Do Burpees Every Day And See What Happens To Your Body

Whether you’re into fitness or not, you
must have heard of the humble burpee. Burpees are one of the most exhausting bodyweight
exercises. Some appreciate them, others fear them but
without a doubt, they are one the most challenging bodyweight exercises out there. They have become a common part of training
programs these days. It is a combination of the squat, push-up,
and vertical jump. Burpees workout your whole body including
the core muscles and can increase your cardio endurance. Of course, it’s very hard to do. In today’s video we will tell you why you
should be doing Burpees everyday. Whether you want to build muscle, lose fat
or simply improve your physical fitness, burpees can help. So keep watching! How can you do a proper Burpee? A Burpee is a fairly easy exercise to do. Start with standing erect with your feet a
few inches apart and your arms at your sides. Lower your body into a squat. Place your hands in front of you on the floor
and shift your weight onto your hands. At the same time, jump your feet behind you
while holding your body straight. Your weight should be on the balls of your
feet and your hands, similar to a plank position. Quickly, jump your feet forward so they land
right outside your hands. As you launch your feet forward, jump into
the air and raise your arms overhead. Lower your body into a squat and repeat. Burpee Variation: You can tweak a basic burpee to make it easier
or harder. If you’re just starting out and don’t
have the stamina to do regular burpees, skip the jump until you’ve built up more endurance. You can even do burpees by placing your hands
on an elevated bench rather than on the floor. This makes the move easier. The higher the bench, the easier the burpee. What if you want to make burpees harder? Include a jump and a push-up with each repetition. To make it more challenging from a cardiovascular
standpoint, increase the tempo. Do faster burpees! Here’s a challenge. See how many burpees you can do in 30 seconds. Then, try to beat your time when you work
out next. Be prepared to sweat and suck air! Another way to make the exercise harder is
to modify the type of jump you do at the end. To increase the challenge, do a star jump
or jump on to a low box. Be careful! This takes lots of agility and coordination. It’s not a beginner move or one you should
attempt until you have lots of standard burpees behind you. To add a balance challenge, do single-leg
burpees. Since these are more advanced, don’t try
them until you can do at least 10 conventional burpees with good form. What Muscles do Burpees Work? Burpees train your abs, triceps, obliques,
shoulders, chest, quads, glutes, hamstrings, calves and your cardiovascular system. Burpees not only elevate your heart rate and
get the sweat flowing, but they’re also a dynamic exercise that works most of the
muscles in your lower body and your core. When you descend into a squat, you target
your quadriceps and, to a lesser degree, your hamstrings. Plus, you also brace your core muscles for
stability. If you modify a burpee by adding a push-up,
your upper body, particularly your triceps, get in on the action. Health benefits of Burpees: Now that we have told you all about Burpees,
we move on to the actual health benefits. They target all of your muscle groups: Unlike
isolation exercises, burpees are a full body exercise which incorporate the large, major
muscle groups like the chest, back and thigh muscles. Apart from the major muscle groups, they also
exercise your smaller accessory muscles in the torso, shoulders and arms. To perform a burpee correctly, almost all
parts of your body are demanded of simultaneously, and that’s the main reason why they’re
so exhausting and effective. Training those accessory muscles in addition
to the core, main muscle groups is really important. Without them, bigger muscles can neither work
or train efficiently. They are the ones that give you an athletic
appearance, improving your posture, stabilising the skeleton and making your main muscles
appear more apparent. It makes you stronger: Burpees are a great
example of a functional exercise, which means they’ll not only help you to reach your
weight loss and exercise goals, they’ll also help you perform better during everyday
activities. With every rep, you’ll work your arms, chest,
quads, glutes, hamstrings, and core muscles which will tire you out, but result in you
getting stronger and fitter. The advantages of doing burpees are not only
visible from the outside. There is no other exercise that is so well
suited to training strength and endurance at the same time, also improving reaction
time and your coordination. This is thanks to the complex sequence of
movements involved in a burpee and the intensive use of large muscle groups. Improves Heart Health: In addition to making
you stronger, doing burpees can improve your cardiovascular health. When you do burpees, your heart has to beat
faster and harder to supply blood to your muscles. If you do burpees regularly, the exercise
will strengthen your heart over time. Your heart muscle will not have to work as
hard when you are at rest because it will have become more efficient. In addition, doing burpees improves the cholesterol
concentration in your blood vessels. The amount of low density lipoprotein or LDL
cholesterol, which is commonly referred to as ‘bad cholesterol,’ decreases. This translates to less plaque in your arteries. As a result, you will have a much lower risk
of heart disease and heart attacks. Individuals who take care of their cardiovascular
health live longer than those who don’t. They also tend to have a better quality of
life, experiencing fewer health problems. Aids Weight Loss: Doing burpees burns calories,
and a lot of them. An individual who weighs about 150 pounds
would burn roughly ten calories per minute while doing burpees. If you did them for an hour straight, you
would burn over five hundred calories. Burning calories through exercise can help
you with weight management. If you want to lose weight, burpees can put
you into a caloric deficit. Burning an extra five hundred calories per
day will allow you to lose one pound per week if all other factors are consistent. Now, an hour of burpees might sound a little
excessive, but no one is saying you have to do an hour of burpees without stopping! You could break them up into smaller time
segments. For example, try doing ten minutes of burpees
and then take a break. You don’t even have to do a full hour every
day; even one ten-minute burpee workout will torch around one hundred calories. Builds Endurance: Burpees are remarkably effective
for increasing your cardio endurance and your muscular endurance. Recommended particularly for distance runners,
burpees recruit a very high number of fast-twitch muscles fibers. Training those fibers allows the athlete to
keep on going, whereas plain running doesn’t recruit anywhere near the same number of fibers
— and so inhibits performance. Burpees are a combination of resistance and
cardio work, meaning that they trigger both aerobic and anaerobic responses from the body,
which is why they’re so effective for increasing your workout capacity. Cross Trains you for other Activities: Another
great benefit of doing burpees is it cross-trains you for other activities. It is useful for athletes who play any sport. Burpees improve your strength, stamina, and
agility, which translates well into sports and other everyday activities. Burpees are composed of several different
movements like squatting, planking, and jumping. Squatting requires good mobility in the hips,
knees, and ankles; this is especially important for athletes whose sports involve a lot of
running. Lack of mobility can be a source of injury. The plank portion of the burpee increases
strength in the core muscles. Working your core is not just about getting
a six-pack aesthetic; the core muscles are vitally important in protecting the back from
injury. Finally, burpees require you to move rapidly
and jump. This is especially useful training for basketball
players, track-and-field athletes, gymnasts, and other sports that involve jumping. Improves Your Agility: Agility is your body’s
capability to move quickly and sharply. It is an important part of a healthy lifestyle
and burpees can help you with this extremely beneficial quality. Burpees improve your body’s ability to work
for multiple joints and muscle groups. With improved endurance, your whole body coordination
and multi joint functional movements, you are training your body to not just shed excess
fat but to be more agile too. Things you should Keep in Mind while doing
a Burpee: – First, try to go a bit slower and not take
a rest rather than going fast and pausing mid-way. – Second, don’t forget to take deep breaths. It will help you go on without panting. – Third, do not arch your back as you enter
the plank position, it can cause injury to your lower back. – And finally, maintain correct posture and
do it under supervision as the wrong posture can do you more harm than good. What exercises do you do on a daily basis? Are Burpees part of it? Let us know in the comments section below!

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  2. What exercises do you do on a daily basis? Are Burpees part of it? If you enjoyed this video, please give it a like and share it with your friends! 🙂

  3. I was so exhausted when i tried burpees!!!! They are indeed exhausting but are very good for an effective workout… It helped a lot

  4. Besides burpees I do calesthenics to warm up, punching, kicking, squats, push-ups, planks, mountain climbers, sit-ups, leg flips ( abdominal exercise), dumbbells and stretching (which I should improve on). A total of 30-40 minutes

  5. 1. They target all your muscle groups!! VERY CONVENIENT also for appearance 2. Makes you stronger.. help u reach weight loss goals and prepare you for everything and anything. You’ll be a fucken beast. Reaction time, endurance, cordination etc… 3. Improves heart health. Improves cholesterol. Having a good cardiovascular system makes you a beast in the bed too so 100 burpees = 100 nuts. 4. Aids weight loss. Makes you lean, aids fat loss in the sense of burning A LOT OF CALORIES. 500 calories burnt daily makes u lose minimum one pound a week depending on diet and thats JUST BURPEES! 5. Endurance in the streets, the sheets, and for everything and everyday stuff. 6. Strengthens core n makes you very agile

  6. Normally I do Kundalini Yoga and then I eat and go to the gym and lift weights. I have 2-3 rest days depending one what phase I’m in and I usually always-do the yoga. Some times I add core work on my rest days as an active recovery day.

  7. Burpees will always be my go-to exercise! Do them anywhere, modify the intensity and sets, and you will always get a highly productive effective workout in!!

  8. I did Burpees for a month straight. Do you know what happened at the end of 30 days? I could do more burpees. Nothing on my body changed.

  9. So I do either of the routines of Burpees and/or Strength Exercises. I like to refer burpees as active method and strength as progresive. Burpees burn more calories and quick to lose fat in matter of time. Alternative to doing burpees is to sprint.
    The strength on the other hand you must do the following exercise consisting; push-ups/dips, pull-ups/rows, plank, squat, running/aqatic skills, and lifting. Therefore using progressive methods to burn calories in simplicity plus the progression.

  10. I do burpees a lot I heard others don’t like them at all me I do them it’s better than using weights I get strong doing them

  11. When did they start calling them (burbees)? We called them [squat thrust] in 5th grade gym class in 1967.

  12. 0:29 "it's very challenging to do"
    0:44 "a burpee is a fairly easy exercise to do"

    …. glad we got that straitened out

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