Digital Marketing for Health Care Industry

Digital is the future for healthcare marketing. In India, the are more than 24 crores of Internet users and over 10 crores of active social media
users Searching for health info is the third most popular online activity Understanding the key performers that
contribute in patients choice of doctors or hospitals is important This shows how digital channels are
overtaking traditional marketing When patients are searching for you and
your services online Are you there to address them ? If not you missing a significant
marketing opportunity sixty percent of health care needs
begin with online search seventy-six percent of patients use
hospital web sites for research seventy-seven percent of patients you
search prior to book an appointment forty-four percent of patients who
search hospitals on the mobile device go on to schedule an appointment It is the right time for health care
industry to take the business where patients are online significant places to promote
your services search engines, social media doctor or hospital directories health forums
and blogs Search engines play a major role in
patients journey 77 percent of patients begin
their journey at Google, Bing or Yahoo 43 percent of visits to
hospital web sites originate from search engines Achieve higher rankings in search
results through search engine optimization beat neighborhood competition and
gain visibility with local SEO acquire instantly to your website
through paid search ads social media is a place where patients
look for trusted information connect to patients through social
channels and they will turn up to be a
long-lasting patient referrals Build your online reputation and get recognized as brand in your city and expertise Digital marketing gives reliable and
cost effective results Increase in number of patients Build the reputation Increase the marketing effectiveness Multiply patient referrals Strengthen to fight back the competition Increase in revenues and become more
profitable Today digital marketing for health care industry is no longer a
question of Whether you should have online presence
or not much what matters is How strong online presence you have

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  1. Good Video!! Yes digital marketing will help healthcare industry to connect globally with the doctors and patients all over the world.

    Now a days patients are turning to Google and social media for answers, they visit Google and type in questions related to the services you offer in search for answers. So it is important for healthcare firms to educate their patients about the new specialized treatments, equipments and services with the digital marketing strategy.

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    1. Approaching Online Branding as Long term investments
    2. What factors patients considers while booking an appointment online with your hospital/clinics?
    3. Setting up the patient centric website
    4. Where to invest in digital marketing platforms to drive more patients online?

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  4. Hi, thanks for providing the information which is very useful and beneficial to develop our

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  5. Healthcare Digital Marketing is a specialized niche. You should have a lot of experience while marketing your healthcare practice. It not only deals with simple selling techniques and USPs but patient's sentiments too. Healthcare marketing includes a wide range of activities starting from SEO, social media to blog maintenance and healthcare reputation analyses also.

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