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Hello, I am Dr. Swati Naik and you are watching us on AICOG tv live from Bhubaneswar. I am pleased to have with me Dr. Jeanny Conry from California Thanks a lot Mam for coming here on AICOG tv. Dr. Jeanny is a past president of American college of obstetrics and gynecology and she is currently the president of Environmental Health Leadership Foundation. We are really pleased to have you. Thank you so much delighted to be here. Thank you. We are going to have a conversation with Dr. Jeanny on the very important topic of environmental health and infertility. So madam let me begin with the first question how does environmental health actually affects the women? We know that it affects our health in a number of different ways depending on what type of exposure. There are group of chemicals called endocrine disruptors that can impact immunology, neurodevelopment, reproductive health, whole host of different things our endocrine system so those are chemical that are found in the food we eat. The air we breathe, it is found in the chemicals in our skin products so number of different things are endocrine disrupters so that is one way. The second way may be something like chemical exposure from lead and all drinking water Correct. that impacts our ability conceive, increases stillbirth and decreases fertility. The third way would be some of the pollution that we see air pollution. We know that air pollution is associated with increased risk of stillbirth and decrease risk of birth rate in babies so what all different measures that we can take to avoid environmental health? What is our role such cases? That’s a most important question of all. As OB/GYNs I believe we are the experts in understanding this and it really is a three-pronged approach one more research we need to able to tell people what research is there, what is good research, what is not. The second is education just increasing awareness for OB/GYNs and the lay public and an third is advocacy. We are the voice and I use this phrase “Power Of One” where the voice is able to speak on behalf of our patients. We have the power as one individual to persuade people to understand how important environmental exposures are on health. Nice to understand that Dr. Jeanny, but in that case are you trying to refer that today our genes are getting affected by the environment rather it is a pure genetic problem coming through the birth or chromosomal anomalies. It is, if you just look at some of graphs from the last 30 to 40 years. We can look at whole host of disease processes whether It’s a sperm counts of about 40 to 50 year time period, sperm counts have decreased remarkably, hypospadias a birth defect in the penile system increase remarkably, breast cancer increased, testicular cancer increased so all of these have happened over 40-50 years a time frame that is much too short for pre-genetic change. Absolutely, so when you look at the complicated or complex genetics in environment. There are environmental factor influencing the outcomes. Absolutely, so madam what all those different initiatives that EHLF has started in United States. We are working very closely with International Federation of Obstetricians and Gynecologists to bring the information all around the world so that every country has experts and are able to find out what are the major issues in their country. For India it would probably be the air pollution and water pollution. If we talk about country Colombia and South America they have identified mining and mercury from the mining as an issue. In the United States it would probably be pesticides and personal care products so each country has different issues. Absolutely, so you are tying have an connect between the different countries and try to map what all those different factors or the issues related environmental health and affecting the health of the human being. Exactly and our goal would be have advocates go to their ministers of health, speak with them as the experts in OB/GYN and let them understand why the issues are so critical. Right. How has been your experience attending this AICOG 2018 conference in Bhubaneswar? Absolutely wonderful! it’s overwhelming in terms of the size, this year number of people here. Everybody has been so kind and delightful, the presidential initiatives what happen in the year by the president and then the plans with the new president, very impressive leaders in the country. Thank you so much madam I am sure you will carry the beautiful memories from India and from AICOG 2018 and we wish you all the best for all those new initiatives and plans that you have as CEO of Environmental Health Leadership Foundation. Thank you so much for joining us on Emcure AICOG tv. Thanks a lot. Thank you, appreciated.

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