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(upbeat music) – My name is Dr. Deborah
Wilson, and I’m going to talk to you today about EMSculpt. EMSculpt is a technology that delivers high intensity
focus electromagnetic energy to the muscles of the
abdomen or the buttocks. EMSculpt will increase the
muscle mass by 16 percent, but in the process, at least
on the abdominal treatment, we’re also going to get rid
of 19 percent of the fat. Even for rectus diastasis or
women who have been pregnant and have babies and their rectus muscle is somewhat separated, we can
reduce that by 11 percent. This is one treatment of
EMSculpt on the abdomen is like doing 22,000 sit-ups. Or in one treatment on the buttocks, it’s like doing 22,000
leg lifts or squats. Now it gets rid of the
fat because the muscle is being so hyperstimulated
that it runs out of energy. So it recruits from the fat cells. The fat cells become
overwhelmed, they burst, they spill their long-chain fatty acids and fat is permanently eliminated. The muscle of course needs some
boosters from time to time. It needs some support
because any muscle, even if you’re exercising your
bicep, you can’t exercise your bicep, get a huge bicep
and then forget about it for the rest of your life. That’s not going to work. In this case, we’re treating the abdomen and we’re using one applicator. We actually have two
applicators available. So, say in a larger person or
in somebody who is choosing to treat the buttocks,
to raise the buttocks and give them a rounder appearance, we would use two applicators. So it’s no secret that EMSculpt
is my very favorite machine. It’s non-invasive, it doesn’t hurt, it takes only 30 minutes,
four treatments over two weeks or over a month, and we
get fabulous results. Strong abdomens, well-defined muscles. If the person is working on their buttocks the result is dramatic
almost after one treatment. So, yes, I admit, this
is my favorite machine. (upbeat music) Hello, my name is Dr. Deborah Wilson I’m a gynecologist in Scottsdale Arizona and I’m very excited to
announce a new offering for our EMSculpt machine. Now we have had great
luck with using EMSculpt which is high-intensity
focus electromagnetic energy to supra-maximally contract
the muscles and burn fat in the abdomen, thighs. Supra-maximally contract muscles in the buttocks and not burn fat, and now we are introducing
arm and calf applicators. The applicators for the arms
will treat both the biceps and the triceps. It’s a C-shaped applicator
that you just rest your arm in. It actually cups your arm and supra-maximally contracts
those biceps and triceps. For women who have don’t
have the time to exercise or they are exercising
and just not achieving the arm strength that they want to, EMSculpt will be absolutely wonderful for the biceps, triceps and if you want your legs
to look great in heels then the EMSculpt on the
calves will be for you. – Hi, I am Lisa. I am 57 years old. I am the mother of twins. I chose EMSculpt because I have had two foot surgeries in the last year, leaving
me with long periods of time of inactivity. When you get a little bit older sometimes it’s hard to get back in shape after an injury or illness. I’ve heard about EMSculpt, so I thought it might be right for me. I was waffling between doing my ABS and my buttocks, and which one to do first. I knew I wanted to do both and Dr. Wilson told me I could
do both at each appointment and I was thrilled to hear that. So in one hour, I would be
able to do both my ab treatment and my butt treatment
and have it all done. My first treatment I
laid down on the table and it’s a shock to feel all of your muscles contracting and you’re not doing it. It’s intense. And definitely you feel
your muscles tightening and you feel like you’re
doing some intense crunches but you don’t feel the fatigue
and you don’t feel the pain. How else can you do 20,000 sit-ups and 20,000 squats in one hour? I don’t know. I can’t. (laughing) I’m now at like one month
post-treatment and I’m still seeing continued improvement
in my muscle tone. I was also feeling like
my workouts on my own were more intense because I
felt stronger and it helped me to get back to my routine, and that’s what I was looking for. I was looking really for
something to kickstart me, get me past that initial phase
when your muscles are so lax and it’s very hard to work
out when you’re feeling very out of shape and
it got me into the shape I needed to be in to be
able to do it on my own. I think it is revolutionary. I really do. I’m getting my body back. (upbeat music) – Hello, my name is Dr. Deborah
Wilson, and I’m here to talk to you about SculpSure. SculpSure is a non-invasive method of eliminating subcutaneous fat. We can address many
different areas of the body. Bra line fat, flank fat, abdominal fat, thighs, inner thighs, inner knees, whatever area has fat that’s
annoying to the patient. So these are frames that fit
on various parts of the body. If we’re addressing the
bra line fat, we’d put this double frame here
and here and connect the applicators there. These are the applicators. This actually administers
the 1060 nanometer laser. This plate right here is
actually a cooling plate, and we will lock in this
applicator to the frame and that way it’s held in
place and it will be working on the subcutaneous tissue along with the other three applicators. SculpSure is a 1060 nanometer laser, and through these four applicators the laser is emitted. It bypasses the skin. There’s actually a cooling
action on the skin itself and it bypasses the skin. It is attracted to the fat cells and it breaks up the fat cells. SculpSure is administered
in 25 minutes sessions, three sessions about six weeks apart. That will eliminate 24 percent
of this subcutaneous fat. Like my friend here, it’s going
to make a real difference. She’s going to notice
a 24 percent increase in subcutaneous fat. So a perfect candidate
for SculpSure is someone who’s in pretty good shape, not obese, because if there’s too much fat then we’re talking about liposuction, then we’re talking about tummy
tucks, that sort of thing. There are other modalities
available, but SculpSure is probably the fastest
and easiest to administer. (upbeat music) Hello, I am Dr. Deborah
Wilson, and I’m excited today to talk to you about the EMSELLA chair. This is a groundbreaking
development by BTL Company that actually supramaximally
contracts the web of muscles in the base of the pelvis. And these muscles stop urine,
stop any kind of fecal loss. As we get older these muscles become weak. So often when a woman is
menopausal or even postpartum, or right after having a baby, she cannot stop the urine from escaping. The EMSELLA chair is very, very helpful for that problem and
allows women to get back into their normal activities,
to get back into exercise, to get back into intimacy. The EMSELLA a chair actually emits a high-intensity focused
electromagnetic energy right up through the base of the
pelvis and contracts this web of muscles in
the base of the pelvis. One session of EMSELLA, which
is 28 minutes, is equal to about 11,000 kegel exercises. Just to illustrate here,
this is as much as a woman can do with Kegel exercises. This is what the EMSELLA chair does. It is a six treatment protocol. We recommend two treatments
a week for three weeks, but that can be extended a little bit. And all you do, believe it
or not, is sit in the chair. Just sit in the chair. You don’t have to do anything else. It’s not painful. We can control the intensity
of the contractions. In our experience most women
can tolerate 100 percent so they’re getting all the
energy that they can get and all the contractions
that are available. And often women notice a difference after the first treatment. Certainly after the third,
fourth, fifth, sixth treatment they notice a huge difference. Also, it has just been
FDA approved for treatment of male incontinence. Some men do have a
problem with incontinence and it has other positive
effects for men as well. So if you are a woman who is suffering with incontinence, particularly
stress incontinence, meaning a loss of urine when
you cough, sneeze, laugh, step off a curb, get out of bed, whatever, anything that puts pressure
on the base of the pelvis, you want to look into
trying the EMSELLA chair. It is non-invasive,
completely non-invasive. You don’t even have to
take your clothes off. You can just sit there,
clothed in the chair and let it work for 28 minutes. So, if you’re a woman who is
suffering with incontinence, who’s limiting your lifestyle,
limiting your intimacy, please look into trying the EMSELLA chair. – Hi, I’m Suzy. I’m 48 years old and
I have three children. Since the birth of my son six years ago, my incontinence has gotten worse to the point that I couldn’t sleep through the night, I was always looking for a restroom. Any time I left the house I’d make sure I knew
where the restroom was. At any social event … It just really interfered with life. And so a friend of mine
told me about EMSELLA and I went and visited Dr.
Wilson, had a consultation and decided to try it out
and see if it worked for me. The procedure wasn’t painful at all. It was 28 minutes long. It’s equivalent of doing
11,000 kegel exercises in one sitting, but
again it’s not painful. You just feel your muscles contracting. After the first treatment I
noticed a difference right away. I didn’t feel like I had
to go to the bathroom after the appointment. Usually I was always searching for a restroom right after an appointment. And then the next morning
after the procedure I actually called my friend, my best friend that referred me, and told her that I made
it through the entire night without getting up to go to the bathroom. So that was very exciting. I am so happy that I was
referred to Dr. Wilson. She was professional,
she explained everything and I’m glad I had this done. It was life-changing. (soft music) – Hello, I’m Deborah Wilson. I’m a gynecologist in Scottsdale, Arizona. And I’m very excited to
talk to you about Viveve. Viveve is a cryo-cooled
monopolar radiofrequency device. What does that mean? That means that it tightens tissue. So radio frequency energy tightens tissue and the unique thing
about the Viveve is that it actually cools the
surface tissue and tightens the underlying tissue which is something that’s advantageous when
we’re treating the vagina. So this is the Viveve applicator here. You can see it’s very small. This is the pad here that
cryo cools the surface tissue and heats the underlying tissue. It is useful for women who
experience vaginal laxity. And most patients who have
had a few vaginal deliveries do experience some laxity or looseness. So this tightens up that vaginal entrance and makes sexual
intercourse more comfortable and more stimulating
and also it can tighten the tissue around the
urethra and the bladder. So, almost like a sling procedure
where it lifts the urethra and the bladder so that when
a woman coughs or sneezes she doesn’t lose urine. Oftentimes incontinence,
specifically urinary incontinence, has two different components to it. So, there’s the muscle
component, and we can treat that with the EMSELLA chair. The EMSELLA chair causes
supramaximal contractions of the muscles and
strengthens those muscles. And then the Viveve treats the tissue. So for women who have,
say mixed incontinence where they lose urine
when they have the urge plus they lose urine when
they cough or sneeze, Viveve combined with
EMSELLA is a very good idea. Hello, my name is Dr. Deborah Wilson and I’m going to talk to you today about MonaLisa Touch Vaginal Laser. MonaLisa Touch Vaginal Laser is CO2 laser that delivers tiny little laser beams to the vaginal tissue
and the vulvar tissue creating micro channels and in response the body pulls in new
vascularity, collagen, elastin, moisture all those healthy
substances that make the vagina more elastic, so intercourse
is much more comfortable because of this vaginal treatment. So the treatment, and let me emphasize, the painless treatment
consists of the first part which this is a vaginal probe, you can see it’s relatively small, and the laser bounces
off this angled mirror and fires in a pattern,
in a square pattern of multiple little tiny laser beams that create micro channels and the tissue. So we insert this into the vagina, we fire it so it treats
the entire circumference of the vagina, then we pull
it out, do the same thing, we’re actually treating
the entire surface area of the vagina. When that is complete, we
get out the the other probe. This probe is for the vulva area; the labia minora, labia majora, the periclitoral and periurethral area. So this fires straight on again in a square of tiny little laser beams that create micro channels into the tissue and bring back the collagen, the elastin, the ground substance, the
moisture, the vascularity that makes tissue nice and healthy. So MonaLisa Touch Vaginal
Laser acts on the tissue like estrogen acts on the tissue. So estrogen causes the vaginal tissue to have lots of collagen, lots of elastin, lots of moisture, ground
substance, vascularity and if a woman can’t take
estrogen or doesn’t want to take estrogen, MonaLisa Touch
is a nice option for them. (upbeat music) Hello, my name is Dr. Deborah Wilson. I’m a gynecologist in Scottsdale, Arizona, and I’m very excited to
talk to you about Cliovana. Cliovana is a treatment
that increases arousal and increases sensitivity
in the vaginal area. What we’ve done here is
use sound waves to increase the vascularity and
innovation of the vulvar area. This is four treatments over two weeks and will definitely
increase the vascularity and innovation to that entire area. The treatment is actually
three different steps. The first step is Cupping. And Cupping kind of pulls on the tissue very gently, very mildly,
but brings the blood vessels and brings the vascularity to the surface of the whole clitoral area. The second step is the actual sound wave. And this is the sound wave applicator and it administers the sound wave. Now it looks like maybe
it would be painful, but it’s really not painful at all. It’s very comfortable. It feels like maybe little tingles, maybe little pin pricks,
that sort of thing. And that goes on for
about three minutes or so. This administers the
sound wave and brings in vascularity and innovation
and all that good stuff to the clitoral area. The third step kind of calms things down. We’re still using a little
bit of sound wave therapy but this is calmer, it’s gentler, so it kind
of calms things down. And this goes on, again,
for two or three minutes. So, it’s a three-step process. The whole thing takes about ten minutes. The initial effect will take
place almost immediately. So, if you are a woman who is
in, say, your 50s, 60s, 70s, and you’re finding that you’re
just not as easily aroused, orgasms are hard to achieve, if you’re experiencing
any of these difficulties, Cliovana is a good treatment for you. (upbeat music) Hello, my name is Dr. Deborah Wilson, and I’m here to talk to you
about Hormone Replacement. When a woman becomes menopausal the ovaries stop making
hormones at a certain point. The average age of menopause is about 50 but it is that a slow decline of hormone production starting
really at about 40-45. Women who want to remain sexually active, women who really do suffer
a lot with hot flashes, night sweats, insomnia, mood swings, depression, things like
that, often consider and in order to get them
back to how they felt before they became menopausal. Now there are a number of
options for Hormone Replacement. There are patches, pills,
creams, gels, vaginal rings. Lots and lots of options. But one of the most popular
options in our practice is the estradiol and testosterone pellets. What happens here is that the
pellets are timed-released, so they time-release
over three to six months, generally speaking, and they’re placed under the skin of the hip. We clean the area on the hip. We clean it with Betadine and alcohol. Then we make a tiny incision
after we anesthetize with lidocaine with epinephrine. And then we use a trocar
here to drive the pellets in under the skin. We cover that small incision with two Steri-Strips
and a Tegaderm bandage which stays on for four days. The effect of the pellets
is often almost immediate. Also if a woman wants
to be sexually active the pellets are often
the best answer for her because it takes her back
to levels of estradiol and testosterone similar
to what she was making when she was say 35 or 40. So for a woman whose really suffering with menopausal symptoms, we do often recommend
the pellets, particularly if she’s tried other patches or whatever and has not been satisfied
with the results. (upbeat music) – Hello, I’m Dr. Carrie Roberts. I’m a gynecologist with Dr.
Deborah Wilson and Associates. I’m here to discuss
with you Essure removal. Essure is a permanent contraceptive that was initially approved in 2002 but was removed from sales in 2018. Over this timeframe approximately
750,000 women underwent the procedure and have these
permanent coils in place. The coils are made of titanium,
nickel, stainless steel and PET fibers to cause
an inflammatory response within the fallopian tube. Many women have no side
effects from Essure coils, but some women have severe side effects. Some examples of side
effects include pelvic pain, heavy or irregular bleeding, hair loss, headaches, fatigue, neuropathy,
and the list goes on. The only way to treat these
issues is to remove the coils, I have a few minimally
invasive surgical techniques that I can offer my patients. If you’re interested in Essure removal make a surgical appointment to
discuss the consult with me. (upbeat music) Hello, I’m Dr. Carrie Roberts. I’m a gynecologist with Dr.
Deborah Wilson and Associates. I’m here today to talk with
you about the HPV vaccine. HPV is a common virus transmitted through direct skin-to-skin contact. The HPV vaccine is a three-dose
series over six months that can halt transmission of the virus and prevent life-threatening
cancers later in life, such as cervical, vulvar
or vaginal cancers, mouth or throat cancers. It can also prevent against the highly contagious Genital Warts. Until 2019, the vaccine has
been recommended for males and females ages nine to 26,
however, it is now recommended by many advisory committees up to age 45. Based on these new recommendations, many insurance companies
are now covering the cost. I urge you to discuss this
with your primary care provider or gynecologist to catch yourself
up on the vaccine series. Don’t wait. Help protect yourself
against HPV-related cancers. (upbeat music) – My name is Dr. Deborah Wilson. I’m a gynecologist in Scottsdale, Arizona. I’ve been in practice for 33 years as of July 1st and I can measure that
because that’s how old my youngest kid is. We try to address all ages of women, but what we found is
that, generally speaking, the general
obstetrician/gynecologist concentrate more on the younger women. So, although we do take
care of younger women, we’d like to concentrate and
really serve older women, menopausal women, and often those women are
kind of forgotten out there. When women become menopausal,
everything changes. All of a sudden they’re not
making the same hormones, they don’t have the same sex drive. Whereas their partner who’s
probably around the same age still has a sex drive and all of a sudden they could care less. They experience decreased memory and cognitive ability decreases. The cognitive impairment is
the big part of menopause. Every cell in the brain
has an estrogen receptor. So here they are. They can’t remember things. They’re having a hard
time with fuzzy brain. Their relationship with their
partner is often challenged. They’re having hot flashes, night sweats, not able to get a good night’s sleep, feeling mood swings
and this sort of thing. So, for women this is
a huge “see-change” in who they see themselves as and there are a lot of adjustments that need to be made and we’re here to help
them with those adjustments to the extent that we can. We stay on the cutting
edge of this technology that comes along. We just got Cliovana, which is
increasing women’s ability to become sexually aroused. We just got Viveve, which can reverse some of the laxity that
happens with vaginal deliveries and a large part of our
practice is Hormone Replacement. We’re very interested in
non-invasive treatments for like urinary incontinence,
the EMSELLA chair. We’re interested in some of the aesthetic offerings like EMSculpt. We don’t want women to
feel old, tired and frumpy. We want them to feel strong still and active still and alive still. Experiencing menopause
and the issues that come with menopause and the depression
that comes with it often and inability to sleep and
hot flushes that interrupt your ability to concentrate
on whatever you’re trying to concentrate on, and then having that go away is really great. I love what I do. I’m pretty old and constantly
my patients are coming in, “Are you going to retire?” “Are you going to retire?” No. I don’t know what I’d do if I retired. I like doing what I do. (upbeat music)

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