Dr. Lafyatis, Obstetrician & Gynecologist | Genesis HealthCare System

I chose OBGYN as a specialty because as
a second year medical student. I had the opportunity to spend a day with an OBGYN
physician, and I was able to assist in a delivery with him. At that moment I
realized how cool it was and how important it was to be a part of women’s
lives and such an exciting and memorable time. From there, there was really
nothing else that I found that I liked more that meant more to me. That’s why
I chose OBGYN. I started off my education in Bowling Green Ohio where I attended
high school. After I graduated from high school I went to Ohio State University
where I majored in nutrition. And after that I went to medical school at Ohio
University where I obtain my medical degree. Following that I went
back to Columbus and finished my obstetrics and gynecology residency, at
Doctor’s Hospital and Grant Medical Center. My favorite part about being a
doctor is that as a physician I know that people trust me with their most
sensitive and personal health concerns. To me I feel like it’s an honor to
be trusted with somebody’s health, and to have the ability and the knowledge to
make a positive impact on their lives. I enjoy being a physician because it
allows me to be a lifelong learner. With the field of medicine there’s new
technologies and new guidelines for treatment almost every day.
This requires me to stay up-to-date with the emerging research and allows me to
care about it for my patients. It’s field with a lot of new medical
advances, and that allows me to help patients better. There’s a lot of new
treatments and a lot of new technologies which allow me to improve my treatment
for patients and help improve their care. I get to interact with patients of all
ages especially being an OBGYN. I get to discuss preventative healthcare with
patients and then follow them throughout their entire lives. And help them with
any health concerns that might arise throughout all stages of their lives. I
first knew I wanted to become a doctor when I was a little kid my parents both
had careers in healthcare. My dad is a veterinarian and my mom’s a nurse. So,
growing up I got to hear all their stories and see how memorable their job
were. That definitely made me want to have a career as well in healthcare.
When I was a child I had the unique opportunity to go to work with my dad on
the weekends. I got to see him you know doing surgeries and treating
various emergencies that would come in. It was just so cool to me to see how
he could rapidly diagnose and treat anything that came in. That really
sparked my interest in medicine. I chose to come to Zanesville because as part of
my residency training I was able to spend a month here with another
physician. During my time here I really enjoyed it. Everybody was so
welcoming and friendly, and I really liked the community. My husband and I we
have two small children and we really felt that Zanesville was a good place to
raise our family. I am an OBGYN but, I’m also a mother and I have been a patient
as well. I know what it feels like to be in your shoes and to experience a lot of
the same things that you’re experiencing. Throughout my pregnancies I was so
thankful for my doctor for being there for me. Because I had a little
bit of some complications with the pregnancy, so I just know that
from that experience how important it is to me to be a great doctor to everybody
else. To help them get through their hard times in their life. Whether, it’s a
pregnancy and the issues they have throughout their lives, or even you know
all the way up through menopause.

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