Dr. Amanda A. Williams, MD – Obstetrics / Gynecology

I was raised in Webster Parish near
Minden and I graduated from Sibley High School in 1998. Went
on to college at LSU Shreveport where I got a degree in biochemistry.
Graduated from college in 2002 and then went straight on to medical school. I
went to LSU in Shreveport for medical school where I graduated in 2006 and
then stayed in Shreveport for residency which I completed in 2010. I was in private practice for about
eight years in Minden and then decided I was going to try something different.
Went on to hospital medicine in Tyler, Texas where I worked for about a year.
I realized how much I missed the aspects of private practice. I
actually came back to Minden kind of in a hybrid model and have just realized
again how much I miss developing that patient relationship of private
practice. I have an OB/GYN . I did a local
program called area health education program centers program or AHEC when I
was in high school. I was actually a freshman in high school and we rotated
through the various parts of the hospital and OB was probably one of my
favorites. It was where I first experienced childbirth. I had never
attended a childbirth before and thought it was the most miraculous thing I had
ever seen. I wasn’t sure at that point what I would end up doing long term.
As I made my rotations through Medical School luckily OB was my last rotation because once I reached that point I knew a
hundred percent that that was what was for me. My practice is a general practice. I am
very comfortable dealing with adolescent gynecology as well as low risk and high
risk pregnancies. I also enjoy the surgical aspect of it. I would say my
perfect day would involve a couple hours in clinic, a delivery and
and a surgery. I mean that would be the ideal, my ideal day because it
encompasses all the things I love about OB/GYN. I believe my patient treatment
philosophy is that my diagnostic abilities begin with my initial
encounter with a patient be that in the hallway is the patient’s being escorted
to the exam room or at the moment I walk into the exam room. I think you can learn
so much about your patients not just from what they say or their physical
exam but their demeanor and how they interact with other individuals. I
think it’s important that you walk into the exam room beginning to collect data
and getting to know your patients on those other levels. I also think that no
patients should leave a leave an exam or a clinic visit or even the OR surgery
with questions. Very frequently hear me say any questions, comments, concerns.
Anything I can do for you today as my last statement to the patient. I get satisfaction in my job by putting
patients fears at rest. A lot of my day is spent reassuring patients. Making sure
that they know something’s normal or if not normal but either way reassuring
them that if it’s not normal we will get to the bottom of it together and
hopefully fix the problem. If it is normal, just giving that peace of mind
that it’s nothing they need to worry about. When ladies come to see their OB/GYN we know that it’s usually not something they look forward to because it’s just
an uncomfortable situation. My hope and my goal would be that as women come to know me and begin to become comfortable with me they look
forward to the visit just as like seeing an old friend. you

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