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I did my undergrad at Kent State. Then I went to Neocom or Neomed as it’s called
now Northeastern Ohio University College of Medicine. And then I did my residency in Washington
D.C. at Washington Hospital Center. At the residency I worked in D.C. I worked for Kaiser Permanente for three years
and then we moved to Colorado and there I worked for the U.S. Army. My husband was in the Army for four years
and then we moved back here and now I work for Genesis. I knew I wanted to be a caring kind of provider
very early in life. I actually grew up in rual Coshocton so I thought I was going to be
a veterinarian. Went and spent some time doing that realize I was maybe a little too compassionate
for that line of work. And then I spent some time of my childhood
pediatrician and realized that I really liked medicine. Thought that I was going to be pediatrician
for a while there but knew I wanted to go into medicine pretty early in life. Once I got to do pediatrics I realized that
I liked pediatrics but I really enjoyed the obstetrics and gynaecology field better. So that brought me down that route. I’ve learned to be a little more holistic
in my approach to patient care not always just with the mainstream medicine But also
know trying to go into other things that might actually be affecting the patient like their
lifestyle and their sleep and just know what’s going on at home. Make sure you are addressing
all those issues because often they can affect what the main issue is when they come in. The other thing that I really enjoy you
know and part of the reason I’m I’m a physician is getting to know the patient so I let people
take their time, talk let me learn a little bit about you personally.
Because it helps me remember the patient and you know actually helped you in the future
so that you know if something comes up and they’re not acting the same way you know something
is different. One of my patients that affected me and made
the biggest impact to me when it was actually first out of my residency. It was a patient that was actually having
trouble getting pregnant. I went through a couple different miscarriages.
A baby that had similar malformations that they had to deal with. And then eventually she got pregnant and had
a beautiful little girl. And it was you know it was a really good experience
because I really got to know this patient pretty well because it seemed a lot. And that is a patient population that
sometimes gets kind of left out. The ones that are trying to get pregnant but
can’t. They don’t always get you know the empathy
and attention they deserve. But it really taught me a lot about you know
really just sitting there and holding someone’s hand when they’re having a rough time. And
you know those kind of experiences and patients kind of stick with you so that you can use
that information and knowledge and you know just that experience to kind of help people
in the future. I offer pretty much full spectrum for OBGYN procedures. I been trained in doing a lot of different
minimally invasive surgery techniques. So I do my hysterectomy laparoscopically abominably. I haven tried the robotics and also vaginal surgery. I also do a lot of myomectomies through
median laparotomy even anything that you know helps make the patient’s recovery a little
easier. I also do full service obstetrics procedures
and office procedures things like sleep’s and colposcopy these individual biopsies and
intriguer and device IUD placements. One thing I like my patients to know about
me is that I am a mother of three. And that I think that experience you know having my
own three kids is giving me a lot of empathy and also good experience to help my own laboring
patients. But, I also helped me learn how strong a woman can be and what all we are capable
of doing. My favorite thing to do after a long
day is to go home and spend time with my family. I have three boys and they keep me outdoors
mostly so we walk, hike, bike swim, kayak anything to burn some energy. But you know it’s just
you know get to spend time with everybody and you know in time as a family it’s kind
of how I unwind.

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