Dr. Angela Martin – Memorial Women’s Health

(calm music) – Hello, my name is Dr. Angela Martin, and I’m an Obstetrician Gynecologist. I’ve always been
interested in the sciences. I’ve been interested in how things work, what makes things happen, so I tended to gravitate
towards the field of medicine. And I wanted to do something
where I could use the talents that God gave me to make a positive impact in people’s lives. So, I decided to become a physician. I love delivering babies. There is just no greater feel
in the world than assisting in bringing a new life into the world. And the sense of satisfaction that you get from
delivering a baby, handing that baby over to the mother and seeing the bonding that develops with her and the family,
it just is something that cannot be matched. I also very much enjoy the combination of medicine and surgery. I’m very much interested in minimally invasive surgical procedures, and have been trained
in the da Vinci Robot. So, this is a way that I can
offer patients a technology that helps them get back to work lot quicker than
traditional surgical procedures. The best part of my job is
coming to work everyday. I feel like I’m in a
family when I come to work, so I think the best part is
the people that are around me that just make my job
so much more enjoyable. I like the challenges of medicine. I like the fact that
the technology changes, the way we practice medicine changes. I think it’s important to treat the patient as a whole person. The process of medicine
and providing medical care has really undergone a transformation, and we lose sight of that one-on-one interpersonal relationship that really defines what
it is to be a physician. I want to be able to convey to patients that they’re important. I want to listen to
what they’re telling me, and I think if we could get back to that as physicians it
would impact some many lives in such a positive fashion and that’s how I like to approach patients. (calm music)

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