Does the G Spot Really Exist? | Not Dumb Questions | Women’s Health

— Is the g-spot a real thing? — It’s like an urban myth… but I think so.
— I honestly don’t know. — Hell yeah it’s a real thing! — Let’s talk about sex. — Why do you get so sore
after sex sometimes? — Because it’s good? I don’t know. — That’s because he was doing
the damn thing, that’s why. — Depending on who it is it can be
a pretty big job! — If the shoe don’t fit! Like… Your toes are gonna get sore after awhile! — It’s basically a physical exercise, right? Like… — I’m trying to sound like super proper, like, maybe not
enough arousal, like, lubrication, like all that? — You need like, foreplay. — Vaginal dryness is the most common
cause of post-sex soreness so I was right! What is- I could be a doctor! — I guess just lube it up! Just
lube it up, that’s all it is. — It can be a very like, unsexy
conversation to have? To say, I need more lube? But it’s that it can be a health concern.
— I think it’s very important when you’re having sex to have communication. — You gotta lube it up… and then make it sore. — Is the g-spot a real thing? — Hell yeah it’s a real thing! — Alright, I think I’m starting to blush now, um… — Yes. Yes it is. — What is the g-spot?
— It’s the spot where, you know… it’s
kind of like the sweet spot. — Can’t relate.
— I can’t relate either! This isn’t good. — I have never experienced it.
— Oh. — So, it’s all you.
— Oh yeah, it is. If you haven’t experienced… now’s the time. — Tons of Doc’s and women who have
had g-spot orgasms say it is, but not all experts are believers, probably
because they haven’t found it yet. — They’re not believers though. That
doesn’t mean that it’s been disproven. — I’m a believer. I think it’s a thing.
— Believe in yourself and your body! — So I guess I need to do my g-spot research then.
— Yes! — Does the pullout method work? — Am I blushing? — Yeah but you gotta be really good at it.
— Yeah exactly. — Definitely better to be safe than sorry? — Do you think it works?
— Yeah, well I know it works. — I don’t have to deal with the pullout
method that much? Since I’m lesbian. — No. It’s only 78% effective at preventing pregnancy, and it doesn’t
prevent STIs, so don’t do it. — What!
— We’ve been playing with fire girl. — Oh, girl! I am so glad I am not pregnant. — But- but 78 is honestly-
— That’s pretty high. — Actually more effective than I thought, weirdly.
— I mean yeah. — I definitely wouldn’t trust that.
— Yeah, no no no. — It’s leaving it to chance, basically.
— Yeah. — Does peeing after sex really do anything? — I don’t know? Because I don’t
usually go pee after sex, I just kinda want to like lay in bed and cuddle.
— Yeah. — I have sworn by that.
— Yeah! — Yup, if you’re prone to UTIs (like me),
peeing after sex can help prevent them because it clears away some of the
bacteria sex pushes into the urethra. — Alright, good to know.
— Good to know! I welcome it. — Yes! I’m gonna start peeing more I guess after. — Both parties should pee. Just to be safe.

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