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  1. Hi Tim am Julie from India.
    Am so happy to see you.
    I love the way u teach the yoga now I have started following it's my third day.
    Thanks for helping us sir.
    Keep doing it sir thanks u.

  2. The balance position was complicated for a beginner like me is very frustrating from the day 2 to 3 the the level changed dramatically

  3. At 14:44, you say 'take your left hand outside of your ankle on the block'.
    At 14:52, you say 'put your right hand on your hip'.

    I look up for a quick check at the video to find that it is the other way around (I had the same issue following another video of yours but I brushed it off thinking I misheard). This is confusing as I part-listen/part-watch and use the visual aid to ensure that I am in the same pose as you. Is that a mistake or is it intentional?

  4. If I have trouble with the balancing pose would you recommend repeating this session and get more comfortable and competent before moving on to day 4?

  5. Hey, Tim! I LOVE practicing with you, and am thrilled to continue doing so going forward!

    Keep up your grounded, humble, and truly helpful work. 🙂

  6. Really appreciate the videos and practice. Only thin I noticed today is that maybe a little bit more warm up before getting I to the practice.

  7. I've developed some incredible soreness in my buttocks after those first two days. I'm I supposed to keep exercising anyway? Or wait until the soreness passes away?

  8. Excellente Tim you are such a great teacher and every session I learn more details that help me enjoy a lot doing yoga. Namaste!!!

  9. Hi Tim! I'm Alvaro, thank you for your videos! I was wondering if you could recommend me the measures of the wood bricks you think are the best to work with, like those from your videos. Hoping the best response. Greetings from Chile

  10. I did the newest 30 days series before this one. Then I did a lot of your other Videos and I am now doing this series. I am in no way qualified enough to assess your work. I just want to tell you that I appreciate your improvements over the year. I have a lot of respect for your knowledge and comparing this series to your newest it is just awesome how subtle and natural your teachings have become. Thanks for your work.

  11. The balance segment really kicked my ______! Friendly suggestion to accomodate people new to the routines, avoid placing the students in a position where they turn their back to the camera. During that stage, I constantly had to stand up to see your example then attempt to fix my pose.

  12. Really enjoyed that Tim. Love it when you're struggling with breath. Makes me want to laugh, but I have to keep 'breathing'……

  13. It video started to buffer when you told me to relax that was the most best part it made me laugh when I was almost asleep also bless you

  14. thanks Tim, really appreciate you going to the effort to create a month long regiment. And gifting it to youtube. what a blessing. x

  15. I've recently quit smoking, and this is really helping me get back into shape and start breathing properly again. It's also great to do yoga with a guy for a change – and an approachable one at that! Thanks Tim! Looking forward to the next 27 days! 🙂

  16. Hi Tim, first time commenting on any video ever !! But thanks for not editing out the " little" imperfections and keeping it more natural and less perfect. Got a new fan !! Namaste from india.

  17. Thank u, Tim for these perfect videos. I have a backache since I used to do hard sports like CrossFit, kickbox etc.I started doing yoga with your video series. Even if I just do 3 days I feel that I feel better then the previous day. But I have a question. While I am doing sports if I have a backache I give up to do this position at that time. Should I try to do my best even if there is a pain or try to empower my other muscles which can help to strengthen my body then after a while try to do back exercises? 🙂

  18. It was a challenging video but enjoyed every moment of it. My balance is getting better and I feel very motivated. Thanks for the challenge! God bless you Tim!

  19. I adore you, Tim! Your personality keeps me smiling and sometimes laughing. I appreciate that so much bc it helps to keep things light, and laughing just feels good when working so hard. This workout made me emotional for some reason. I started out laughing and then turned to crying, but I'm not sure why! Maybe I released some endorphins? Thank you for these videos. You make me want to press on and be better. xxx

  20. Gm.Tim I really appreciate and enjoy ur teachings of your yoga .I am practicing n looking at ur channel.I like the shape ur body takes.

  21. hey Tim, I get you need people to like and follow but I suggest a more subtle way…I know many other yoga 30 day challengers that get a lot of likes and subscribing without even asking…and usually if they do, it's once during the 30-day challenge, so far it has been every day. Just some constructive feedback.

  22. Some of the poses were a bit difficult for me and I felt a little bit frustrated because I couldn’t do it properly. I definitely shouldn’t have felt frustrated…Should I just keep working on it or change the menu?

  23. Yay thank you so much Tim. Loving your classes. I appreciate you. Love and Light. Alhemdullah. Namaste

  24. I get a knot in my glutes/ butt side (stretched leg) when I do the move at 11:28, and I have to return to standing to get it out! Any tips to overcome this?

  25. Those who are new to yoga(as me) try these videos at .75x speed will get enough time to make the correct posture.

  26. I just came across an incredible podcast on white yoga- I highly recommend any white person who teaches or practices yoga check it out. As an Indian myself, I think this podcast covers many important topics that need to be brought into our yoga conversations.

  27. The pose at 11:18 is pretty demanding, am I the only one that struggled with it? Plus bonus the sneezing… hehe, great job Tim!

  28. Definitely struggled with the new pose ill continue tomorrow and if I struggle with that ill stay on this one for few days till I can

  29. Great stuff Tim. Loved this one more than the other two…I'm getting more flexible! Standing balance was tough but i managed it with your guidance!

  30. I was a bit tired so balance wasn't so great, I kept on tumbling. but this is still the best yoga full body I have done. Awesome work Mr. Tim, I greatly appreciate your work. I will donate at the end of my 30 days

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