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Diotec Semiconductor. “Smart Devices for Smart Applications” Under this slogan we present to you our solutions for your design success. Today: Power products for Smart Meter devices. A meter becomes smart by its built-in microcontroller. Such devices require a precise voltage supply of 3.3V. The design idea shown here simply uses the CL10MD, a current limiting diode, and the shunt regulator MMTL431A. From an unregulated 9V input, these two devices form a precise and stable voltage supply for the microcontroller. The 9V are usually generated by a flyback converter. For the output Schottky, the SKL16 in SOD-123 is a potential candidate. The SDB160WS, in the tiny SOD-323, allows for even more space savings. Both nominally offer 1A and 60V. For the snubber network, Diotec offers powerful two-in-one solutions. For example the PKC-136 in axial lead or the TGL200U06 in SMD. The input stage is connected directly to the mains coming from the outside. Robustness against lightning strikes is a must. And for worldwide operability, it has to be designed for three-phase inputs of up to 500V AC. Diotec offers two new devices, fitting perfectly to these requirements. The AM2000 in Melf and the BYG23T in SMA. With 1600V respectively 1300V, their reverse characteristic is well above the clamping voltage of common varistors. And for protection against short transients, they provide an additional avalanche rating. Thanks for joining our online presentation! For further information, feel free to contact us any time: [email protected] or [email protected]

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