Diabetes & Resistance Strength Training: Part -2

We can help you increase the insulin
sensitivity of your muscles. We’ll start helping you train muscles
you use standing up from a chair. You have trouble standing,
we’ll start with muscles you can train while sitting or lying down. However you
start training muscles will improve their insulin sensitivity. It’s not your
fault you don’t know what to do. All doctors have said is lose weight and
exercise more. And by the way do some strength training. We will help you measure your strength and train your muscles to ideal limits three times a week. We’ll
show you how to increase the amount of protein you eat while decreasing sugar,
starch and fat. You’ll build muscle and reduce body fat. You can do all this when
it’s convenient using our telehealth mobile apps in the privacy of your home.
If you live in Texas you can register in our free trial program. Go to our website
and click the pricing tab. You’ll see free trial signup. We’ll coach you to get started the right way with a strength
training program at home. After the trial program there’s no charge to continue as
long as you’re reporting regularly. We want to support and follow progress of
people who are serious about improving their health. For more information read about
our diabetes prevention and remission program on our website

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