Dr. Robert Hughes, Gynecology (Gyn-Only), ARC Seton Northwest

I’m Dr. Robert Hughes, gynecologist at
Austin Regional Clinic since 1983. The goal that I have for the patients is
global healthcare, to cover the stuff that you are originally asking to be
seen for but to ask you other questions to make sure do you need a mammogram, do
you need lab work done, do you need a vaccination, do you need a colonoscopy,
trying to address as much of the stuff as I can in one office visit. Hopefully they have a sense that their
health care needs are addressed, including maybe some of the ones they hadn’t
thought needed to be addressed, like if the patient’s 50 or older and needs a
colonoscopy because they hadn’t had one and they didn’t know they were supposed
to be doing that yet. And I’ll often mention my mother had a
colon cancer when she was 57 and they weren’t screening for it back then. I
think the single thing I enjoy the most is certainly the patients that I
see once a year, I know them, I know where they’re from, so for me that’s the most
interesting part, they’re kind of like old friends that I get to see once a

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