Dr Gotlieb and Robotic Surgery

The idea of single site laparoscopy is
to have only one incision with the purpose
ultimately is to be completely scarless. The JGH’s Dr. Walter Gottlieb is the
first surgeon in Canada to perform robotic single site incision surgeries
for gynecological cancers. Single site, you put all of your instruments crossing
to one incision and you perform the surgery with the robot. So make a one-inch incision in the navel
everything goes through the navel. You finish the surgery you take out your
instruments you close the navel: no scar. The scar is embedded in the navel. From a patient’s perspective there is less pain because there is only one scar,
there is no memory of the surgery, because there is nothing reminding you
of the surgery when you look at the body,
not for you not for your surroundings not for people who will look at your
belly anywhere so that’s the advantage for the patient. The patient still goes
home within 24 hours. But this technique is only a stepping stone. Doctor
Gottlieb’s next objective is to insert all his surgical tools through a
patient’s natural orifice. For west-central report I’m Carl Thériault.

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