Dr. Kathryn Eraso Talks About Women’s Health Screenings and Lifestyle

(upbeat music) – Well-Woman screening is
an extremely important topic that all women should not defer. The newest guidelines
based for pap screening include receiving a pap
smear every three years. This varies a little bit
depending on your age but at a minimum, every
three years is recommended for the screening for
looking at the cells. You can also have an HPV
test at that same time and extend the screening
to every five years. This is an important
discussion to have between you and your provider to ensure you’re being screened
appropriately and consistently. Mammograms are also an extremely important Well-Woman screening tool. The American College of Obstetrics
and Gynecology recommend beginning screening at age 40 and continuing every one to two years. This can be stopped at
age 75 after a discussion with your provider. There’s different
guidelines out there based on different societies. But we recommend starting at age 40. (upbeat music) There are a lot of different
ways to have small moments in your day to maintain
a healthy lifestyle. One is taking small walks after each meal. That has been shown to
decrease your blood sugar. Maintaining some form of physical activity whether it’s walks with
your partner on the lovely Jacksonville beaches, or
going and playing tennis or basketball with your kids. These are all little
steps that you can take to increase your activity
throughout the day. Eating a variety of healthy
foods also increases your ability to maintain
a healthy lifestyle. Florida is lucky in having
summer almost year round so we have a plethora of
healthy fruits and veggies that are just at our doorsteps. Sometimes right outside our house. So take advantage of those
great fruits and vegetables that are grown locally. (upbeat music)

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