Dr. Georgia Ede – ‘Our Descent into Madness: Modern Diets and the Global Mental Health Crisis’

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  1. Love the talk. However, in terms of the bipolar study – antipsychotics, which many people with the disease take are know to increase the risk of metabolic disorder. So I would like to see that controlled for.

  2. This is really very interesting. But my concern is that ALL dementia patients are NOT vegan. I haven't even come across any vegetarian dementia clients. So what is this lecture about?
    I mean, I'm 30 mins in and only can gather that vegans and vegetarians have lower DHA and zinc levels….also I doubt very much whether people would have black beans with their oysters.
    Also, I noticed that the only books shown were Ornish, Barnard and Esselstyn (all MD's) but have great success from disease reversal.
    Shouldn't she be collaborating with guys and working together rather than creating a division.
    Very curious indeed.

  3. Great talk to begin with! Though the end got a little anti-vegan… a quick google search showed Carnivore Cast are at the top of her list of patrons… 🤦‍♀️

    So then I checked the EAT-Lancet report she referenced about omega 3s, and sure enough, the ellipses (…) in her quote cuts out the phrase “plant sources are more widely available.” 🌱

    If you think she’s not selling anything, look who’s paying her.

    I have to say, I haven’t eaten any animal-derived products in years, I get a comprehensive blood test every so often and am NEVER low in anything. I feel much better for it. I do not take supplements.

    Before that, I was an omnivore and never ate SAD food and considered myself healthy… yet I was constantly low in iron and b12. 🤷🏻‍♂️

    I’ll stick to What The Health for the facts, I think.

  4. Very interesting. Thank you. Explains some questions I've been pondering. A talk about this new "keto" diet would be welcome.

  5. Eliminated meat many years ago, and I do not supplement. No way I could tell you whether that has effected me. Last checkup no deficiencies were flagged. It was not hard to come by an opposing view: from https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/19500961 one conclusion: 'There is no evidence of adverse effects on health or cognitive function with lower DHA intake in vegetarians'. Diet evaluation is a bit of a rabbit hole, lots of folk have done considerable trial and error. First time I noticed the term 'pre-agricultural', a seemingly sensible concept.

  6. As usual your ethnocentricity is common. Global mental health crisis? You speak for the whole world of which you are unaware of.

  7. The UN has just announced that they want the entire world to go Vegan. Of course BAYER ( the new owner of Monsanto's GMO's ) will own the worlds food production, and supply drugs when the people get sick from GMO's and the lack of vitamins and minerals. By then, all organic foods won't exist ( 5G frequencies will have a hand in that), and Holistic doctors / Naturapaths / and health food shops, will be a thing of the past. This ' global warming from CO2 ' scam…. is what Agenda 21 and the whole NWO take over is based on. So all you young kids had better start doing some critical thinking….. because this is the new World War 3, and your being attacked from within.

  8. Why does the conversion of "Wild-Ass Guess" food questionnaires into "Science" remind me so strongly of Climate Change?!?

  9. Bipolar or schizophrenic people gain weight from antipsychotic drugs and that is what leads to 300% increase in risk for diabetes.

  10. this lady has a good heart with pure true intentions to help others through the mental struggle and you can hear it in her lovely voice. bless her soul.

  11. She “conveniently” forgets to mention the ‘virtual pharmacy’ of chemicals injected and fed into farm animals, ie: antibiotics and other medications, growth hormones and adulterated feed meant to make the animals grow fat and heavy as quick as possible so they can be sold for top dollar. She forgets to mention that part of the processing of chickens is to submerge their carcasses in chlorine in an attempt to kill of a slew of deadly bacteria from the chickens being crammed into filthy cages. Livestock is no longer allowed to graze on beautiful green pastures, they are kept in filthy barns side by side with dead and dying animals, the stench of death and excrement getting into every pore of the animal. While praising a meat diet, why does she avoid this exceedingly vital topic that has enormous health implications??!!

    Although she states valid points regarding processed foods, sugars, junk foods, she oversteps her expertise by delving into “whole plant based” or “vegan” diets because there simply have not been sufficient long term studies done on people who eat pure, healthy whole plant-based foods, who avoid processed foods and junk foods. Most teenagers, even those who call themselves “vegans” eat a large amount of junk food and sugar-laden processed foods. Dr. Ede’s bias towards meat is so obvious that I wonder whether she is sponsored or receiving some benefits from a meat/dairy based company. She offers up a lot of opinion, speculation disguised as data, while never clearly stating the source of these “studies”.

  12. Vegans are like ginger cookies. Their brains are up to 20% smaller than most others. The main difference? It's not self inflicted for a cookie.

  13. Totally agree except for the autism thing. Myself and two sons have Asperger’s. I feel I’m very lucky that I discovered the low carb diet before my pregnancies so both sons received huge amounts of fats and protein. Both are very intelligent and one is exceptional in every subject but the more intelligent son is more autistic.

  14. She's the best!!! My son was diagnosed with bipolar and I cant get him to go keto or carnivore at all, total sugar addict. Sorrow.

  15. Everyone knows that to lose weight you need to restrict calories. Since carbs of any source have just 4 calories per gram versus 9 calories per gram from fat (meat and dairy), who can guess which is the better diet?

  16. Diet in India has been plant based for Millenia. However, heart disease is rampant since introduction of cheap vegetable oil replacing the traditional gee, clarified butter.

  17. I was beginning to experience memory loss and slight dementia in year 2 of a Vegan DIE – it! 🙄 Now eat a lot less sugar as in Maple Syrup that Vegan recipes call for, and Fruit. Now, I eat Ribeye Steak and Eggs, and lots of of my energy is restored my memory is sharp and my balance is better. I was having staggering symptoms, such as: Short ess-of- breath, fainting spells and blacking out! I was also aging, getting white eyebrow hairs and plus_ my hair was falling out. My Hypothyroidism was suffering and so I was like, " Why am I on this diet, it is slowly killing me ?. " #exvegan #proudexvegan 😊

  18. Sitting here having sour cream with organic slavery-free cocoa powder and stevia, laughing about, "but I DESERVE chocolate!".

  19. Does anyone know if dairy should be included? I read so many mixed messages: that its no natural/we can't process it, pasteurized is bad, unpasteurized is bad because of the dirty industry, only eat fermented dairy etc etc. So confusing…

  20. Corporate food industry is the main reason & blame for Global Bad Health. Trump needs to regulate these Greedy, Money hungry industry. The last thing on the agenda is your health. They keep pushing every thing that will eventually Kill you. This presentation was a superb eye opener for the entire Planet. Sad but few will take the lead to make changes.

  21. "Pre-agricultural whole foods diet" like it… but I get my DHA from algae, which is the same place that fish get it. I am concerned about over-fishing, which is killing our oceans. None of us will be able to eat fish if there's no life left in the oceans. We used to get wild Atlantic salmon all the time but now it's never available. Much of the fish in the ocean has been contaminated with mercury and other pollutants.

    I'm also concerned about the cruelty of the factory farming industry. It's ok to feel compassion in our hyper-masculinized world (ie, compassion does not equal weakness). I attempt to source my meats from humane, local sources. I don't eat pork because pigs are very smart and the factory farming industry for them is one of the worst out there.

    One can be omnivorous, ketogenic, and still give a shit.

  22. An overweight Pyschiatrist speaking about Nutrition. BTW-Algae contains DHA, your statement is incorrect. There are several other points you are not correct about.
    Psychiatry is the scam of all the MD Disciplines, if there Diagnostics were real they'd be treated by Neurologist. People in this profession have done way more harm than good to humanity!

  23. her lecture is great and i watched carefully from beginning to the end but what is going on with her body? i hope her jumper is not covering a fat belly and wide waistline

  24. Bad mental health also due to bad diet. Doctors recommending bad diets does not help and low carb is a bad diet. Diet needs to be whole plant foods that is low protein low fat high carbohydrate.

  25. Although vegetarians have lower iron stores, adverse health effects of lower iron and zinc absorption have not been demonstrated with varied, plant-based diets consumed in developed countries. Nutr Rev. 2002 May;60(5 Pt 1):127-34.

  26. Near the end of her talk, she "advocates for a pre-agricultural whole foods diet" (30:10). The presentation ended shortly thereafter with no elaboration on this point. Does anyone know what food stuffs she is referring to? To me, this would be the most important aspect of the presentation, something we can act on.

  27. 9:44 what she says is even an understatement, just see "Lights Out, sleep,sugar and survival" one of the greatest books of all time

  28. 10:10 I have very strong reactions to blood sugar levels. After I drink a coffee in the morning and then eat some waffles or milk and cereals or anything sugary, give it 2-3 hours and I get a strange sensation of hunger combined with a strange dizziness (more like tunnel vision) that I never feel otherwise and a strong desire to eat pork or, awkwardly enough, mayonnaise. If I eat something it passes right away.

  29. Veganism nearly killed me and I am and always have been healthy. If they want to go vegan, well that's their choice. It will just thin the heard. Went full Keto-Carnivore and I have never been happier and healthier in my life!!!!!!!!!!! Oh and Vegans PLANTS DO FEEL Pain, despite a CNS!

  30. Why i'm so unlucky to be the only person who's gum condition worsen on carnivore diet.
    it even more frustrating, i try to search an answer to my suffer on google, and the only results google returned, is about happy people tell how the carnivore diet miraculously cured their gum disease, in other words, exactly the opposite of what i attempted to find.

  31. If everyone including parents fed their children this way perhaps there wouldn't be so many shootings in the US and the prisons wouldn't be bursing all around the world.

  32. Dr. Ede, Thank you very much for this valuable information. Have linked your lecture to a recent post of Prof. Janice Fiamengo; kindly take note of my comment there?


    Since the conditions of homosexuality, transgenderism, etc. were previously seen as unhealthy, disturbed states; are you maybe aware of any studies done on homosexual/lesbian/transgender/asexual individuals – in connection with their diet?

    Was also wondering if you are aware of the GAPS diet – developed by Neurologist Natasha C. McBride; used for more than 30 years; to turn around both psychological and physiological disturbed states?

    And of the research done by scientist Stephanie Seneff? Some years ago she wrote papers connecting a low fat diet and the lack of sun exposure, to the rising Autism rate. Currently she (and others like MD Zach Bush) are also concentrating on gut health (similar to Natasha); towards restoring the microbiome affected by toxic chemicals – like the water soluble antibiotic glyphosate – in our food chain, and even in the air. (Found them amidst cutting-edge lectures delivered at annual Autism One conferences)

    Believe the rise in madness to be connected to all the above – including – as result – metal toxicity – greatly induced through vaccinations… similar to what happened to Vincent van Gogh, who ate his paints. Have found various methods of detoxification (besides through natural bile production, and regular and extended fasting); such as high dose Vit C, bentonite clay, zeolite powder, activated charcoal, heat/cold therapy – including cold shower/hot bath and sauna/sun and cold swimming pool, epsom salt baths, DMSO, coffee enemas, etc.)… Quite an adventure!

    Method in the madness: The animal-, chemical-, vegetation- and vaccine gods; they all demand sacrifices.

  33. It is also because of us being too clean. (Hygiene hypothesis).

    We need parasites/hookworms in order to be healthy and happy.

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