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  1. I really didn't like this interviewing style, at all. Way too much interrupting! I felt bad for Dr. Ornish, AND, was constantly frustrated by wanting to hear what he was about to say but was cut off. Sorry.

  2. Yes, the interviewer really interrupted the flow of this awesome guest. Took up wayyy to much space and made Dr. Ornish have to rush…

  3. Someone at Google, get a different interview who understands how to communicate without constantly interrupting. I will not watch this guy again….

  4. Please Dr. Ornish, don't beat around the bush. You saved my life, and I want you to help other people like you did me. Below are the actual guidelines for the Ornish Reversal Program.

    The Ornish Reversal Program Nutrition Guidelines
    FAT • 10% of total calories per day
    CHOLESTEROL • 10 milligrams or less per day
    ANIMAL PRODUCTS • None (except non-fat milk products and egg whites)*
    CALORIES • Unrestricted (unless the need for weight management)
    CARBOHYDRATES • Limited, in moderation
    CAFFEINE • Limited: ≤1 c coffee; ≤2 c decaf; ≤ 2 c green tea or black tea
    SODIUM • Moderate sodium (unless otherwise medically indicated)
    LOW FAT FOODS • ≤ 3 servings a day with ≤ 3 gm of approved fats (see list)
    NONFAT DAIRY • ≤ 2 servings a day*
    ALCOHOL• Allowed in small amounts

    I read your book when it first came out Dr. Ornish. My angina pain went away, and I lost 50 pounds. This program works so well, but in order for people to follow it they need to know the guidelines. Yes, people also need to read the book. Finally, for anyone considering this who might say "this is a radical program" I disagree. Having your chest bisected and bypassing your heart arteries with veins from your legs, now THAT is radical. Food is medicine. If you want to avoid bypass surgery, or stents and angioplasty (which many times turn into emergency heart bypass surgery because of surgical complications), then read the book and adhere strictly to the above limits. My personal limits are even more strict. I've been alive 20 years now because of this program, and I never even went to one of the Ornish courses. I just read the book "Dr. Dean Ornish's Program For Reversing Heart Disease" by Dr. Dean Ornish. Finally, if you don't know, assume you have vascular disease of some kind. Most Americans do. Get healthy. This program is the way to go, and it is covered by Medicare now, and many other private insurances too. But again, I just assumed the worst and did it on my own.

  5. I teach stress management for the Ornish Heart Disease reversal program in N. CA.I see people's health transform from this lifestyle change. Dr. Ornish has done and continues to do amazing work bringing yoga based lifestyle, vegetarian and vegan eating, yoga and mediation, exercise and support into the western medical world, all based on research.

  6. Dr. Ornish, Around two years ago I went trough by-pass cardiac surgery at UCLA, Ronald Reagan Medical Center followed by The Ornish Post operative program at UCLA (my Alma Mater). I would very much like to meet you next time you are at UCLA. My Cardiologist is Dr. William Suh who absolutely supports the Ornish Program. Thank you. Gary Marshall


  8. I totally disagree. Dr ormish seems nervous to me and the interview went well. I feel happy and satisfied that it went well and very informative.

  9. Although I greatly appreciate Dr. Ornish and follow a diet fully compliant with his guidelines, I believe that the most important of his four "pillars" is the diet. Dr. Esselstyn reversed heart disease with a similar diet and none of the other three pillars (except maybe connection – but connection was there for the sole purpose of encouraging compliance with the diet). You can see the weakness of Dr. Ornish's message in this interview – this guy from Google interrupts saying in effect "hey, we have meditation rooms" implying that one out of four is done. I'm sure Google also has exercise programs and provides opportunity for "connection." Three out of four! But based on Dr. Esselstyn's results, it's the food. The other things may help but their effects are very much secondary to the food.

  10. It's more than a year since this was published. So does Google provide Ornish-compliant (no refined carbs or sugar, plant-based, less than 10% of calories from fat) options in their snack rooms and vending machines?

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