Dr. Julian Berrocal – Women’s Health and Healing of the Palm Beaches

(bright music) – We see a variety of
breast issues in our office, including breast masses, pain, discharge, also cancers and patients
who are high risk, or have a known genetic
mutation that increases their lifetime risk of
having a breast cancer. And the complexity of cancer care, specifically breast cancer care, can be somewhat daunting for a patient. So I, in my practice,
spend as long as I need to to make sure they
understand the intricacies of the breast cancer care
that they will be receiving. The treatment for breast cancer, and many cancers in the modern
era, it’s multimodiality. It involves surgery,
sometimes systemic therapy with a medical oncologist,
and even radiation therapy. I want to make sure they understand what they’re gonna have
as part of their treatment and what the benefits are,
and the risks associated with those treatments,
in order for them to have a full understanding and to
help try to alleviate some of the anxiety that can occur
when diagnosed with a cancer. I had a patient with a
locally-advanced breast cancer that she had just after
giving birth to her son. When I was able to perform her surgery after she had undergone chemotherapy, I was taken aback by the extent
of the disease that she had. And when I saw her and her son at a cancer survivors
dinner three years later, the son gave me a big
hug and said thank you. So, it was impressive to
see that such a young kid really knew how sick his mom was. One of the other unique
aspects of our practice is that we treat a wide,
diverse population of patients, that English is not
their primary language. So we do have employees
who do speak Spanish, such as myself, and also we have Creole-speaking employees,
for patients who do not have English as their primary language. I am Julian Berrocal and
I am a breast surgeon at Women’s Health and
Healing of the Palm Beaches.

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