Days Gone – Better Living Through Chemistry Trophy Guide – Upgrading Health, Stamina Or Focus

Hey, what’s up guys? Blakk Vulture here and welcome to my trophy guide for living better through chemistry This is for upgrading your health stamina all focused for the first time You could do this in these white boxes, which are in the narrow checkpoints. I will be showing you Whereabouts I am on the map very soon as well so basically once you’ve once you’ve used one of those it will pop the trophy if it’s for the first time, so as you can see, I’m in the One of the Nero checkpoints here. So what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna show you on the map in a second Now of course this is likely the first Nero checkpoint that you come across in the game when you’re Going round at the beginning So I’m just going to show you on the map here As you can see I’m kind of like in the middle of Where I’ve actually been this is actually the Little Bear Lake Nero checkpoint. So Yeah, that’s that’s the one Alright, so that’s probably the first checkpoint there you’ll come to in the game So you’re probably better off using that but until next time open it up vulture, and I’ll see you all very soon You

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