Dr. Anne Marie Jackson – Gynecologist in Santa Cruz

My name is Anne Marie Jackson and I am
an obstetrician gynecologist who actually just practices GYN right now. I
like to be what somebody doesn’t expect and I like to be what somebody feels
like, “Oh I can talk to her. I mean anybody who’s got purple hair can’t be entirely
serious, but is serious in the right ways.” Right? A typical day in my practice many times I start with surgery and then I come to
the office and I see patients all day long, it’s a really nice balance of
problems and issues and just good health and encouraging good healthy habits like
taking care of your body and preventive measures like contraception and getting
regular exams and mammograms. One of the things that I do that I really enjoy is
milking goats at my friend’s farm. It’s just this wonderful alternative to
everything else in my life, it’s my little weekly vacation and then
of course, I make cheese. To me human kindness is the little ways we connect
with each other sometimes those are the most medicinal thing you can offer
someone. I have a little saying above my desk and it says to know that even one
life has breathed easier because you lived, that is success. That’s how I feel.
My name is Anne Marie Jackson and I’m a Dignity Health Medical Group Physician.

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