Thank you so much for this challenge..daily practice is amazing and I hope that I can continue it after this month. You saved my January which is cold and dark here :)) days do go faster towards spring with this challenge! Will definitely donate too. These lessons are so valuable to me. First time I really put my mind into some postures and build strength before trying work beyond my skills.. Namaste.

  5. Thank you for today's practice, Tim! ☼ This whole month has been great. The focus on the foundations is for sure helping me to open in the standing poses. I am enjoying the warm up video + the sequence; neat idea! Definitely looking forward to delving into a few advanced postures tomorrow. Thank you for helping me to start my day out with strength, flexibility, and mindfulness! ☼ Namaste.

  6. Still going strong, love it! am trying to figure out what to do once it has finished, maybe some of these with some of your older videos. Thanks Tim.

  7. Tim, I really appreciate the time you dedicate to these lessons. I feel better and stronger and cannot wait everyday to your lessons. Althoug I am not able to do chaturanga properly, still. but I am patient and keep on practicing. lessons are more tricky but each step is pushing us forward. thank you for your comments, your tips. they are really usefull.

  8. Wow can't believe we got 7 days left in the 30 day challenge. I've forced myself to do every day and I am glad about it. can't wait to go back to our other video series like Total Body Toning to see what changes have occurred. Also what's next after the 30 day challenge?

  9. Great video, I know I should not feel like that but I was so relieved that it didn't include any twisted pose! The half happy baby is intense hip opening but it felt really could at the end of the practice. Thanks!

  10. Breakthrough recently. 🙂 something feels like it's clicked. Went to try a headstand yesterday and floated up into it. I'm feeling so much more open and strong than I have since I was a kid!Thank you Tim!

  11. Great practice once again 🙂 . This in combo with the warm was a perfect follow up to today's run and I will be repeating this opening sequence frequently I suspect. Thanks again for the excellent instruction.

  12. Fantastic detail yet again Tim, thank you. I work as an advanced prac physio in primary care here in Wales, I've highly recommended your website and your you tube subscription to many of the folk I see and advise on a daily basis. Safe, hugely beneficial and a wholly enjoyable experience! 🙏 diolch.

  13. Fantastic! It's great the way you explain the reasons and goals on the poses we do, instead just jumping from asana to asana.. makes practice more deeper and motivates one to do daily practice.
    Yay for that 🙂
    Thanks Tim!

  14. The warm up you gave before was a really good setup for this practice! I'll stick with your advice and do that every day before each new challange! Spreading the word about your channel here in Brazil! Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us!

  15. I love all your videos Tim. This has become a daily practice for me…I hope to be able to join you on one of your retreats sometime in the future. Thank you so much and keep up the great videos.

  16. thanks Tim. It just goes to prove to me how much Yoga can help you. I was so sore in my neck and shoulders from mowing the lawn yesterday and woke up very stiff. After doing the warm up video then this one, my neck and shoulders feel much more relaxed.

  17. Loving this series, even if I wasn't able to do it all without any interruptions (I started late in February anyways).

  18. These videos are helping me so much. At 55, and after several injuries, I was away from taking care of my body for a couple of years. I was wondering if I would ever find a comfortable way of getting back into a fitness routine. I had decided that yoga could be the answer, both physically, and mentally. he workouts are deceptively simple, and I am in awe of the progress I have made. The half moon, for example, the first time I tried it, I tipped right over, the second, I got it, maybe not beutifully, but a start. Amazing. You are a great teacher Tim, thank you for this series.

  19. i agree a fab series as mentioned below. I've been following though I already know a bit of yoga but this series is truly grounding me as I didnt really had a series to follow properly. good work Tim. thank you so much. I highly recommend to someone who would like to start learning OR to someone who has not gone through a proper series but just learnt it.

  20. I still don't get the whole big deal with shavasana – to me it just feels like getting ready for sleep. I do shavasana for 8 hours a day and I don't feel like I need to do it more during yoga practice. Maybe you can convince me otherwise…oh and btw, thanks for your classes!

  21. Ugh! My arms burn! The strength in my arms is definitely my weakness. I think I need to creat a special programm just for my arms^^

  22. this is as usual so brilliant. i wanted to send you a donation, but I cant find the button on your site or facebook…

  23. Oh god! I've just done the workout from day 19 till here. I'm feeling open and amazing. Thank you Tim. Love.

  24. Day 22 and 23 done, thank you, namaste!
    PS: I think my bones are different from normal people, it's very difficult to sit on my heels, almost impossible.

  25. I have been doing this challenge for the last month. Some days I will skip if I don't have time and some days I will do multiple videos. I can really feel a difference in my body in strength, flexibility, and energy! I recommend your videos Yo everyone I talk to. I have not found another instructor online who explains things so well, thank you!

  26. I am somewhat late in the game, but this is the day that I am on currently. I am enjoying the fact that the practices are becoming longer and feeling the results thereafter. Looking forward to the practice for day 24.

  27. I'm loving this program….and I have a bunch of friends hooked up with it, a great way to get them started on a yoga practice. I feel confident referring those new to yoga because you do such a great job of narrating the asanas to ensure proper alignment. No one's gonna get hurt! Thanks, Tim.

  28. I f I can an opinion… please, don't talk a lot during the exercise. Who isn't practice, can be distrcted to hearing you and then, make a wrong.

  29. 15:45 wow i really felt a discomfort in my left knee doing this pose but completely fine in the right knee, strange …

  30. Hi Tim you are simply the best yoga teacher ever – so much helpful detail. You've got my partner really into it but his hamstrings are really tight and we're both 55! Is there any hope for him? We've been practising off and on for a long time and he is frustrated by his progress although you've given him so much already and he's only at day 13. How can he speed up the lengthening of his hamstrings? Also in the corpse pose when you say to keep the nerves calm, what sign are we looking for that they're not? Increased heartbeat? Thanks so much for your fantastic input! Greetings from London

  31. Heyy Tim
    I've been practicing daily as per schedule and tomorrow it will be mine 23rd day.
    I want you to guide me after the completion of 30 day tutorial such that I'd be having a muscular body like you.
    Reply AsAp…

  32. Hi Tim! i am 65 and love your yoga classes! Only doing the yoga 4 days a week – and just wondring if my butt bones and wrist bones will ever stop hurting? Is that just something I will deal with because I am old? Have been doing your yoga since January?

  33. Thanks Tim for all your videos. I'm really enjoying this second 30 day challenge and the combined warm up plus next video. Need to get this 30 day set completed before getting into your 2019 challenge. Feel so much better already with many of the poses thanks to your great tuition.

  34. You're awesome Tim, thanks for all you do. I have been doing this series since the beginning of the year and have done the same day multiple times until i felt i was doing it well before moving on. i still can't seem to step up though!

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