Disc Golf Core Strength 1 with Disc Golf Strong

– What’s up everyone,
Seth Munsey here with Disc Golf Strong, welcome
to the first video in a series on core
strengthening for disc golf. I’m really excited to be
working in partnership with my friends over at Dynamic Discs, and the Disc Golf Answer Man Show, I really enjoy working with them, because they’re just as
passionate as I am about spreading quality disc golf related
information to all of you. Because my goal here at Disc Golf Strong is to help disc golfers of all ages and abilities and skill levels to play strong, healthy, injury-resistant, and most importantly, resilient disc golf, as much as you want and
for as long as you want. So if you haven’t checked out yet Dynamic Discs or the Disc Golf Answer Man show or podcast, check those out. And if you want more strengthening and conditioning information,
disc golf-specific exercises, check out discgolfstrong.com or also, my Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, you see lots of great videos on there, and also I have the Disc Golf Strong fitness community page, and that’s a group on Facebook where disc golfers like me and you, we interact, I share information, you can ask questions, so if you haven’t yet joined that page I encourage you to do so. So, let’s get started. In this first video, I’m gonna talk about one of my favorite, go-to, beginning core-strengthening exercises. And when I say beginning, it doesn’t mean that I only ever did them in the very beginning and I never do them again, that’s not true. They’re great for beginners all the way up through advanced, but some core exercises should be left to do later on down the road, but the Dead Bug is one of those that anyone, pretty much anyone can start right away, and that can stay with you as long you continue to to strengthen your core, which should
hopefully be forever. Okay so, there’s a lot of different variations on the Dead Bugs, I’m gonna show you two in this video, my two go-to. So a Dead Bug looks like this. I’m gonna lie on my back, okay, I’m gonna bring my knees up over my hips, and I’m gonna bring my hands up like this. So this would be called a Dead Bug Hold, all I’m doing is keeping my ribcage down pulled towards my belly button, so I’m not letting my ribs flare up, and that is going to get my abs braced, and then I think about taking my tailbone and just bringing it off
the ground a little bit. By doing that, it’s gonna take tension off my lower back, and it’s gonna keep my abs tight. Now, the exercise I’m gonna show you is called Dead Bug with a hand-knee drive. So, what that means is, I’m gonna come here, I’m gonna take one hand I’m gonna put it against my opposite knee, so my left hand is against my right knee, and I’m gonna press, I’m gonna press my hand down, I’m gonna press my knee up. So, I hold. (inhales) Okay, hold for about five to eight seconds, and then rest. And then I’m gonna switch
and go to the other side. So, right hand, left knee, and press. Hold. And relax. Again, don’t let those ribs flare up, keep the ribs down, and
keep the tailbone up, that’s gonna keep those abs
more engaged right there. So, all I’m gonna do is just alternate. Okay, and then alternate. (inhales) Do it about five to ten
each side, alternating. So, that’s the Dead Bug with
the hand-knee drive, okay. The next one up is gonna be the Dead Bug with alternating arm lowers. So, all I’m gonna do is I’m going to get in the same Dead Bug position, you can either, I would start with your knees bent here, and all I’m gonna do is drop my left
knee and my right arm. So, my left heel is
going towards the ground, and my right arm is going overhead. And then I would switch. Okay, I still keep that tailbone up, if I let my tailbone roll you’ll see what it does, it makes my lower back come off the ground,
okay, and my ribs come up, so I keep my ribs down,
keep that tailbone up. And just, alternate. Now, I wanna make it a
little more challenging. I’m gonna extend those legs, here. Okay. So this is the Dead Bug, so we got the Dead Bug with hand-knee drive, we got the Dead Bug alternating, so when I say alternating it just means left leg, left knee,
right arm alternating. You can also go same side if you want. But I like to do the alternating, I’ll switch it up but I
like to do the alternating. With the knees bent, and then the next one is with the legs straight. Do it about five to ten reps each side. Okay, so that is the first core exercise that I have pretty much
everyone start with. It’s a great exercise,
it’s safe on the spine, and it really get the
core nice and strong, and it gets us moving our limbs as well. Once we start getting into dropping opposite limbs, that’s
really important as well, for walking, for running,
for throwing a disc. Being able to have a stiff, stable core while our limbs are moving, okay. So, that’s a really important skill that can always be improved upon. So, that’s it for video number one, I hope you all enjoyed it, lemme know if you have any questions, you can always email me at [email protected], or hit me up on any of
the social media stuff, YouTube me, or Facebook me,
Instagram me, whatever you want. Have a wonderful day everyone, and go play Disc Golf Strong. (energetic music)

14 Replies to “Disc Golf Core Strength 1 with Disc Golf Strong”

  1. Awesome awesome awesome. Need a DG stretching video

    …… scratch that. I just saw the other Seth Munsey videos on the DD page. How did I miss those!?!

  2. Like the video series you are doing. Been doing core exercises for a while now and starting to see a big difference in my game. Can you tell me what I need to do for pull strengthening? Need to increase my pull arm speed to get more distance out of my disc flight.

  3. This is great. So glad disc is growing this much that we can dedicate core exercises for disc golf longevity haha. My low back will always hurt after carrying my bag so I am excited to utilize this. Thanks!

  4. Thanks man. Looks very prudent for a fitness novice like myself. Other core exercises I've tried, I've irritated my lower back. Probably wasn't ready for them. Definitely giving this a try.

  5. Great stuff. Thank you for helping the community!

    I see that you've got a nice helping of Rogue gear there. My wife and I (both disc golfers) came up with some exercises to use with their Landmine that's helpful for wrist and oblique health: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_eQAEaNMu1c
    Let me know if you ever get to try them!

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