Dealing with PCOD Problem? Reality vs Myth . | #Pregnancy #Teenager #Women #Health #ABetterLife

In India suffers from PCOD Watch this video till the very end Bursting out myths related to PCOD and the target to this video is 5,000 LIKES These contains synthetic hormones and when we start giving these hormones to our body and your body reduce producing these hormones by itself these medicines leads to deficiency of Vitamin B12 what is it? if our body gets vitamin B12 deficient makes you feel tired always also slows down our body metabolism also it can lead to problems related to Nervous System its remain good till you’re taking these medicines but what about the days when you stop taking these?? I exercise for 3 to 4 hours everyday As exercise help to get rid of PCOD disorders Exercise is so important in PCOD so here I’ve such an exercise regime which saves you from over exercising this also help to reap better results if you exercise for 3 to 4 hours a day means you’re giving more stress to your body and this is not beneficial for our body and if you want to take the right advantage of exercise then its so important to give your body a proper rest and right nutrition so I’ve ideal work out for PCOD and that is in which you strengthen your muscles & bones and toning your body you can include running, skipping etc… also you need to do Yoga as it makes your metabolism better regulate your hormones and the best yoga poses for PCOD if you follow this exercise regime helps to reduce weight in PCOD only veggies PCOD & Carbohydrates?? you too completely avoid carbs from your diet in PCOD this is wrong if you do this then how your body will get energy but its important to choose the Right type of Carbohydrate means you need to consume complex carbohydrates what are these complex carbohydrates?? means such a carbohydrate which takes time to get digest when enters in your body means you feel fulfilled for longer after eating these foods so you can include in your diet like means you need to add wheat bran in bread to make it wholesome I’ve PCOD and I never get pregnant because of it don’t go with all these type of listenings PCOD means Androgen hormone level increases in our body due to this egg doesn’t get releases and don’t get fertilise and the solution to this you need to take medical assistance for this you know 60% of women with PCOD conceives even without medical assistance so don’t worry you can lead a normal life even with PCOD if you take care about all those factors which I’ve shared in this video

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  1. Yes make other videos on pcod it helps alot to us .i am taking Medicines from last two years and i am thinking to stop taking them from past one month but confused about it but now i can stop them by the help of your information . Thanks mam 😍

  2. Plzz make more video on pcod ..i m suffering from pcod since 3 year n i am on medications since 3 year bt it shows no result

  3. Hey everyone
    I'm one of the who used to suffer frm PCOD… N I used to take tablets… U knw wt happened the same thing thats there in the video s u heard it right… I used to feel soo lazy n tired my legs started shivering heavily… I thn stopped consuming tablets n started workout like walking in d mrng n aerobics in d evening

    Guess wt Im totally fyn n my periods r regular… This happened in within 1 month……

    N m jst 20… This may help u guyzz plz follow this video

  4. Please mam irregular periods pe b video bnayen…4 sal ho chuke hain pr main conceive ni kr pa rhi hon

  5. Madam please make another video on pcod my wife is suffering from 1year she is feeling that she cant slove this prb

  6. Being a medical student am aware of all these n all the facts told here are absolutely true n really u guys r doing a great job in raising awareness in people busting the myths

  7. Really informative video I am here after recommendation by anaysa and really touched with this video 🙂

  8. Pls mam make another video which will help us alot. 😊Thank you so much for this video… Hoping for another one…

  9. Wow mam mein ne aaj pehli dafa aap ki video Dekho or mein aap ki fan ban gaye…mery czn ki shaadi ko 7 years ho Gaye magr usko koi bacha na Hua usne proper treatment karwaya phir bhi aik saal tak na hia or woh depression mein chally Gay magr ab uska aik beta hai or mein ne usko ko aap ki video send ki or usne subscribe bhi kiya or mein ne bhi

  10. Please make video on pcod… I dont get regular periods because of this so how i can get rid of this naturally.. Plz

  11. pcod se hota kya h samjh nhi a rha koi mujhe btyega ye series problem h kyuki meri age bus 16 hai or mujhe Yeh jaana hai kya h

  12. Its really helpful….u make things so simple to understand and u give very useful information u really help many people around.. great job bachha…god bless u….keep doing good work…..we are waiting for d next one…. Luv u bhen

  13. My age is 16 and i have larger polycystic ovary.. and my doctor suggested me medicine for 3 months with 7 days gap after every 21 days.. so should i continue it?

  14. Please di tell me how to 12 years old kid face the new problems di much samja main kia kahna chahti hoon

  15. Hlo di tqq so much for such amazing and very useful video for pcod bt di ek video bnao plzzz hairfall ko control krne ka bht hairfall ho rha h mera due to pcod plzz help me

  16. I hve pcos since 5 yr. I tried lots of medicn but of no use.. and my periods r stop naturlly
    Am only 23.. and married and trying to concv. Its my request to u that pls make a video on how to get naturly periods without medicines with pcos.

  17. Plz madam bnaiye pcod k liye ek video meri irregular period h 3 4 month tak period nai aata hai plz help me mam me married hu koi baby v nai hai sadi k 7 saal hogye h plz mam suggests kriye kya kre

  18. Maine bhi teen saal khayi hai, mai bhi behavioral problem se ghujar rahi hu, bohat khiji si rehti hu lardi rehti hu, yoga most important hai, anulom vilom aur kapaalbhati bhi bohat important hai, millets ke aate ki roti khayo na ke gehu ki roti , mai filhaal (ragi or finger millet ko gehu ke aate me mix krke roti bnati hu) sabhi millets ka aata kha skte ho, desi cow ka ghee bhi bohat zaroori hai kyuki accirding to ayurved ye vaat rog hai aur vaat rog me fridge ki cheeje, tala huya, thandi cheeje jaise ice cream , khati cheeje , bina chilke ki daal avoid krna chahiye, pls diet plan pe video bnayo, nityanadam shree aur dr. Shalini ki video se information lelo aur ayuvedic deit plan bnyo

  19. Plzzz mam ek aur video banaye aur jankari dijiye hume thank soo much mam itni sari jankari dene ke liye

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