Degenerative Disc Disease (DDD) Stretches & Exercises – Ask Doctor Jo

By the power of Grayskull! Hey everybody, it’s Doctor Jo, and me and
my grayskull kitty are going to show you some stretches and exercises for
degenerative disc disease for the low back So let’s get started. Sometimes you might also just see it
called DDD which is a lot easier to say as you can tell, since i have a hard time
saying it sometimes. Let’s start off a lying down on our backs
and propping up our knees. And you’re just going to start off with a simple
pelvic tilt. So with the pelvic tilt, you want to basically imagine that
somebody’s got their hands underneath your back and you’re pushing down into
those hands. So you’re tilting that pelvis. So just a tilt, a little hold, about
three seconds, and then relax so you should actually see the movement there.
If you’re just kind of doing this that’s not exactly doing a public tilt.
You want to actually see that pelvis tilting and flattening out that back. So
just start off holding it three seconds, do about 10 of those. Then you’re going
to actually go up into a bridge. So this time, the whole hips come all the way up.
So nice and slow and then slowly come down almost one segment at a time. So
really kind of loosening up those discs in there. So up and then nice and slow
coming down. So again to start off with about 10 of these, and if that becomes
easy, you can work your way up from there. Then you’re going to go into some
stretches. So you want to stretch your hamstrings. You can do that whole bunch
of different ways I have a hamstring stretching video, but the easiest one is
to take a strap, if you have one, a belt, a dog leash, or a kitty leash if you have
one of those, straighten out your leg and then use the strap to pull it up. So you
want the leg to stay nice and straight at the knee. So if the knee’s bending,
you’re pulling too hard. So make sure it’s straight. You can bend this side, some people keep it straight out, but
I think it comes to take some pressure off of that back. And pull it up as far
as you comfortably can, keeping that knee straight, hold it for about 30 seconds,
and then do three of those. Then you’re going to go into a piriformis or glute
stretch. So it’s a figure 4. Take the leg of the side you want to stretch,
cross your ankle over at the top of the thigh. The knee’s up this way. Take your hands and grab underneath and
pull up towards you. And you should kind of feel that stretch in your bottom area,
maybe a little bit the side of the hip. And pull it as far as you comfortably
can, and hold that for 30 seconds relax, and do that one 3 times as well. Then
you’re going to stretch your hip flexors and your quad muscles. So with the hip
flexors and the quads, you there’s also a whole bunch of different stretches you
can do for those, but I like just kind of coming up this way onto your knees. Now
if you have pain in your knees as well, make sure you put a pillow underneath.
And then just kind of come up into a lunge position. For the quad stretch,
you’re going to grab your leg, your ankle, back here and pull it towards your
bottom. So just holding that for about 30 seconds and then coming back down. For
the hip flexor stretch, you’re going to bring your hips forward, driving them
forward this way, and you should feel the stretch in through here. And that’s kind
of loosening up that whole pelvis area so it’s not putting pressure on the
spine. So again try try to keep your upper body straight up, not lean forward
because that’s going to take away from the stretch. And then lean forward
holding that for 30 seconds, doing that three times. Then the last couple ones
exercises are going to be on the all four position, or we call it quadruped.
Try to keep your weight level on each leg and arm, and then just take one leg at a
time, and kick back, and then slowly come back in. Try not to lean over a whole lot
to the other side, try to keep yourself level. Keep those arms pretty
much straight underneath the shoulders and kick back about. Do ten on one side, and
then kick with the other side, 10 on that side as well. And then the
last one, still in the quadruped position, do a camel stretch. And then you
can kind of alternate between cat/camel some people called Cat/Dog some people
call cow, dog, cat, all those animals. But basically you’re going to arch your back
up, kind of in that Camel position, tuck your chin in, take a deep breath, and
then come back down and lift your chin up kind of letting your back leg down
just a little bit. And then you can just hold it for about three to five seconds
in each position, and do five to 10 of those. So just going to where you feel a
little bit of a stretch, not where it’s super uncomfortable. So there you have it. Me and grayskull kitty showing you the
stretches and exercises for DDD. If you have any questions leave them in the comments
section. If you’d like to check out some other videos, go to And remember, be safe, have fun, and I hope you feel better soon.

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