Destroying What Steals Your Strength | John Bevere & Kyle Winkler

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of Kyle Winkler Ministries. – Welcome, I’m Kyle Winkler,
and today I have the pleasure of bringing you a
life-altering conversation. After more than 30 years
in ministry and 20 books, God gave international speaker
and best-selling author, John Bevere a message like none other. It’s the answer to breaking free from the obstacles and
challenges that hold you back, the secret to the supernatural life experienced among the first Christians. When I heard the message
I said, “Everybody “has to hear this.” So I caught up with John for the kickoff of his tour with Bethel,
where he sat with me to share it with you. Are you ready to finally
live the victorious life God desires for you? My revealing conversation
with John Bevere starts now. John, you’ve been in ministry now for more than 30 years. – Yeah, that’s right. I have. – I know that you extensively– – I started when I was one, but anyway– – You started when you were (laughter) – That’s a total lie. – Well, you were called to it, so God had a calling on your life. But, you extensively
travel, and you speak. And now that you are
more than 20 books in, God has given you a
message, that you’ve said is your hardest message for you to write. In fact, you wanted to quit it, like five or six times. – Actually, I think it was six times. – Six times, but God said why, John?
– I’d get up in the morning like I, the sixth time I finally, I woke up, and I said, “I don’t even “like this message. “I don’t wanna write it.” And that’s when the Holy Spirit really, really got firm with me, and he said, “Son, if you don’t write it, “I’ll give it to someone else.” He said, “Because this book will contain “vital truths that my body needs “to really bring in a move of my spirit.” I believe the last,
great move of His spirit, that the gentiles are going
to see, the latter reign. – That’s a powerful statement. – It is a strong statement. – That’s saying a lot,
so what is this message that God has given you? – And I’m gonna, let’s stop right there. Now, I believe he’s
giving it to his church. I believe I’m one of many voices. So, in other words,
let’s say it like this. I believe he saying I’m
gonna give this message out, and if you don’t do it,
you won’t be a part of it. So, it’s all of his voices. I mean, God, I really
believe, in the Old Testament, there was one man, there was one woman, you know John the Baptist, one man. But I believe that the people
that really walk with God, in the New Testament, we
either know what he’s saying, and when somebody articulates it, it identifies with what’s
already in our heart, or what happens is many
people are just saying it, and everybody’s coming alive to that word. So, I believe that this will
be spoken by many, many people. – So, John, I think a lot of people are on the edge of their seat, now, wondering what is this message
that God has given you, that is so important
for the body of Christ, that God told you would change individuals and families, and entire communities. What is that message? – Well, the title of the book is called Killing Kryptonite, and
there’s similarities between, you know, unless you’ve been on a deserted island for the last 80 years, everybody knows Superman-Kryptonite. I mean, he’s almost an
American folklore, right? So, kryptonite, Superman I
see a lot of similarities between a Christian and Superman. He had other worldly powers. We have other worldly powers. He’s not of this world. We’re not of this world. He liberates the oppressed. We liberate the oppressed. He draws his strength
from the sun, so, S-U-N, and we draw strength from the Son, S-O-N. So, but there was this one
substance, called kryptonite, and if he came in contact with it, it neutralized, literally neutralized his other worldly powers,
and made him even weaker than a common man. And the interesting thing that I saw, especially in the movie that was done, I think it was two Supermans ago, he didn’t realize he
came under kryptonite, until it already affected him. So, it wasn’t like, oh,
there’s kryptonite, stay away. – He knew to stay away. – He, just because he,
what’s the word I’m looking, seduced to come into it. So, there’s a kryptonite,
a spiritual kryptonite. Superman and kryptonite are fictional, but spiritual kryptonite, I’ve
learned, is very, very real. So, I was actually doing an in depth study on the book of Corinthians,
and the book of Kings and Chronicles at the same time, and I started seeing things, in 38 years of reading the bible,
I’d never seen before. And I realized that, if you
look at the early church, and when I say the early
church, I’m talking the book of Acts 1-12, that’s 30-34 A.D.. – So pretty supernatural
stuff is happening. – Oh my gosh, they’re invincible. I mean, they’re gonna convince people they’re not super heroes or gods. They’re taking entire cities, Kyle, and yet you come to the Corinthian church, where you say, “Wait a minute. “The Corinthian church
is the early church.” No they’re not. Paul’s first letter to
Corinthians was 56 A.D., that’s 26 years, 25– – A lot can happen in that
time, we already know. – So, they have issues,
and everybody’s got issues, I’m not getting on the issues, but there, they have favorite preachers, they’re suing one another,
they’re quarreling, they’re disputing. – Not much different than
what’s happening today. – No, and sexual immorality. They’re actually suing one another. And Paul finally said, “For this reason, “many of you are weak.” And what did kryptonite do to Superman? It weakened him. This was weakening the
church, the Corinthian church. Whereas the early church,
they were invincible. There was nothing weakening them. – So, you’re saying here,
and I want to get into what is kryptonite, here,
in just a few minutes, but what I’m hearing you
say, is that we are all originally called to be super
men and women, as Christians. That we are kind of a type of Superman. – When Jesus said, “You
are the light of the world. “Let your light shine, that
men may see your good works.” He didn’t say, “Hear
your good scriptures.” He said, “See your good works.” So, I believe, if you’re
in the marketplace, you’re in education, your
in, let’s say health care, let’s say you’re in government, you should be standing out above everyone, because of the light that’s in you. God lives in you. I mean, Aimee Semple McPherson,
the Hollywood producers, like Charlie Chaplin, would sneak out to her illustrated sermons,
to get ideas from her. We, today, I find ourselves
constantly the world’s, we’re copying the world,
instead of with Amy, the world was copying her,
and that’s, I believe, the way it should be.
– It should be flipped. – Because the only, the
creative human being, or excuse me, the creative
being of the universe is God, himself. So, you know, and we’re living far below what we’re supposed to be living. – Because we’ve got God’s
nature inside of us, and so we should see that creativity and that power that comes out of God. We should see it in our lives as well, which would make us the
super man or super woman. – But you’re not gonna find it, with people who aren’t connected to him. The people who know their
God should be strong and do great exploits. What’s the key? Knowing him intimately. So, you’re not gonna know God intimately. Here’s the way I see it, I
could be married to Lisa, right, technically have
a relationship with her, but if I’m jumping in
bed with other girls, she’s not gonna be intimate with me. So I’m not gonna get the
secrets of her heart. I’m not gonna get the
desires of her heart. She’s not gonna sit there and look at me on the pillow at night, and tell me her deepest, most inner secrets. That’s not happening. I may technically be married,
but I’ve just lost intimacy. Many, many believers don’t
have intimacy with God, because we, the communicators,
the preachers of the gospel, have shied away from certain
truths of the New Testament. And when you do that, people fall short, then they get frustrated. “Is God really real? “I don’t see much evidence
of him in my life.” – John, now, a lot of
people are listening to you, and they might admit, “I
don’t live that life, John. “I don’t have the supernatural life style. “I don’t have the life of those, in Acts. “Why?” – Alright, so, we’re talking
about this kryptonite that neutralizes us. So, that’s why, I believe
many people, many of us, I’m gonna say us, we’re living
below where we should be. Our life should be, I think
even, much more fruitful. I think if you look at what God promises, that the latter, the
glory of the latter house is going to be greater than the former. You know, I’m praying one day, and the Lord spoke to me,
and he said, “What you will “see in your lifetime, it
will make the book of Acts “look like child’s play.” And you have to understand, I mean, that’s pretty remarkable. Peter’s walking down the streets, and people are getting healed. That’s like walking into a hospital, and everybody, and just emptying it. – I mean, think of that. Reading the book of Acts, and
all the miracles happening, and being able to say that
it’s going to be greater in your lifetime. – Right, right. So, what is the kryptonite? I mean, this is something
that, it took me 13 chapters in the book, you’ve read the book, you know, to introduce it. It comes down to one word,
and I want everybody to listen to what I’m about to say. – I want to hear this, here. – Kryptonite comes down to one word, and that word is idolatry. – Alright, now, idolatry.
– Idolatry. Now, I think some people think of idolatry as something in the past,
that they bowed down to statues and stuff, but
you’re not talking about that. – So, here’s where everyone’s mindset, in America, that’s a Christian, goes, if they hear the word idolatry, statues, temples,
alters, as you just said, or putting my favorite
football team above Jesus. Okay, so that’s it. That’s our limited understanding
of idolatry, right there. That was mine, okay? And I’ve been traveling
all over the United States, and I have to say, that’s
probably most of ours. I put my girlfriend above Jesus. I put my job above Jesus. I put the ministry above Jesus, okay. But, this is why I’m writing this book. To really understand, because this is what the Holy Spirit kept doing, is find out the root of idolatry, find out the root of idolatry, and I kept having to search and search, and finally he just opened it up to me. To really understand idolatry, you have to understand two words. The first word is covetousness. – Covetousness. – Yeah, Paul said covetousness
twice in the New Testament, is idolatry, or idolatry is covetousness. He says it in Colossians 3:5
and Ephesians, Chapter 5, so, what does the word covetousness mean? It means it’s a strong desire, for something supposedly
good for you, okay? One of the Greek lexicon
labels it as this, it’s amazing, Kyle, “A
self-idolizing, grasping spirit,” is what that word means, okay? So, let’s just leave
it with a strong desire of something you believe is good for you. The other word you have to understand, to understand idolatry,
is the word stubbornness. Now, if you’ll remember,
when Saul disobeys God, the prophet Samuel comes to him, Saul said, “I did obey God.” Samuel said, “What’s the
bleating of the sheep?” And he backs him in a corner. Samuel says to him, he says,
“From rebellion is witchcraft, “and stubbornness is as
inequity and idolatry.” Now, let’s isolate that. Stubbornness is as idolatry. Is-as are in italic type,
which means they’re not in the original Greek. So he’s saying,
“Stubbornness is idolatry.” Alright, what is stubbornness? Stubbornness means to push back. The Hebrew word literally means push back. So, let’s put it all together. When I push back from something
God has clearly revealed to me, in order to get what
I believe is good for me, I have now put my will, my
desires, my wishes, above his. That is the root of idolatry. – So, you’re telling
us that this kryptonite that’s weakening us is– – Idolatry.
– Just that, it’s idolatry. It’s us putting our desires
above what God wants. – Okay, let’s just make it clear. The bible speaks very
strongly, in the New Testament, about fornication, sex before marriage. It says don’t let fornication
even be named among you. It says the marriage bed is undefiled, but God will judge the
sexually immoral, right, fornicators and adulterers. Okay, so, when I pushed back from that, because all of society – Is doing it, says it’s okay. – Come on, 95% of people live together before they get married. I push back, in order
to get what I believe is good for me, because
hey, we can save money. We don’t have two different rents. We don’t have two different utilities. – All of these supposed benefits. – We can build for our future. These are all the
supposed benefits, right? So, you would brace that, to push back from what God has clearly stated, you have put your will above God’s. See, this all started right in the garden. God clearly revealed, hey,
I want a relationship. Here’s probably 2,500
trees, because there’s 2,500 known different fruit
bearing trees in the world, and God says, I don’t
want you forced into a relationship with me. Eat from that one tree, you’re just saying I don’t want a relationship with you. You die. So, Eve and Adam pushed
back, from what God clearly revealed to them, in order to get some supposed good. When the woman saw the tree, it was good. She didn’t see the tree was evil. She wasn’t tempted by evil. She was tempted by good. She was drawn to the good side. – The pleasure, and the
wisdom, and the things that it could possess the benefits that we’re talking about. – Right, right, so that’s idolatry. – So really, we’re talking here about sin, is what we’re getting
into, and I know that a lot of people, we
don’t like to talk about that word anymore. I mean, in the church, you know. You travel all over. Nobody wants to mention
the word sin anymore, and there’s a lot of definitions. How do you define it, John? – Disobedience to God’s authority. If you look at sin, the bible says, the bible says adultery is sin. Fornication is sin. Drunkenness is sin. The bible says sin is lawlessness. So now, what the bible is doing is giving us the definition of sin. Lawlessness is the Greek
word anomia, which means you are not submitted
to the authority of God. So, simply put, Adam didn’t jump in bed with a prostitute in the garden, he simply disobeyed what God spoke to him. If you look at the
parable, do you remember the guy in Luke 14, said
to Jesus, oh the people are going to be so blessed to get to eat bread in your kingdom,
at the marriage supper. He said, hey, there’s a guy
that threw a great feast, right, he invited people. First guy said, “Oh, I
bought a piece of land, “please have me excused.” He put his desires above the will, right? Another guys says, “I’m
married, I really can’t come,” put his desires above the invitation. You know what Jesus said? None of those men that were invited, now, marrying a women’s not a sin. – Otherwise there would
be a lot of sinners. – Buying land’s not a sin. Another guy bought business
equipment, that’s not a sin. But when the business
equipment, and the business is more important than instantly obeying the word of God– – That’s what’s an idol. – Falls under sin, or idolatry. – Then it’s a sin.
– It’s a sin. – John, you say that we don’t
have to be puppets to sin, that we can actually master
sin, instead of it mastering us. Some of it, I’d love– – God said that right to Cain. – Yeah, yeah, that’s right. – Sin’s at your door. There’s a door into your soul. Right? And it’s desirous for you. So sin has desire, but you should rule it.
– Rule over that. And one thing that you
have said, for years, that really spoke to me a lot, even, it’s a different definition of grace, then I think a lot of people have. A lot of people think of it, as sometimes, unfortunately, as permission
to do whatever you want, and then get forgiveness from God. But you actually have
called grace empowerment. So, you’re saying that grace is the way that we can master sin,
explain that to us. – So, unfortunately,
we’ve undersold grace. We say grace saves us, totally true. Grace is a free gift, totally true. Grace forgives my sins, totally 100% true. But, we stop right there. What we don’t tell people
is, “What is grace?” It is God’s empowerment
that gives us the ability to do what we weren’t able
to do on our own ability. If you look at what the
apostle Paul, he’s struggling, God comes along, and what
does, these words are red in the bible, he says, “My
grace is sufficient for you, “for my power,” now God
said his grace is his power, “My power works best in your weakness.” Your human inability. Peter says, “Grace be multiplied to you, as his divine power
has given us everything “we need to live a godly life.” Peter defines grace as his divine power, yet we’ve reduced it
to just fire insurance or permission, and if you
look at the permission aspect, Jude says clearly, in the NLT,
that there are going to be teachers that will come
along, saying that grace gives us the ability to
live an immoral life. It covers us. – And we have that, today. – That’s not grace. Grace empowers us. Yes, grace has forgiven us,
but grace is the empowerment, gives me the ability to do
what truth demands of me. In the Old Testament, in
order to be in adultery, you had to physically
jump in bed with a woman, because you’re under restraint. In the New Testament, you’ve
been liberated on the inside. Our whole nature, right
in those same words, Peter says, “He’s given
us his divine nature.” So, we have a mind, so that’s
why the renewing of our mind is what will transform us,
because what happens is your mind, your will, start aligning with the purposes of God, the will of God, the counsel of God, and
you start making decisions that are good for you. If I plant a bunch of weeds
in that soil right there, I’m gonna get a weed farm,
and I’m not gonna eat. – Surprise, surprise, right? – Yeah, right, but if I
put apples and all that, so God empowered us to be
able to plant good seeds. The fruits of righteousness,
as James talks about. I tried to get free from
pornography for six years in my own strength, and I couldn’t do it. – What was that change,
John, because I know you even mention in your
book that you even went to a deliverance minister,
and it didn’t work. What did work for you, on that? – It was the difference between
godly and worldly sorrow. – Godly, worldly sorrow. – Godly sorrow leads to
repentance, leading to deliverance. Worldly sorrow produces death. What’s the difference between
godly and worldly sorrow? Worldly sorrow’s focus
is on you, “Oh my gosh, am I gonna go to hell? Am I gonna get judged? Am I gonna get punished? Am I gonna lose my marriage? Am I gonna get fired for doing this?” That’s worldly sorrow. – Caring about yourself, really. – Judas had that. Threw the money back, he had remorse. He said, “I’m sorry, I’ve sinned.” He said all that, but he killed himself. He didn’t go back to Jesus and
say, “I’ve hurt your heart,” because he had no relationship with Jesus. I’m talking about intimate
relationship, okay? So, that’s worldly sorrow. Godly sorrow is when it focuses on him. David sinned, he said, “God, against you, and against you only, have I sinned.” Saul was concerned his
reputation was hurt. So my problem was, when
I went to that minister who had a powerful deliverance ministry, I was scared that that
sin was going to keep me from the ministry that
I know I was called to. The focus was me. Nine months later, after I
had been praying, “God, I want “to know you intimately,”
now my heart was breaking, because I was hurting him. That was the godly sorrow
that produced the repentance that led to my freedom. It breaks his heart. – It took you really caring
about the heart of God, more than caring about
you, which is really pushing down idolatry,
when you think about it, in you life, that kryptonite
that we’re talking about here. And I know that you said
that that was the day that you were set free,
but God desires for us to be made free. What do you mean by that? – There’s a difference between
set free and made free. Set free, I couldn’t,
you know, it’s amazing. It was like, pornography
was metal shavings, and I was a magnet. If there was anything,
anywhere in the area, it would just come to me. – Kind of attract itself to you. – It was amazing. When I got free, I had the power, and I had no power to walk away from it. I have the power now to look away from it. So, if I went by a girl, let’s say I was walking down the road, or a sidewalk, and a girl that was dressed
in very immodest clothing, I just look down the corner,
and just let her go by, right? And I realized, this isn’t freedom. And so, I kept praying,
even though I was free. I could totally, now, walk
away from pornography, not look at pornography, not
be tempted by pornography. I had the power to say
no, but I didn’t have the heart of God on it. It took a couple years,
and I started saying, “God, “let me understand how you see this.” And God started showing
me how he sees women. And the first revelation that came is, every woman is somebody’s daughter. Then, the next revelation that came is, that woman is God’s daughter. She was created in the
image and likeness of God, and crowned with his glory. And all of a sudden,
now, I’m like, “Whoa.” So now, and this is the honest truth, if pornography is flashed
before me, I’m repulsed by it. The guy that actually couldn’t resist it. And it was like a magnet,
now is repulsed. So, I believe what happened
is, I’ll show it to you like this, I can have a glass of water, and I can set it free from the water by turning it over, but now it’s empty. It can get filled again. What am I going to fill it with? So, what God showed me is I had to fill it with his heart, with his
word, with his counsel, instead of being seven times worse. Does that make sense?
– That makes perfect sense. – So, just picture when a
guy gets free from something, it’s like emptying that glass. Now, the revelation of
God, revelation knowledge, the heart revelation knowledge
has to fill that glass. – And you can get that by
spending time with him, spending time — -“Thy word have I hid in my heart, that I may not sin against you.” That’s what does it. His desires literally
begin to grow in you. – So, for the person
that is watching this, and they’re starting to
identify the kryptonite, the idolatry, the areas
where their flesh is above God’s will in their
life, what’s the one step that they should take, right now? Is there a step? What should they do? – Yes, repent. – Repent, nobody likes
to talk about that word anymore, John. – It’s the most wonderful word. – People tiptoe around it, now. What do you mean by repent? – It is one of the most empowering words in the New Testament, other than Jesus. Repent means a change of mind. It’s a change of heart, change of will. We do an about face. It is a gift from God. So, when God grants us
the gift of repentance, we actually have the ability to say no. I am fully persuaded
that God’s way is best, and I don’t want this anymore in my heart, and say, “I refuse.” That opens the door. That’s humbling ourselves. I reject what I have
liked, my flesh has liked, I’m gonna embrace the
wisdom and counsel of God. That is humility that
attracts the grace of God, that empowers us, now,
to walk free from that. – So, we’re not just
talking about legalism, a bunch of dos and don’ts,
we’re talking about the empowerment of God. The grace of God coming,
when we humble ourselves. – Yes, I just make that
decision, deep in my heart, “I don’t want this anymore.” “I don’t want this
because it hurts the heart “of my creator, and I don’t
want to hurt his heart anymore.” That’s repentance. It’s an about face, a change
of mind, a change of heart. And I go into that in Killing Kryptonite, and how important it is. – I know that people
are watching right now, and they’re saying that
same thing, “I don’t want this anymore,” John. “I want to live the
free life, the super man “or super woman life that you talked about” “in the beginning.” Would you speak to them
right now, and pray for them. – Yeah, and so, Father,
in the name of Jesus, I pray for every one of
my brothers and sisters that’s watching right now. I speak to the sin the generational sin, that have gone back to
fathers, and fathers, and fathers of these men
and women that are watching, right now, I break the power
of the sin off of your life, in the name of Jesus, I loose you. I release you, and I’m
asking you now to make a decision in your heart,
to choose the will of God, because this is where
you will find the life that you were trying to
find it in these other things. I break the deception off of your life, and I release light, revelation light, flooding into your being,
giving you the understanding of why it is so beneficial
for you to walk with God. I break the powers of darkness now, and I release you into
liberty, in Jesus name, amen. – Imagine a faith with
no limit, a strength that overcomes every obstacle,
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