Dea’s Story: Robot-Assisted Gyn Surgery

(soft instrumental music) – I discovered early on about
my condition that it was severe, and that it was a
very hard and scary condition. My patient experience began
with Rose Medical Center about eight months ago,
and it was through a series of chronic illness and history of cancer, and I found a team of doctors
here, and Dr. Sarah Payne, who was able to do a total hysterectomy, and remove some masses
that were destroying my lower abdomen and pelvis
area, causing a lot of pain. And Dr. Payne immediately
said that it is risky, but she wants to be able to help, be a part of saving my life, and get all of this stuff out of me. The staff was so incredible. Not only was Dr. Payne
one of the most polite and instructive doctors
that I’ve ever had, but all of the nurses were so caring that I didn’t even feel
like I was in a hospital. I felt like I was kind of in a resort because the food was really good, the staff was really caring, and the bedside manner is something that you don’t find anymore,
so it was pretty incredible. When I first heard that Dr. Payne was gonna do the robotic
surgery, I was really worried. I was afraid that a robot
was gonna be involved in touching my organs or
being around my organs. Dr. Sarah Payne explained
how the robotic surgery would work, and she explained that it would be very uninvasive. My incisions are really small, and it’s really nice ’cause I’m still able to be feminine, wear a swimsuit, and it doesn’t look like
I have massive scars. It would be a minimal recovery time, and that I would be back on
my feet within two weeks, and sure enough I was within two weeks back to regular activities, and able to enjoy my
family and my life again. Some of the activities that I’ve been able to get back to doing
is being able to go out with my daughter, go out with my family, take walks, do things that I love to do, and get a little bit more of my art and my work done that I do. So after the surgery, I
was able to be a vendor at the Taste of Colorado
with my artistic designs and my jewelry, and that’s something that I wouldn’t have been able to do if it wasn’t for Dr. Payne
and having this surgery.

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