Donald Trump on trade, healthcare and more (CNN interview with Jake tapper)

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  1. Holy shit Trump is a god.
    You will NEVER hear of politicians being as open as Trump, exposing corruption and bad politics like this.

  2. The interviewer was great, it's more normal to fall in love with a person of the same sex and be with them forever than marry 3 different people of opposite sexes. I respect trump, that last part was the only part he couldn't really answer properly

  3. Has anyone else noticed that Trump uses a tanning bed? You can clearly see the whiter areas of his eyes where goggles are used. And when he is talking about "my ties" can we be sure he is not playfully indirectly meaning "Mai Tai's"?

  4. this man is either a MASTER TROLL or god damn FUCKING IGNORANT,
    maybe hes watched watchman too often and likes to see himself as the joker, seems to me they have a lot in common
    I might ad for all in favor of him: closed minded, simple ideas – you like him because you can follow the content for a change because he talks about ties, insult me if im right.

  5. Most of the written words that is written underneath the screen on CNN news with Donald Trump is false. They have changed Donald's words to let him look bad. They are all illuminate and control the media. Donald said wise words and choose his words wise like a business man  he will be the man to get America out of the debt. Not Hillary, Jeb the liar, or any other candidate.

  6. Trump epitomizes American arrogance. That's why he's doing well in the polls. Of course he doesn't care about Iraq's government when it comes to bombing them. Most right wing Americans would love to wipe out the middle east. For them, it's a religious war.

  7. Everyone needs to know before they watch this that CNN is nothing but the opinions of nobody's masquerading as news. It is 100% propaganda. They are the Joseph Gobbles of our time.

  8. Don't a few hidden tunnels defeat an expensive two thousand mile wall across the continent? I mean are we building a moat as well, to flood any possible tunnels? How about a canal system to stop tunnelling?

    You have half a billion people crossing into the USA each year, only one-third of them legal. Now you want to stop maybe 300 million crossing from Mexico – some of them will have pretty strong intentions to cross whatever you do. Drug cartel people and hardened criminals will care the least about a wall.

  9. What a maroon…if anyone listens to this clown and would even consider voting for him they are not very intelligent in the area of politics and foreign policy and haven't been paying attention to how we got where we are in the first place.. On another note ask yourself why the government of a country would support the mass migration of their people to another? (mexico) I don't think the answer to that question is too hard to figure out.

  10. A lot of people complain how Trump outsources his jobs to other countries and all that shit even though the United States has become so toxic for business to be able to stay afloat.

  11. Funny. 99% of you whom act as if they do not understand this man's rise and how and why he will be the next President are not from America. Fact! Your IP addresses give you away.

  12. Who is next Tammy Faye Baker, Health care, we don't have any, always promised never get, build a wall and send your neighbor the bill, OK, YEA, because airplanes can hit tall buildings but they can't fly over a fucking wall?? made in china, yea , all his investments are over there, if they are in mexico, NO WALL, Bomb the oil fields, better ask Mr. Bush he owns them, he be most unhappy, remember men like Washington, Jefferson, Jackson, Lincoln, who's wives were American for more than a decade, please someone tell me How did we get to this TV joke……………

  13. if you vote for Trump you are undemocratic, you like discrimination to certain countries, and you would like the country to be on fire with whatever idea this man would do… and is not true that because he is a millionaire he is so clever and he would know what to do to improve his country… ………… because otherwise the election of miss universe wouldn't have had problems because of what he said……… he is not so smart ….. but he pretend he is …… and he think you are ass holes because he offends people and then ask your vote…. then I ask you: DO YOU LIKE TO BE HUMILIATED ?

  14. I buy my things from China… it's their fault I'm buying things from China, because they manipulated their currency to make me use my currency to willingly buy things from China. Great candidate you guys got, here. A real thinker, this one.

  15. I like how the interviewer suggest its inhumane to have the ties made in china and in almost the same breath thinks the solution is to take the jobs away from them. hmm..

  16. The USA right now, needs Mr. Trump. Politicians are spineless most of the times trying to show how nice they are and ending up committing blunders.

  17. This guy is so shady I don't trust him a bit. Listen to the serious lack of substance in his answers. He doesn't even come close to being nearly as substantive as Ted Cruz. Cruz also has a rock-solid record of Constitutional-Conservatism. While Trump on the other hand is a former Hillary supporter and supports the use of massive governmental subsidies across the board, he believes in the use of non-governmental Eminent Domain and has used it for his own personal gain and that of his businesses, and regardless of what his says now while campaigning he has been a strong supporter of Universal Heath Care (he didn't think Obamacare went far enough) and he has been a major supporter of amnesty in recent past.

  18. Waaaaw! This dude is beond stupid… I hope your national securaty is already takiing steps to prevents this smugg fucking the USA even more up. He makes you wanne miss Bush jr….

  19. Trump's perspective on globalization is so simplistic that it's laughable that he feels that he can LEAD this nation. Hell…even freshman economic majors can probably speak more eloquently on the topic than him. His constituency is primarily blue collar types who probably never graduated from college or had much education to speak of. Listening to Donald is like listening to some smart ass C or D student. That's probably the best way to describe him. I'm looking forward to this debate on the 14th which should be about the economy..I hope the moderators are better prepared than the dumb ones from CNBC..for guys like me who have an MBA from a well regarded school..better than Wharton I might add Donald!…Plus Wharton must be apoplectic hearing you drop their name. I wouldn't claim you! LOL!

    I can say probably all the other candidates out there are smarter than you on the economic issues..I've read a lot of their plans online and they are solid. I suspect you got someone to write yours but when you try to explain it you lose me because you lack the ability to speak clearly and confidently about your policy….so that's why I think you didn't even write yours…

    After watching you since the beginning of this campaign I realize that there are much smarter guys running and have totally ruled you out. You are good for laughs and that's about it…We need intelligence in the White House. Not a reality show buffoon.

  20. "I'm pro choice. I'm pro….life sorry." 😂😂😂😂😂 fake conservative appealing to you ignorant racist trolls. Oh my God you guys er dumb. Yeehaw partners. Lmao

  21. I don't understand how they don't show videos of him saying certain things that way he can't deny what he said. They don't do that for any of the dem candidates.

  22. Why are they asking him the same questions over and over again? Different channels, different journalists, same exact questions. I don't know what they are possibly trying to achieve apart from their own anihilation. So biased…

  23. "The government of Iraq is totally corrupt. Who cares?"

    You either have to be well traveled or be from a corrupt country to understand what he's saying.

    But the lunacy of coddling to pervasively corrupt countries goes over the head of the liberal intellectual who has no real world experience.

    It's all about being "nice" with them.

    The media is a big horrifying joke, I'm telling you.

  24. Trump is a no bs your not going to step on America and get away with it kinda guy. That's what we need. Someone to come in and reverse all of Obama's illegal executive orders. And make it a government that's about the people again. Trump is as far away from dictator as it gets. He is feisty enough to make other countries respect us again yet he cares enough for the American people to understand that it needs to be about the people again, and that is exactly what he wants. He takes no money from doners so therefore he doesn't have to take their ideas, only his own. He speaks from the heart, loves veterans, and genuinely cares about everyone he meets. He is a very humble man. Regardless of all the stuff mainstream media tries to come up with, he sticks up for himself just like he will stick up for America.

  25. I certainly wouldn't vote for him, but I have to say, this guy has balls and brains to face the world head first. And he's really not as bas as people make him seem, not compared to the other Republican candidates. Now those are weak, delusional morons.

  26. At 7:12 Trump truthfully says "I'm pro-choice" (a Freudian slip), before immediately correcting himself. LOL

  27. Jesus, can't he just give a straight answer for once? And not mumble around random, vaguely linked bs topics that have barely anything to do with the original question?!

    (also while simultaneously insulting other countries and nations, and the current government, and the electorate etc.?)

  28. he basically just wants to say every president since Reagan has screwed our country over with trade deals for their donors. Trump 2016

  29. the mainstream media will try paint trump an idiot, but the issue here is that we have had disastrous trade policies that were created for the donors. trump 2016. fair trade not free trade



  32. I LOVE how he couldn't aswer the gay marriage question. He completely mumbled on that one. He is for traditional marriage, yet has been divorced a bunch of times….. Then ends it by still saying he is for traditional marriage. Hahaha

  33. Wow this guy is like that old mean neighbor that complains about any small noise, threatens to beat your ass if you even step on his grass, says he'll Pop your guest's tires if they park anywhere near his house on the street, and wants a beautiful "yyyuuuggge!!" Wall with surveillance and wants you to build it or else…. Lmao

  34. What is he even saying?? 😂 He's so back and forth and he cheated on his first wife (an Olympic skier) with a young beauty and then married her! That's breaking multiple commandments…. And for sure not traditional. You cannot justify adultry, and his wife now is an immigrant and went dropped out of college after a year and presuede modeling which is how she met Trump. She would be a horrible role model as First Lady.

  35. I don't understand how Mr. Trump can say China is so horrible and polluting so much. They are more aware of our Climate Situation than any other country probably lol they have cities they can't even go into they are so polluted and they've been changing fast because of it! China has cheaper renewable energy, and are beating the U.S in a lot of Green aspects such as they are shutting down a lot of plants, creating green laws, and have more green energy than the USA today… His statements are plain inaccurate. Anyone keeping up with the News should be aware of this…

  36. I don't know I think she's an idiot but he's definitely a f**** moron I bet he probably doesn't even know that is God damn shoes

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  38. Trump is a conman who has made his fortune sucking at the corporatist government teat He just told you that his stuff is made in China and be used cheap Chinese steel in his construction projects! ?! What a hypocrite.

  39. Gosh this was a year ago and the Donald still hasn't learned anything about foreign policy. Oh and he's pro life folks so bring back illegal abortions. Trump is a conman.

  40. Bomb Iraq oil fields. ..fuck what the Iraq government says. Who supports this stupid shit! He'll have the whole world bombing us.

  41. How in the world can anyone even listen to him without getting sick let alone vote for him. Speaking of getting sick I find it absolutely hilarious that that a majority of his votes came from white males that make less than 50k per year. Well, I certainly hope you are happy when your entire family loses Medicaid or Medicare. You stupid morons. I pay over a 1000 per month for my family to have coverage. Good times have fun affording that on your less than 50k income.

  42. He's not a good business man, he is not a good President, and we are now screwed. What a huge conflict of interest, voting this maniac into office. At least I can flee when it gets really bad.

  43. I am pretty sure Trump would go down as the worse due to poor communication skills, poor knowledge of history, poor reading skills etc . Thankfully for his father or else he would be dressed in a dungaree with a pipe in his mouth, a shot gun beside him as he relax in his rocking chair where he would one day die.

  44. All u gotta know is it's 🗼 hombres & to reverse the trend would only defeat the purpose folks & that's my faithful holy belief.God Bless The Donald 2 from the bottom of my ❤…👆🥋🤜🤛🖐

  45. i wonder what is inside Tapper now that he is a president now…who will thought that this man will be great in running this country…

  46. Trump has brought back 200,000 manufacturing… his solution to climate change is make stuff in American EPA clean new factories… Brilliant

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